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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Don't Label Me! At least not with this one...!

My back was really starting to kill me.  Leaning in to get El Destructo into the middle car seat of my Subaru Outback was simply getting to be too much. So in late November, we did it.

We bought a mini-van.  

And ever since late November we've been waiting for our new license plate to arrive.

Well, it arrived this week.

Without revealing the entire thing, this picture will do the trick:

I mean really.  Really.

Out of the endless possibilities, we have been given this license plate??

I mean, aren't there plenty of proud OB/GYNs that have already snatched up GYNO on California license plates in all variations??

I'm feeling kinda ick about the whole thing.  

I have nothing against GYNOs.  I've used 'em.  I need 'em. My main OB/GYN dude delivered all three of my babies and I actually kinda love him.  

But really, I'm not that into the idea of slapping this GYNO baby on my mini-van and cruising around town.  Besides the obvious reason, I'm thinking it will also be so damn easy to remember and I don't need to be easily identified when I'm breaking the law. 

So what to do?  I mean, your license plate is your license plate.

I've never had a feeling about my license plate before.  And now I do.



  1. you want my thoughts? well, my initial thoughts are this is THE most hilarious thing EVER. but, last time i laughed at someone so blatantly, it came back to bite me on the butt.

    it will cost you money, but i am pretty sure you can just buy new ones... at least you can here. go to your dmv site and investigate. or you could just call and complain and say you are one of those people that are religiously opposed to medicine?

    okay, so you're right, you can no longer be the get away driver. we'll have to switch jobs.

  2. I think I'm totally jealous of that, actually.


    I'm mailing your husband a labcoat that reads, "Dr. Seymour Bush" on it.

  3. I agree- you should be honored that you just got those by chance- that's great!

    My mom's was always THC (marijuana) and she was oddly proud of that until the state changed plates. She is so disappointed now. Weird.

  4. I think its a cool number plate..

  5. Hahahahaha

    I love it!

    Just think of all the snickers and giggles you'll be responsible for giving to others.

    I'd wear that license plate proudly!

    I would!


  6. My thoughts.. Send it in to they will be amazed to know it is not an actual vanity plate...

    Maybe you can go to the tag office and request one not so horrible

    Other than that.. I got nuttin

  7. I love it! It is worse than mine! Mine came in as
    UZED with 3 numbers after it.

    Brand spanking new car with UZED as my tag. Loves it.

  8. Oh MAN that God has a huge sense of humor!


    Just take it back to the DMV and tell them you find it offensive, like it is against your religious blah, blah, blah (you're a writer you will think of something)

    They will send you anther one.

    And what no personalized plates???? You are so NOT L.A.


  9. Ok here it goes... simply take them abck to the DMV and tell them how it makes you feel... in this day and age of political correctness they shouldn't have any problem getting you some new plates...

  10. Can you call the DMV and tell them your license plates were stolen by a real doctor who didn't like that you were impersonating a doctor?

  11. I needed that laugh.
    People will think WOW a DR. driving a MINIVAN??? SAY WHAT!!!

    Good luck on whatever you decide to do!

  12. Oh hilarious!

    You might have total strangers coming up to you saying "Hey doc, I got something growing in my nancy I'd like you to take a look at ..."

  13. LMAO at Amy's comment..."growing in my nancy..."

    That's the greatest comment ever.

    Ahem...where was I?

    Yeah...I don't think I could drive a minivan.

    What's that? Oh..the was about the license plates...


    Yeah...I don't think I could drive a minivan.

  14. I'm sorry but I couldn't let Amy's comment go! I have NEVER heard "growing in my nancy" but I love it - I'm going to try to use it in a sentence every day!

    And LEE - you have to keep the license plate, of course, it is a great conversation starter and keeps other drivers wondering, which is always good for staving off boredom in that LA traffic.

    Maybe you should get a bumper sticker to go with it that says..."do you have something growing in your nancy? me 310-555-GYN0"

  15. Well if you do keep it at least it will be easy to remember your plate number. I can't remember what my plate number is but I bet I would it was something like GYNO---.

  16. You should wear it with pride. It is just so funny that that randomly happened to you.

  17. does that happen? Roll with it girl, that's all you can do;)

  18. I'm too busy laughing at Amy, Sass and Karen. Bwaahaahaa!

    Thoughts? Nope, clean out of them. Other than - minivans rock. I bet you make them look even cooler.

  19. Okay, Ames, I'll never be able to look at my friend, "Nancy" with a straight face again. That expression is freakin' hilarious!!!!!!!!!!

    Lee--at least the plate didn't say "VD" or "CRABS", you know?

  20. I was sort of embarrassed when I realized our new tag started with "VPL" -- longtime abbreviation for "visible panty line." But then I noticed several tags with the same combination, so all I can figure is that somebody in the state-prison license-tag-manufacturing-plant is getting a chuckle out of the whole thing.

  21. That's hilarious. I was just cruising around town today and thinking of doing a post on vanity plates and one of the things I wondered was whether the license plate people made any special effort to make plates connotation-free. Because sometimes I'll see one and wonder if it's carrying a secret message of some sort . . . . If I saw yours, I have to admit, I'd think you wanted to make some kind of statement about female genitalia. So, maybe you have a case if you go back to the DMV and complain . . . .

    BTW, we broke down in Aug. and got a minivan. Isn't it great?

  22. I'm on board with the bumper sticker idea. EMBRACE it!

  23. Yikes! I think Debs right! No getaway car action for you!

    You can request a change with your DMV. Hopefully no preggo women in labor will accost you and need you to deliver their babies in a parking lot in the mean time!

  24. Found you on Suzy, and I'm glad I did. Love your blog!

    I got lucky in a weird way with my license plates. I drive a Volvo V70XC, and totally by accident, my plates read V70 blah blah blah... It's a crap shoot with the DMV. You could always go with a vanity plate.

    I say just roll with it, though. Drive your minivan with the GYNO plates with your head held high... and a french fry in your hair, if your kids are anything like mine was.

  25. I'm terribly sorry, but I would prefer you keep the GYNO plates. I like to picture you driving around with them...

    pffft... sorry! You'd laugh at me too, c'mon!

  26. I have been given sooo much to think about with this GYNO issue. Your input has been invaluable and I think Ames wins with the comment of the week with that "growing in my nancy" thing. There are no words...that was classic Ames. Just classic.

    I think practicality is winning again in my life. I can't stand the thought of arguing with the DMV for a new plate so we will put it on for now and then maybe think of some super clever semi-personalized plate that will set LA on fire with its originality.

    I could NOT have come to this decision without all of you. Your creative brains rock.

  27. Awesome license plate, but realize all the preggos in a rush to the hospital are going to be flagging you down!

  28. that is fucking hysterical!!!

    omg. What are the odds?????

  29. HAHA that is hilarious. I would call DMV and have them issue a new one. Hopefully a replacement won't be worse :O

  30. when i saw the pic, i hadn't read the post - i thought it was a personalised plate that a GYNO had got for himself (a woman doc would never do that!) you poor people! of all the letter combos!!!

  31. i don't know how i landed on your blog but that tag is f-ing hilarious!
    i'm sorry for laughing but .. bawaaahhhhaaaaahhaaa!

  32. Hey, wait a minute, I object to my name being used to describe a, uh, lady's personal box!!!

    Nancy in Atlanta

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