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Friday, January 15, 2010

Because deep down we ALL want to be movie stars

My first-born, my daughter, Claire, is 7-years-old and in the 2nd grade.

She has started some creative free writing in class and well, last night I flipped open her school notebook in a quiet kitchen after the cleaning had been done and all the kids were fast asleep.

This is what I found:

Mushy Bug Movie Star by Claire

I had no idea my brilliant daughter was so connected with that "guy who was in charge of the movies."

I showed it to my man and then we laughed and laughed and laughed until we had tears streaming down for all of the reasons you laugh and cry about being a parent and watching your little baby's brain and soul grow and expand before your very eyes.

I know this might be one of those "you had to be there" moments but what the heck, I'm sharing it anyway.

Maybe it's just the kind of story that will kick off your weekend right.


  1. So so dear. I love how kids just have to end their stories so fast. "Then he was a movie star and he was in a movie. The End!"

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. Excellent. I even like how she reprents the movie star with his tongue sticking out. Not quite as cool as you thought it would be, eh Mr. Mushy?

    Looks like you have a future agent on your hands. Ready to move to Dallas yet?

  3. Ha ha! That was cute. And just think we'll all be able to say we knew Mr. Mushy Bug when...

  4. Precious! And love the idea of Mr. Mushy Bug!

  5. Too cute! My 9 year old twin boys love to write stories. They fill notebook after notebook with all their drawings and stories. After they go to bed at night my husband and I will read the stories and get the best laughs ever.

  6. That is adorable :-)

    Your daughter is clearly very well connected. Maybe she should start a blog? ;-)

  7. That's hilarious. I'd love to meet your girls, Lee.


  8. I was so blown away by her awesome handwriting skills that it took me a moment to actually get to the story. Love it!

  9. In 2nd grade I wrote a now famous (um, in my FAMILY) essay. It was about wanting to be Dorothy Hammil (the skater chick) and in it I said "not so much for the skating. But more just to have that whole audience looking at ME. And cheering for ME. And yelling my name, which is not DOrothy. It is Marcy by the way. Which would sound great wouldn't it?"

    Everytime I tell my mom I am doing a show or video or whatever she just says "oh okay Dorothy". And we both smile.

  10. loved it! you have one creative bug on your hands! :)

  11. This is so stinking cute. I love that she made a little conversation cloud over the bug "I'm a Movie Star"

  12. "little baby's brain and soul grow and expand before your very eyes" - it really is magical and hilarious all at the same time isn't it friend?

    she sounds amazing.

    ps - i miss you and hope your days are happy!


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