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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Calling all supermoms! Yeah, that means YOU!

After reading Karen's "Halloween Inadequacy" post again this morning, I really started thinking about what some of her statements would sound like to other moms who don't know her at all. I was thinking about her statement of how her girls this year AGAIN wanted her to throw a Halloween party, but "to no avail." As I've surfed through blogland (to an excessive degree the last couple of months,) I can only imagine there are oodles of moms who might look at that and think, "Why, to no avail?"  Not only are there moms out there throwing parties but they are creating original crafts, sewing handmade costumes, baking made-from-scratch cakes and cookies, and blogging to tell their friends (and hopefully some strangers too) all about it.

And you know what I say to those super-duper moms?  I say "More power to you!" and "Who the hell are you?" and oh yeah, one more thing..."Is there any way to bottle up some of that super mompower and send it my way?"  

Since I know Karen and the depth of her heart and spirit and the boundless patience she has and how she is a faith-filled soul who endured one of the most trying experiences a mother could ever go through (more on that story in future posts I hope),  I know that throwing a friggin' Halloween party means nothing in the grand scheme of the kind of mom she is.  And how sad that a cool dream catcher craft (and it does look cool) would make her feel, well, like a lame mom.  Isn't it funny how our mom brains work?

As I continue to contemplate, or maybe even obsess, about the purpose of starting this space in blogland,  I realize that if Moms Without Blogs does only one thing in its existence, I want it to be a simple daily reminder to all of us hard-working, self-critical moms that we need to spend just a little more time in our crazy brains validating ourselves and the incredible work we do in our homes.  And it's not the work that we show to all of the world that's most important.  It's all the stuff no one sees.  It's all the stuff that happens in the silent of the night and in between the parties.  It's all the seconds that get squished between the hours, and all of the tiny ways we satisfy an endless stream of needs.   

The modern world of mommying is taking us for a serious ride but some things will simply never change.   The basic, most important, needs of our kids are being us.  By all of us loser moms who don't really want to to take the time to puree that spinach and hide it in the middle of our kids' PB&J's.  And when it all shakes down in the end, I feel certain that it will be the simple things that have paved the way to a happy, productive life for our children.  Not necessarily the butternut squash organic rice-crispy treats shaped to look like pumpkins.

So all you super-duper supermoms out there? Put that in your pipe and smoke it.

Or maybe slightly more apropos:  

Put that in your food processor and puree it.

1 comment:

  1. seriously, my experience is limited, but you all sound like awesome moms to me.

    I think most kids would much prefer to have a caring mom who is there when they come home from the party and who takes the time to ooh and ah over their new treasures, than one who is stressed out and busy scheduling the clown and making all the treats from scratch.

    They may not *know* they would prefer it, but they would.


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