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Friday, January 2, 2009

Kids Lunch Box Cards - An Honest Review of Well, Lunch Box Cards (GIVEAWAY)

Hey MWOB readers! 
Here is your chance to actually WIN something on a blog!  
All you gotta do is read this mind-blowing review of this sweet lil' product 
and leave a comment to be entered to win! 

What will you win?

A couple of packs of Lunch Box Cards of course!

This giveaway ends on Tuesday, Jan. 13th at the end of
the blogging day.

So lemme hear from you to win! 

UPDATE:  We have a winner - Erin.  You know who you are.

In case you are like me and had no idea what lunch box cards were or could be, well, they are cards that you stick in your kids' lunch box.  They come in five different themes with the best (according to me 'cause I'm reviewing it you see) being "Riddles" and "Mystical Little People."These themes were the best for my 6-year-old daughter because she "got it" and because they are the two themes that have a scratch off feature which is simply brilliant for a 1st grader.  One example of a "Riddle" card:

"Can you solve this riddle?  What belongs to you but others use it more than you do?"  
Kid will then scratch off a little silver box to reveal the answer..."YOUR NAME!"

My daughter loved that one.

KidsLunchBoxCards are a super-fun alternative to the humdrum lunch-time napkin note. They revolutionize communication between moms and kids at that vulnerable time during a long school day. A special note that says...I'm thinking of you!

These colorful cards are full of surprises guaranteed to make lunch, or anytime, a blast! Tons of kid-tested topics sure to make any kid the center of attention at the lunch table.

A lunchtime treat that expands minds, not behinds!

In preparing for this review, we actually used this product.  For two weeks. I put one card in her lunch box each day and you know what?  She dug it.  She really did.  I would put the card in a plastic baggie just like any other snack item and I included a penny so she would have a proper scratch-off tool.   Kinda like this.  No, actually, exactly like this:

And every morning, she would ask me "Are you putting in one of these thingys again?"  So hey!  That was cool.  It was indeed a little special moment that she remembered and wanted to experience again. She didn't necessarily say she was the center of attention at the lunch table but she did say she shared it with some of her friends and they thought it was cool.  

I will be the first to admit, I was not jumping up and down about this review when I first heard about it. But I'm always game for anything and you know what?  These lil' sweet idea really won me over.  It gave my daughter and I a little special common conversation when she returned home from school and I love the company's statement - "A treat that expands minds and not behinds!"   That's the truth.  

Now I wish every theme had the scratch-off feature.   And I wish the company had more themes available.  There ware a couple categories that are truly too advanced for a 1st grader like "Looney Laws" and "It's A Wacky World." These themes often included some funny historical tidbits that would mean squat to a 6-year-old.   And one of the cards actually referenced "albums."  My daughter asked me what an album was and in our current digital age, I couldn't even figure out how to explain what an album was that would make real sense to her!  

Currently, Kids Fun Cards has only 5 themes available with 5 cards in each thematic pack.  That makes for 25 days (I know you are soooo impressed with my mad math skills) of lunch box cards.  Well, c'mon now, Kids Fun Cards - you need to produce some more.  And think 1st and 2nd grade level and make them all scratch off.  And then I'm in. I will be so in on this Lunch Box Card action.  

Thanks to Mom Fuse and Kids Fun Cards for expanding my child's mind and not her behind.  Now, what can you do about MY behind? 


  1. i'm just mad i didn't think of it! i did used to write little notes and slip them into the lunch boxes from time to time when they were younger, and they loved it. this sounds fun.

  2. I am totally checking these out. My 3rd grader would love it. I may try it out on my 6th grader, but that will be a crap shoot as to whether or not it will be a hit.

  3. How cool is that... My kids are now WAY too old for that... I used the old fashioned napkin

  4. They should have these for adults too. I take my lunch to work. What about my entertainment. I could show them off to my coworkers who wouldn't give a damn.

    Actually, it seems like a cool idea. I like it. I wish I had thought of it. Reminds of Dixie cups. Remember Dixie cups as a kid. They had jokes and other stuff on them.

  5. those are cute...I sometimes write notes on my daughters napkins...she loves it

  6. So cute, but definitely need them to be "age appropriate" my son loves it when I put notes in his lunch box (when he hates the school menu for that day!)....They should make them for adults mom used to put notes in my dad's briefcase when I was younger. He would have loved some rock-n-roll trivia!

  7. That is really cute! I know my monkey would love it.

  8. I wanna win! I wanna win!

    I'm commenting that I love the idea and so would my daughter. XO

  9. very cute idea. grace would love it.

  10. These sound really cute. I know my 3rd grader would love them. :)


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