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Friday, January 2, 2009

A little laugh from a MWOB hardcore

Some of you may remember MWOB'S very first guest blogger - my old college roomie, Amy, who struggles with holiday decorations. Ames sent me this YouTube link and I just had to post it.  Day 2 of '09 and I've laughed both days. I'm on a roll...



  1. Ha! That's pretty damn funny.

  2. omg that is PRICELESS. Freaking priceless.

    yeah, I'm gonna have to come back and watch it again!!

  3. hysterical.. the guy is a lyric genius!

  4. It still gets me every time that people OTHER than the citizens of Illinois care about 'ole Rod. Sheesh; at least I know my vote did not usher in this debacle.

    I have never seen Uncle Jay before; freakin' hilarious! And, might I say, a lovely singer.

  5. Always great to keep the laughter rolling!! Happy New Year!!!!


  6. That was too funny. Luke kept asking what I was laughing about.

  7. Ok, how did I not notice this.. did you redecorate your page? Me likey!!

  8. Ha! That's funny! Maybe I should do one of those. Uncle Keith explains it all. Explains what, I don't know.

  9. That is the funniest thing ever. Who in the world is this uncle jay guy? And what in the world happened to your page? I'm so jealous of people who have the ability to constantly be changing their sites. I wouldn't have a clue how to tap into my code and start changing things up. It looks wonderful. well, not that it didn't look great before, because it did. Anyway, I like it.

  10. I love it and I'm going to share it on Facebook.


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