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Thursday, November 6, 2008

Shark Attack Update

I can't stop cracking up about these shark attack cupcakes! I was showing my dude the picture last night from Ladies Home Journal and I was laughing so hard as I explained to him how crazy it is to think that any mom in her right mind would try such a thing! He laughed along with me 'cause he's that kind of guy but he may have been wondering if I had lost my mind and actually might try baking said cupcakes myself.

So today I had to try and find a picture of that terrifying scene of chaos because my initial search on LHJ (that's short for Ladies Home Journal ladies, what are you losers?) turned up squat. But a quick Google search proved fruitful. Very fruitful indeed. I found a semi-professional version of how it's supposed to look here and then I found a real mom warped version of how it can look here.

I was so encouraged to see the warped version and it made me laugh even more.  And I've decided if there is simply ONE thing I can do each day in my swirling world of survival-style mommying, I can LAUGH.

That is, as long as I don't laugh too much by myself while folding laundry because well, you know what that might seem like.  The kids may start really questioning my stability - as if they're not doing that already.

The professional version minus the life preservers and channel markers (how lame is that!)

The real mom version which thankfully looks like its made from a real mom

The added warped factor which makes me breathe a happy sign of relief


  1. Lee - this is too amazingly funny I can't believe it - i LOVE the comparison - I love that this mom tried to replicate the ABSOLUTELY IMPOSSIBLE!!!! I have to think that the plethora of bloody severed doll hands and feet came after her attempt at her first shark flopped. In my brain, I am picturing a falling apart shark, lots of frosting bits and sugar teeth littering the counter top, sweat and tears mingling on her face when she grabs the wine bottle, gulps a few drinks sans wine glass! This is the only way she could possibly salvage her kiddie party and maintain a tiny bit of her sanity... that and hacking up a few of her daughters dolls!

  2. Lee, I am so glad that you enjoyed my Shark Attack Cupcakes. My attempt to replicate the sharks brought beads of sweat to breakout upon my quivering upper lip. They seemed to take on a life of their own, trying to drive me over the edge with each attempt. I started out with a dozen sharks and the two in the picture are the best of the bunch. How sad is that?

    To take away from my lame attempt at being a genius with icing. I delibertely set about to create a bloody diversion with the candy severed hands and feet. Well, I guess it worked because everyone seems gaga over these freakin cupcakes.

    By the way, I am a grandma that lives in an active 55 adult community. We were havng an end of summer pool party and they decided to have a shark art contest. This entry is a result of my quirky sense of humor.

  3. Yeah Moogie was here! The genius behind the bloody severed hands! I feel honored indeed!!

  4. LOL! That's hilarious..I love it!

  5. Moogie!! You are hilarious! If you're not a follower of MWOBs yet, please sign up. We definitely need to hear some more from you. LOL!!


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