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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

What Blog Conference Should You Attend?

Yep, it's that time of the year it seems. The conference chatter emanating from bloggers can be heard throughout the land. It's practically keeping me up at night. Can you all just simmer down?

Where should I go? What should I spend the money I don't have on?

BlogHer? Blissdom? Evo? Mom 2.0? SiTscation? Type A? Type B? O Positive? Cupcake?

Really, there's a blogging gathering called Cupcake?

Well... there is now.

My dear bloggy friend, Heather, and my new friend, Steph, inadvertently started a brand spankin' new conference concept in blogging.

And it's all the rage.

This past weekend, I got my So Cal soul on a plane and headed to the winter wonderland of Madison, Wisconsin for the inaugural Cupcake 10. (Considering the zero-ish temps in Wisconsin and after taking a nice slip on the ice in downtown Madison while hanging onto the one-and-only Maggie, I think this gathering should have been called "Iced." Still references cupcakes too.)


You see, Heather and Steph had come up with the brilliant idea of hosting a low-key blogging event where there was no formal agenda, no sessions, no cocktail attire, and most importantly, no need to hide behind your laptop or escape into your iPhone screen or do that weird thing that people do when they tweet right in the middle of when they are talking to you.

So they rented this place nestled on a mellow hill about 30 minutes outside of Madison....


...and 30 cool women converged on the place with so much food and drink that we could have stayed there for a week and never left.



For what was entirely too short of a weekend, we hung out and really talked to one another and shared pieces of who we really are without the anxiety and the games of those bigger conferences where you leave with your head spinning wondering if you really learned anything or if you really even talked to anyone for more than 3 minutes and 12 seconds.

The group was diverse as each soul there had her own reason for writing, for blogging, for coming, for being. As a group, we all sat in a circle spellbound, listening as each voice shared a story entirely unique but yet at the same time felt strangely familiar. I could have sat there all night just listening. These women inspire me.

And there was time for a freezing stroll at sunset to soak in the warmth of my surroundings....


...and time to continue building on friendships forged in a forum that not everyone understands but the relationships are real just the same.


Me and Ann

So if you're wondering what blogging conference you should attend, I think you should see if there is a Cupcake-y kind of event coming your way.

For me, after this kind of weekend, I'm not sure any other kind of blogging gathering will suffice.

A huge thank you to Heather, Steph and all of the chicks who had to clean up that house as I rushed off to the airport to catch my plane. I'll pay you back at the West Coast gathering.

And really, I'm planning on spearheading a West Coast "Cupcake" effort. And I'm taking ideas for what we should call the gathering. Wanna come?


  1. What a perfect recap Lee! Words can't describe how great it was to finally meet you. And YES I did hear great things about you beforehand.

    As for a So Cal Cupcake? I'm SOOOO in! Especially if we can make it a week and make it into a reality show. Please? PRETTY PLEASE WITH A CUPCAKE ON TOP!?

  2. I couldn't agree more. That is why I LOVE the SITS conferences, they are smaller. Its just a group of friends hanging out together.

  3. I'm so glad you had a great time! I had no doubt.

    And since I love you more than my luggage, I know I can confess this - I envy your freedom on such a cellular level, my heart hurts.

    This too shall pass :-)

    Hope your fanny is finally thawing out.

  4. I do! I want to come to the West Coast Cupcake event. Sounds totally like my kind of gig.

  5. I have absolutely LOVED reading about Cupcake. I SO wanted to be there. I would totally come to the West Coast one. I think I could swing that for sure :)
    Are you going to come to the Casual Blogger Conference in Salt Lake this May? Heather is coming out for it! You guys could come a couple of days early and play with ME!

  6. What a touching recap! It was wonderful to have met you and I was so moved by what you said on Saturday, truly! And a west coast gathering- oh yeah, I love the beach!

  7. I love that last photo!
    And yes, YES, I'm crashing a West Coast gathering for sure. If not just for the chance to meet *your* Tommy.

  8. It was so nice to have met you! :-)

    I would love to attend your west coast event! I've never been to California and I think it would be great to visit!

  9. I'm in love with these photos and words. And with you. I can't wait to come your way for "Iced" :)

  10. I would LOVE to attend a west coast event! I think it would be fun to call it Cupcake as well or have Cupcake in the title somehow, because the name Cupcake seems to encompass the whole concept of what we just experienced, don't you think? So glad you made your way to the frozen tundra we call home!

  11. Love your photos. Especially the super cute one of you and Ann. Gorgeous!

    So glad to know you in person now. Love you.

    xo elizabeth

  12. That does sound lovely. I'm thinking of attending a bloggy event. I'll have to see if there are any Cupcakes in Pittsburgh.

  13. I loved you the moment you walked in the door - you reminded me of my sister; your looks, your mannerisms... so similar to hers.

    I can't really tell you how awesome I think you are. I'm so happy to have met you.

    Bring on Cupcake West coast style!

  14. I was just thinking on the way home today whether I was up for the BlogHer 10 this year... and then I read your post here about what sounds like a PERFECT blogging event - with you and Maggie there and some other awesome ladies, just getting to know each other. And CUPCAKES?????

    I will def have to look into this...

  15. xoxo It went way too quickly.

    p.s. love that bumper car photo below.

  16. You are awesome Lee. And I love that I know you in real life now. I seriously am up for a West Coast cupcake... How about calling it something like, Martini, since it's LA and all. A little more edge to the name. Also just so you know chatting with you Sat night and my thoughts on modern motherhood, has gotten me thinking. I'm still processing but will probably "blog" them. I'll be sure and shoot you a note when I do. Thanks for being you and being at Cupcake and INSPIRING us!

  17. Wow, that sounds incredible! And you pretty much had me at cupcake. Ah ha ha

  18. Hey...I took that picture...I'm pretty good;)


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