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Friday, October 30, 2009

2nd Annual Happy Humpin' Pumpky Halloween!

Last Halloween was a momentous day for this lil' ol' blog. It was the very first time that I received a comment from someone I didn't know. I mean, doesn't everyone remember the first time they got a comment from a bonafide stranger? It was a welcome sight after all of my family and friends leaving comments out of pity. So in honor of that first stranger comment anniversary and because I happen to chuckle every single time I look at these pictures, I am re-posting this Halloween extravaganza.


of what you will see below.

It may frighten you on a variety of levels.

I, myself, am still very much frightened by what sits in our front yard this Halloween, and I'm even more frightened when I think what the neighbors might be thinking about it.

Have you ever seen anything quite like this?

Have you ever seen a witch hump a pumpkin?

Can you believe that pumpkin stem????

But the absolutely, most positively, frightening thing of all about this happy witch is that my parents gave it to my kids a few Halloweens ago.

And it seems to me that they aren't seeing what I'm seeing.

Happy Halloween!!

P.S. We have a famous ocean breeze that whips through our street even though we live a couple of miles from the water. Hence, the variety of positions we find our witchy in each Halloween season.


  1. Now that's a Halloween display that I would proudly put out!

    Remember, it's not the size of the stem that counts. (heh-heh)

  2. Too funny! Have fun with the kids tomorrow.

  3. That looks like one very happy Witch! Must be the nice big stem, lol

  4. Ha! Bowmchickabow=bowm. WOW! wicca wicca wicca

  5. Quite the frisky witch you got there.

  6. Oh my God I was laughing out Loud. OUT LOUD LEE!

    Jesus I needed that. (I want to see the pic of her smoking a cigarette.)

  7. Oh, my GAWD--- that is hysterical!! How could one *not* see that?!!?

  8. Glad to see she's gotten with the trend of "slutty" costumes.

    Slutty vampire, slutty maid, slutty witch...

    My friend has the same set up down the street - we don't get those good sea breezes though, darn it.

  9. She looks very satisfied.

    Happy Halloween!!

  10. lol, that is too funny! Happy Halloween!

  11. Seriously your parents don't see it? That is funny!

  12. i don't know... her costume seems to have some pilling and looks used. i would be embarrassed if i were that witch.

  13. I just love that little witch - so confident in her pleasure! She has nothing to hide, does she?

  14. That ain't a witch! That's a cowgirl! Ride on, sista.

  15. Hmmm.. save a horse, ride a ...pumpkin????
    Another stranger stopping in to say hello.
    happy halloween!!!

  16. That is just plain hilarious - even the second time around.

    If your parents only knew ...

  17. OMG, I just had time to pop in and I am flabbergasted - how hysterical!!!!!

  18. Its funny actually. That is so cute!
    I just wanted to say good job. I really enjoy reading your posts.

    r4 dsi


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