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Friday, November 7, 2008

It's A Zip Fizz Kinda Friday

As we bring this historic week to a close,  I am once again honored to introduce another true blue friend and actual mom without a blog.  I met Steph along with Ames my freshmen year at USC and it's shocking to believe that I got TWO lifelong friends out of the pure gluttonous indulgence that defines the newfound freedom of a first-year student at a big university.

Steph is the rock in her family juggling all kinds of mommy stresses but you'd barely know it 'cause she's got a real knack for being able to keep a smile on her face.  She's one of those rare individuals that really gets that life is not about the end's all about the journey.   

Steph had to muster up some courage to be a guest blogger but after reading her post, I definitely want her back for more.   If you agree, let her know via that beloved comment section.  I need my guest bloggers if this bloggy space is gonna fly!  


All I’ve ever wanted to do, as long as I can remember, is be a mom. Truly. And as much as I love it, I’ve never been what I would qualify as a “supermom”. However, I used to be what I would call Supermom Sidekick status. That is I did some of the things that supermoms do and tried to copy and learn from the pros like any loyal sidekick would. I mean, I subscribed to Family Fun magazine, made themed lunches for my daughter at every holiday, spent lots of “quality time” with her and actually was known to host a non-birthday “kiddie party” or two. 

But this was in another time, a time when my first born (now 14) was an only child for 8 years. And then along came my son (now 6) and I really thought I could stay the course. How mistaken I was.  Now I’m plagued with a whole new kind of mommy guilt: the thought that I was a better mom to my daughter than I am to my son. And let me tell you ladies, this kind of guilt stays in your heart like a swallowed wad of grape Bubble Yum sticks in your gut. And now I find myself trying to step up to the good mommy plate purely driven by this guilt. But, what can I say? As a 41-year-old mom of teenager and a kindergartener I just don’t have the energy or patience that I had as a 20-something mother of one. 

That is, until a seemingly ordinary trip to Costco where, as usual, I was making a meal out of samples of bean burritos and spinach dip.  And that’s when I found it.  My mommy magic potion.  A colorful little tube of superpower you pour into an ordinary bottle of water. And like any addictive substance they were giving it away, and not just a small little taste, an entire bottle, knowing full well I’d be back, begging for more. It’s called Zip Fizz and although I’m philosophically opposed to energy drinks, I was sucked into the sales pitch of it being “full of vitamins, including 40,000 % the daily dose of B-12, with no crash” blah, blah, blah. And so I tried it with absolutely no expectations. And I kid you not I had the single best mommy day I’d had in months, years maybe. I was happy, patient and lively – in a word SUPERMOM! 

Picture this: a day at the beach with my son endlessly frolicking in the surf, running from the tide and jumping waves and in two hours never once secretly longing for just five minutes alone in my beach chair with my magazine (that 2006 Family Fun I’ve been meaning to get around to).  It’s that good. 

Of course, when you discover a new mommy secret, you can’t wait to share it. So I started handing this stuff out like I was some kind of drug pusher or the first in on the latest MLM scheme. And the mommies were calling me in droves wanting their next fix. I’ve even gone so far as sending my son to school each week with a baggy full of Zip Fizz for his teacher (after all, who needs a little mommy crack more than the super-humans in that profession?). 

Now I must admit that I share Lee’s “everything in moderation” philosophy so because of that, or more out of fear of becoming immune to it’s effects, I ration my Zip Fizz to 1-2 a week. And those days leave me feeling like the Supermommy Sidekick days that I longed for and my son never even realized he was missing.

From Lee:
I think I'm gonna shake me up a Zip Fizz bottle and clean me some floors ladies!


  1. Uh Oh. Gotta find me some Zip Fizz.
    I'm coming over from Mom Bloggers, just checkin out new faces.
    Stop over anytime. BYOZF

  2. I'll take some Mommy Crack! Maybe I can become the local dealer for my mom/mom-like friends.

    Great blog entry!

  3. Oh Wow, thanks for the tip! I'm heading out to Costco next weekend and I am going to buy some of that stuff to try! Thanks for visiting my blog!

  4. Thank the Lord, Steph - we just got paid on Friday, so we're off to Costco to stock up! You are amazing!

  5. Oh no, what have I created? A whole new group of ZF addicts? I hope it propels you all to feeling like Super Mommys, or at least restores you to feeling like a normal human being!


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