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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

It's Audience Participation Day - Get On Over Here!

I've decided to merge together a couple of cool bloggy trends that I've seen around recently because I think they're uh, cool and because I'm so in the mood for a little audience participation.  

Oh yeah, and I hope to get a few chuckles out of it all 'cause I'm selfish like that. 

Kel over at Girl in the Glasses has me addicted to her whacked-out Wednesdays where she poses a couple of scenarios under the title "Would you Rather...?"  And then she forces you to answer in her comments or she threatens to hurt you. Yeah, she's so harsh but we all listen.  I think it's because she freaks us out and we definitely do NOT want to run into her in a dark alley.

One of her scenarios today is "Would you rather dance the horizontal mambo with the Creepy Burger King guy or Ronald McDonald?"  

Ewwwww, right?  Well, Kel even has visual aids so head on over there but be prepared to answer.  

Seriously.  She's watching.

And then the other day I was checking out Heather over at The Extraordinary Ordinary and she had this thing going on where she presented her readers with a quick question as an either/or choice like "Summer or Winter."  

And then the first commenter would answer - "Summer" (or whatever) and then that commenter had to come up with a new choice (i.e. Desert or Ocean) that the next commenter would answer and so on and so on....

Do you get it?  Or is so late when I'm writing this that you are all confused?

Well, I wanted to merge these two cool trends (I'm not sure why I'm calling them trends, just deal with it please) and just see what happens on this Wednesday.

But it's only gonna work if you all get in on the action, okay?  Throw caution to the wind and have some fun.  Why the hell not?

So...I'm gonna pose a question that is a cross between the two trends and the first commenter will answer my question and then think one up to leave in the comment box and then the next commenter will pick it up from there.

It can be a two-worded deal like Heather's or a whacked "Would You Rather...?" like Kel's or a cross between the two...

Here we go:

In your next life (if you had a next life) would you rather come back as a high-powered, influential woman in politics like Nancy Pelosi, Condoleeza Rice or Hillary Clinton or would you rather be a Latina chick with a smokin' bod who could strut her stuff in high heels and boogie like there's no tomorrow as a back-up dancer for like Ricky Martin or Justin Timberlake?


  1. Very fun! I would like to be a cross between said latina and Condoleeza Rice.

    Have you ever had sex in the workplace?

  2. Awwwww, yeah! THAT'S the way to start the morning dizzblnd! Answer: Never with anyone FROM work, but have with an S.O. AT the workplace! ;P

    Travel to a far-off country by yourself, or to the next town over with someone you love?

  3. Travel to a far off country by myself. (I travel to the next town over with someone I love ON A DAILY BASIS!)

    Spit or swallow?

  4. Wow. Of COURSE this ends up being mine...

    Um...I can't say "neither" can I...

    Spit. (We're talking toothpaste, right?)

    Drink a gallon of soured milk before riding a roller coaster OR sit behind someone who had?

  5. Sit behind someone who had— I would think it would either go right over my head or on the back of the head of the person in front of them.

    Would you rather kiss every one you ever dated one last time, or spend an entire day with your ultimate fantasy and never even hold hands?

  6. I'm gonna spend the day with ultimate fantasy. Which would be a real bummer, but I'm into torturing myself;P

    We posed this question on a road trip many moons ago. Who would you absolutely NOT have sex with? No amount of money in the world is worth pick Danny Devito:P

  7. Ted Kennedy - on so many levels there is not enough money!

    Question: Would you rather be stranded on a deserted island with your significant other or your favorite hobby?

  8. Question: Would you rather be stranded on a deserted island with your significant other or your favorite hobby?
    Answer: Normally, my SO. Today - my favorite hobby :)

    Getting off (hehe) the sex theme - would you rather read a book or watch a movie?

  9. Read a book!

    Upon arriving home after a long day, would you rather realize you have a BIG green thing in between your two front teeth, or that you've got toilet paper hanging out the back of your pants?

  10. I think I'd go for the green thing between the teeth.

    Would you rather fart loudly during a silence at the opera or be on stage performing?

  11. I think I'd have to pick be on stage performing.

    Would you rather bake treats or make dinner?

  12. I would much rather cook dinner!

    Would you rather meet someone you idolize with no warning at all or have only 30 minutes to prepare?

  13. No warning.. because at least then I have reason for looking like an idiot... LOL

    Black or Blue?

  14. Black, goes with everything, is sophistacated(?), and even on the coldest day, you can attrack sunlight with it. lol :)

    Do you recycle? or do you throw everything away?

  15. We definitely recycle when possible. We've been able to cut our trash in half :)

    Which would you rather if you had to choose- Root canal or pelvic exam?

  16. Pelvic exam...after 3 kids I'm SO over the "bare-all" exam (plus, I've had a root canal...HORRIFIC!!)

    Which do you prefer, big, strong, hunky football player or athletic baseball player with a really cute, tight ass?

  17. Definitely the baseball player.

    Fine bottle of your favorite wine or box of the best godiva dark chocolate?

  18. Definitely the wine. I'm a milk chocolate girl.

    How would you torture your worst ex-boygriend/girfriend/husband/wife? Public humiliation or quiet, slow torture?

  19. I'll round this out with...public humiliation for a thousand, Bob!

  20. HA HA HA !! That little game was awesome and did exactly what I wanted!! It made me laugh and got the community vibe going and right on with that.

    Great job everyone....I may have to do that one again sometime....

    I guess I'll be the last commenter on this one....



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