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Sunday, October 26, 2008

Slooooowwww Dooowwnnnnnn Sunday

Before I entered into this beautiful whirlwind of mommyhood, and even before I tied the knot with my dude, for that matter, I spent a year in a small town in the southwestern corner of Poland teaching English to high school students. This year away from the United States and all of the creature comforts of home proved to be just what you think an experience like that would be....terrifying, rewarding, lonely, enlightening, carefree, soul-searching, and damn cold, to name a few.   At times it all seems like a surreal dream but often I am able to recall very vivid feelings and lessons I learned while I was there.   

One of the strongest memories I can still actually feel at times is how slow life felt in Poland. And Sundays were especially slow.  The entire country shuts down for the day, some folks go to church, a lot of the men drink ( a lot), and many families choose to go for a Sunday "spacer." (pronouced spah-tzer)  A Sunday "spacer" simply means to walk, to stroll, to wander.  On Sundays, Polish families will take a "spacer" through the large sprawling parks of Warsaw, the magical square in Krakow, or the corner parks in the small villages that are scattered across the Polish landscape.  

Now that my life is the busiest it has ever felt with each day being swallowed up by the next,  I try to dig deep each Sunday and remember to slow the frick down.   And when my crew (my dude, CR, The Love Fairy, Bam-Bam and our two mutts, Wagz and Roxy) can gear up and actually get out the lazy door of Sunday and take a "spacer" together, well then I feel all is right in the world.  

The Poles get a bad rap for a lot of things and after living in their world for a year, I understand the reason for some of those classic Polish jokes. (I can say this because I AM Polish)  But I will hand it the Poles - they certainly know how to slow down and take a stroll hand-in-hand with their loved ones.   And right about now, that sounds like the best idea going in the whole wide world.  


  1. And also, you met some awesome people in Poland, right? Right?

    Great blog. If I had kids, I would want to be a Mom Without a Blog.

    Also, if it's any comfort, ants eat cockroach eggs.

    Aw, come on, you know who I am, Right?

  2. Oh yeah pearatty, I met some killer folks in Poland who I wish I chatted with and saw much more! :-) You're so friggin' smart - I didn't know ants ate cockroach eggs but I will feel much better now during my next ant infestation.


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