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Saturday, November 8, 2008

A Weekend Experiment

What a week. On many levels. But mainly on the level that I struggled hardcore this week with being well, a mom. That's what I am, right? A mom? Oh yeah, that's right. My blood boiling impatience was at an all-time high most evenings this week which resulted in too much yelling and too many tears. 

But as I settle into the glory that is called the weekend, I'm forcing my brain to stop thinking about how I failed this week. Instead, I'm steering all thoughts towards how I succeeded. I mean, how much self-beating-up can one mom do?

Some of you moms might have felt the same way as you herded your kiddies through their day, so I've decided to throw out a little weekend exercise for all of us out here in MWOB land.

This exercise has a few purposes:

1) To remind ourselves of what GOOD things we did this week as moms.

2) To assure me that I am not alone.

3) To get into the blog-lovin' practice of leaving comments.  I know there's like a million of you out there and this feeling of being insecure about leaving comments is getting old.  

4) If this bloggy place was worth its salt, I would have like a giveaway all lined up for the best comment.  Too bad.  I'm an underachiever, don't you know that by now?

So via the comment section, please answer:

How did you simply kill it this week as a mom?  (just in case, "kill it" is the gymnastics equivalent of "sticking a landing" which in case you need more, "kill it" means you did something really awesome.)

I'll start if off.  Dig deep ladies, and click that comment section.


  1. I killed it this week as a mom when I pushed my kids on the swings in the backyard on more than one occasion for more than 5 minutes.

  2. Does chaperoning a 6th grade social for literally HUNDREDS of 6th grade boys and girls count? If not, I am a complete failure. Oh wait, I did play Wii twice this week with my youngest.

  3. I am HORRIBLE about organizing playdates for my kids. I mean, when did kids stop just "playing" and start requiring these "playDATES"???? Anyway, Patrick had a friend over all Friday afternoon and Brendan has a buddy over today. I'm not baking or doing crafts with them or anything CRAZY...but they are having fun. Of course, I lost it with my youngest, Nora, this morning at her soccer game (she had a tantrum right on the field because she decided she didn't want to play any more. UGGH!) But we're supposed to be focusing on the good stuff we did, so I'll be happy about those darn playdates.

  4. i have nothing. sadly. did NOT kill it this week. i just reviewed my calendar to jog my memory, but still nothing.
    i let george chaperone the 1st graders on their field trip, went out to dinner w/ friends 2x this week, made no yummy dinners. horrible. i wasn't feeling so bad until now...thanks, lee.
    AND i can never comment on this blog because i can never remember my user name & password! i'm going to create a new one, dammit!
    i will get my act together be prepared next weekend.

  5. I didn't "lose it" until Friday and I made dinner more than once. WooHoo.

  6. On Tuesday, I let my 2 1/2 year old make footprints in freshly fallen snow without freaking out that she may die of exposure. She's still talking about it.

  7. As much as I didn't want to and succumbing to my kids' pleas, I started a fire in our fireplace and read bedtime stories in front of the blaze. Of course, once I did it, it was such a fun (and cozy) thing to do before bed.

  8. Okay it's a start. Thanks for the killin' it comments, you mamas, and if I was giving away a prize this week, I would have to give it to Ames. Reading those books by the fire sounds pretty much like she really killed it as a mom this week. Congratulations! Your prize will be arriving any day now....

  9. I went to HSM3 and did not get drunk first.

    I bought my NINE YEAR OLD her first bra. NINE. Like, as in...not even TEN. She's NINE. And I didn't cry.

    I let my kids pile up on top of me on the couch, even though I wasn't feeling good. They thought a "love pile" might help. :)

  10. I finally found another Mom in The Big City with kiddos the same age as mine...They all played for hours! Yay, Mom:)
    Hey you stopped by my blog, thanks for the kind words...I love your blog btw...great!

  11. When, after 4 straight baskbetball games, my exhasuted 14 year old daughter asked me to cuddle up and take a nap with her in the middle of a Saturday, I did. I put the "To Do" list on hold and crawled in. She pulled my arm around her and said, "I love you, mommy" and we slept for 2 hours. I figure there aren't too many of those momments left with her.

  12. Okay some more comments trickled in and I'm not sure Ames, but buying a bra for your nine-year-old without crying rivals reading books by a cozy fire. I'm glad the prize this week is imaginary 'cause I would really have a hard time deciding.

    But of course, you ALL killed it as moms this past week - that's the point.

  13. I killed it this week by leaving work at 3:30pm today, rushing to take both kids to dance, coming home at 6:30pm, doing 2 dyas worth of homework with the big one, put both kids to bed, and only then did I eat dinner!


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