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Saturday, November 1, 2008

The All-Knowing Bathroom List

Happy Halloween Hangover....and not from alcohol in my case.  Let's just say we all had a smashing Halloween evening filled with me dressed as a super-freaky witch chasing my little ghouls all over the world it seemed and now I'm thanking God for my favorite morning of the week....laaazzzzzyyyyy Saturday.

In my parents' home (which is my childhood home) in Arizona, there hangs in the bathroom one of those signs I would never buy, "20 Ways to A Happy Life" or something like that.   Over the years, I have found the occasion to sit and contemplate said list.   Number 20 on the list is a biggie.  It reads:

"Marry the right person.  This will determine 90% of your happiness.

After 6 years of courtship, 10 years of marriage and creating 3 kiddies together with my man, I can most definitely say the bathroom list has it right on that one.  

This morning while flipping some flappyjacks (one more thing I CAN do in the kitchen along with that other thing), my dude came up behind me, kissed me on the neck and said "Hmmm, you smell sexy.  You smell like something between bug spray and that witchy costume."

Yes, MWOBS, you heard it right.  My dude happens to find the smell of bug spray and a Target bought witchy costume sexy.  

I married the right man.  And yes, it has determined 90% of my happiness.       


  1. OK, the mere fact that YOU dressed up for Halloween is leaving some of us non-bloggers feeling a little less than average. That might just fall into the supermom category. Are you sure you don't hide spinach in those PB&Js?

  2. Ames, you may be right. I may very well have been hiding a big "S" under my witchy costume but let me add that I have not dressed up for Halloween in over 10 years at least! I got swept into the Halloween spirit and now I may have dressing-up fever. Being a witch was FUN!


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