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Monday, November 2, 2009

Dodge the tots, Dos Equis and more.

Written by Em

November - a time for hibernation, turning inward, taking stock and most importantly, giving thanks. Kind of like the push for peace and goodwill toward men once December rolls around, I'm afraid thanksgiving (lower-case "t") has the tendency of being somewhat seasonal for the average soul, but not so much for me since entering the bloggy world. You guys know how to smack a girl upside the head and encourage appreciation of the little things.

In an effort to kick off this month correctly by fully embracing my everyday blessings, I present...

The Top 10 Things I'm Truly Thankful for at this Very Moment:

10. The genius writers who continue to crank out original and smart episodes of "Phineas and Ferb" - honest to goodness and sincere, them's some funny folks. Color me pea green.

9. The Most Interesting Man in the World brought to you by Dos Equis. Charlton Heston meets Ernest Hemingway meets Steven Wright. What's not to love about a guy who "lives vicariously through himself?"

8. Mr. Clean Magic Eraser. It makes me happy that investigative journalism is dead, because I'm positive those things are very, very bad for us and/or the environment. But I don't care. My shower door has never looked better. Totally worth the third hand I'm going to sprout.

7. DVR technology. I know I've already gushed, but after some of the comments received on my recent post concerning our switch to Verizon Fios, I feel the need to defend my obsession. You may find me spoiled and entitled, but we can afford the luxury - I don't pass the plate for contributions, have revolving credit card debt or $0 in the savings account. If one day, I must choose between feeding my children or recording "America's Next Top Model," don't worry, I'll choose my children. Eventually. Until then, DVR goes right up there with fire and sliced bread.

6. "Party in the U.S.A." by Miley Cyrus. I challenge you to not "put your hands up." I find it irresistible and optimistic. I appreciate that on so many levels.

5. Nice teenagers. Trick-or-treating brought out the older kids in our neighborhood, and I'd like to offer their parents a shout out - job well done. You've restored some of my faith in the future.

4. Speaking of good trick-or-treating, kudos to you, Mother Nature, for the perfect temperature and full moon of Saturday night. Well done lovely lady. Well done.

3. My oldest son's newest game creation of Dodge the Tots. If you have a Sonic nearby, get yourself some stuffed tater-tot plushes via the kiddie meal and have at it, dodge ball style. The only cardio I'm getting these days.

2. My husband, who just handed me a warm, creamy McDonald's coffee. Love you babe. For so many reasons.

1. Being my boys' mother, because I'm privy to such beautiful rise-and-shine greetings as: "Guess who's outside Mama - Mr. Sun!!!" Good morning indeed.

What random items are you thankful for at this very moment?


  1. I love your randomness! My teenaged son went trick-or-treating, too. He dressed up as a horse and had a blast. Kids crack me up.

    Have a great Monday!

  2. Programmable coffee makers and changing clocks. It was actually light out this morning when I stumbled into the kitchen and poured myself some fresh hot coffee.

    I'm thankful for this morning's eye openers.

  3. Great Post Em.....I too love Mr. Clean magic erasers, even if they are toxic waste in a cute little square.
    OK, right now I am thankful for Faith, Family and Friends (you included), a great Halloween weekend, and I hate to admit this.....but I am thankful that New Moon comes comes out in 18 days.
    Dont judge!

  4. At this very moment I am thankful that the kids are too young to take inventory of their Halloween loot allowing me to eat this here Butterfinger for breakfast.


  5. I'm a little embarrassed to admit, this post totally made me cry! And of course laugh. But, I wasn't so much surprised by the laughs...the tears, yes. I too am thankful for life's random goodness and little things that others might find silly. Maybe that's why I cried? It feels kinda good knowing that I can easily be made happy these days.

  6. I didn't cry, BUT, I felt all warm and fuzzy when I saw your shout out to "Phineas and Ferb" - I rate my kids' TV shows by those I don't really mind. I don't really mind that show a lot!
    Oh, and I'm thankful for the 9 year old who threw her arm around me while she was sleeping this morning... (husband out of town, she was my sleep mate)... loved that sleepy hug!

  7. Oh, and thanks Em for the heads up on plush tots at Sonic - we are so going there tonight! I just don't know if my girly girls will play "dodge the tots" - I'll keep you posted on that!

  8. Count me with the tears group. They didn't fall down my cheeks, but they did brim. :-)

    I love this thankful kick-off to this month. It's making me very happy this Monday morning.

    I have a sign hanging in my home that says
    "In everything, give thanks." It's the one rule I truly try to live by for I know very well that a thankful heart is a happy one. My parents instilled that in me from the beginning....being grateful. Hence a happy life I have....

    So for the top of my head what I am thankful for?
    1) A friend I have never met but I will come next summer who is one of my partners here on this space and who takes the reigns and pulls me along when I seemingly have no energy to keep it all going... :-)
    2) The time change. Boy, this morning is a whole new sunny scene over here.
    3) My man.
    4) My kids.
    5) Our health.
    6) Vanilla yogurt and granola.
    7) Dreams and chasing them.

    Thanks for this post Em....

  9. oh man, really? this post blindsided me, em... so peppy on this monday morning. i am not prepared to be thankful quite yet, so i may have to come back later. blech, you guys are a bunch of sappy crybabies.

  10. I am thankful for many things but number one is my husband will be home for the WHOLE Holiday season. We have spent many a holiday as a "part" family because Daddy was gone. This year we have him and we are thankful. An I am thankful to all the families who are "part" this year so mine can be whole. We military families have each others backs and I promise to smile even though my hero will be gone next year so yours can be home.

  11. I am always thankful for my hubby but after a conversation we had last night I am feeling very supported and loved and thankful.

    Oh and the 50% costumes I picked up at Target that are keeping the kiddos very entertained today!

  12. okay, fine. i will play along... i am thankful for complaining, because without it, i would never hear the sound of my children's voices.

  13. I loved your post- Gratitude is what it's all about...
    I was enraged at the alarm clock sat morning & myself for enrolling in saturday morning history class- until I realized I was driving ALONE in a reliable warm car on a beautiful fall morning. Sun was coming up, deer were afoot, music was nice, English Breakfast tea was kicking in. I am totally grateful to be back in school and look forward to graduating and teaching 5th/6th grade Social Studies!
    My teenagers are unnaturally awesome and I am grateful for them every day. My middle child survived swine flu and my youngest turns two on Thanksgiving Day- What an appropriate holiday for little Lucinda Moselle! Thanks for the chance to express thanks and praises, ladies...Great Post Em!

  14. it is good to be thankful and right this moment I am thankful for heat and the fact that my house is quiet.

  15. I am thankful that Halloween is over and the 10 lbs. of candy has been safely delivered to our local food bank.

    I am not thankful for the band of not so well behaved teens who patrolled out neighborhood and smashed people's pumpkins ...wish I have that same warm fuzzy for these kids as you do!

  16. For a moment on Sunday afternoon I was feeling blue because once again I was indoors preparing meals for the week rather than being outside. Then I remembered we were able to buy what we needed from Costco and Target and I have two refrigerators full of food and that Hubs and I are lucky to both have jobs to pay for all these homemade meals. This year more than ever I am thankful for that. Thanks for the needed Monday thoughts!

  17. Grateful for the chance to shower before I got the kiddos to school, for the time to walk them to school on a beautiful autumn morning and that the dreaded mammogram is over!
    Get yours done -- all you blogging moms over 40!

  18. I'm here visiting from SSS and I so want to see the stuffed Tots that you are talking about. Looks like I need to make a trip to Sonic.

  19. I loved it. It also made my growling tummy really want Sonic. For the real tots, not the toy. ;)

  20. That was just a heaping helping of happiness right there, Em! I feel righteous good right now!

  21. Glad I could spread the love my dears!! I tried to hold onto those thankful feelings as I had it out with my 7-year-old this afternoon over something completely ridiculous.

    Right now I'm thankful I had enough strength to not leave him on a street corner somewhere.

    Deb, that complaining crap, yeah, killing my gratitude vibe. Glad you can find a silver lining, you sap :-)

  22. I'm thankful that my kids took great naps in an effort to UNconfuse their body clocks after the time change. Then they went to bed a little later, which hopefully means they will sleep a little later tomorrow (ahem, GOD? I'm begging)

    And I'm thankful that my house is clean and ready for yet another showing tomorrow, and that I'm somehow hopeful this showing will be IT.

    And the sun today. Really. It's been DAYS. I love me some Vitamin D, and really really needed it.

    And bloggy friends. Really. Today, they've (you've) made all the difference.

  23. Well, right at THIS very moment, I am thankful my entire family is in bed and my house is quiet!

  24. Perfect post, Em. Perfectly needed over here.

    I've been a serious grump ALL day. I should have read your post this morning and maybe it would have slapped me out of this funk.

    Anyhoo....things to be thankful for? The most perfect weather EVER right now. Warm, sunny afternoons and brisk evenings and mornings. Oh, and my newly planted geraniums, snapdragons, and petunias in my garden that are practically smiling with their vibrant colors. butt cheeks are sore from all that gardening (so it was a work-out too!).

    Thanks for reminding me to just *breathe* and be thankful..... :-)

  25. Awesome post! I could not agree more about Party in the USA, or DVR technology. Both are god sent. I'm also thankful for... turning the corner after swine flu (yesss!!) and a pretty cute bulldog snoring next to me. :)

  26. Beautiful and this post just brought me back down to i am gonna go find one the kids ipods and jam out to party in the USA-LOVE that song!

  27. At this very moment ...

    I am SERIOUSLY thankful for hair dye.


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