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Sunday, January 4, 2009

Goodbye Magical Christmas Break...

As we swept away the brittle pine needles and thanked God that our beyond dead tree had not caught on fire, we said a sad farewell to two weeks of lazy mornings, staying in pajamas almost all day, unwrapping a stream of surprises, endless playing, morning art projects, happy baking, visits from grandmas and grandpas and cousins, and lots of time for cuddling in front of cozy fires with daddy who didn't have to go to work.

I think the only thing getting us through the return to the reality of school and work and routine tomorrow morning is knowing that the magic of Christmas is only outdone by the wonder and splendor that is the awards show season in the entertainment industry.  

Goodbye Santa....

....Hello Oscar!!

(and if you detect a hint of sarcasm, then you're headed in the right direction.)


  1. OMG, I LOVE the pic of your girls almost in tears over the dried up tree. That is too much!

    I'll sign over Christmas for the Oscars any day. Hooray for Hollywood!!

  2. Your kids are starting school tomorrow? Lucky! Wonderful LAUSD has 3 weeks of vacation :(

  3. Look at their poor sad little faces! :( I've been off for two weeks but have not had my lazy mornings or pajamas-all-day. Tomorrow is IT, and I am TAKING MY TIME FOR BOTH!

  4. Thats funny. There are quite a few awards shows coming up, I guess they could at least keep you entertained until spring and then you'll have to come up with something else... ;)

  5. our light at the end of the tunnel is in two weeks, the boys have two long weekends in a row. we were not a happy household this morning at 5:30, getting back into the whole school routine. i think my little one has calculated how long until summer vacation.

  6. I don't know if I'm glad it's over or sad that I now have to start looking for a job in earnest. ;-b

    Poor babies.

  7. wait, are they wearing t-shirts? TEE SHIRTS??? crap. It's 20 degrees here.

    I'm coming over there.

    (They are ADORABLE)

  8. What's that I smell… sarcasm. My wife and I will be taking down our tree this week— can't wait to sweep up the dead pine needles.

  9. I seriously thought I would be pushing Oldest out the door by the time today came around.

    What I discovered this first Christmas break from kindergarten - I miss my little man so much.

    What I really miss - that preschool flexibility of playing hookey when it's rainy and cold, like today.

    Growing up totally stinks.

  10. sad for you, but we still have ONE WHOLE MONTH OF SUMMER HOLIDAYS - yay! including two weeks of glamping (that's camping for those that don't really wanna go without!)

    here's to a smooth return for ya'all

  11. I am so sad that Christmas vacation is over already...


  12. as my sisters said..."the Bachelor starts tomorrow"..which could mean right now as I type..not too sure?? My little ones still think they have hidden gifts "somewhere" from Santa..they got plenty... believe me but when you are 3 & 4 yrs old how much is too much! Happy New Year to all

  13. I wish I had pictures of your tree being tossed out for the photo assignment. Bummer.

    Such a sad picture.

  14. CR doesn't look too happy in that pic. What gives? Is she sad Xmas is over. Not me. I am glad Xmas is over. Always too much stress.


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