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Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Humpin' Pumpky Halloween!

Beware of what you will see below.  

It may frighten you on a variety of levels.  

I, myself, am still very much frightened by what sits in our front yard this Halloween, and I'm even more frightened when I think what the neighbors might be thinking about it.  

Have you ever seen anything quite like this?

Have you ever seen a witch hump a pumpkin?

Check it out.

Can you believe that pumpkin stem????

But the absolutely, most positively, frightening thing of all about this happy witch is that my parents gave it to my kids a few Halloweens ago.  

And it seems to me that they aren't seeing what I'm seeing.

Happy Halloween!!

P.S.  We have a famous ocean breeze that whips through our street even though we live a couple of miles from the water.  Hence, the variety of positions we find our witchy in each Halloween season.  


  1. NO WAY! That is so hilarious! Good eye Leanne! Well it's kinda hard to miss! LOL

  2. I don't know what else you could see. I mean, look at how her head is thrown back!

  3. This is a momentous occasion I feel (not only because of the way that I feel but because of what I've learned from reading about what other blogtype people feel.) Today MWOBS has received its first comment from someone I do not know. Thank you Literal Dan and for anyone reading these comments, check out his blog 'cuz its funny.

  4. This is my favorite post so far by far! Thanks Lee, thanks to your parents and thanks to the witch - she is so happy.

  5. Oh my gosh..that is just to


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