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Thursday, April 22, 2010

My Dirty Little TV Secret

I always have
one million things I could be doing. I am never ever wondering what I should do with a free minute. Either I'm behind on life's "stuff" or I have a dozen or so creative projects going at any given time that I can jump into and try to finish. This drives my husband mad.

But last night? I had an evening alone ahead of me because my man was working late.

I got home from my first day back at a real job, bathed the kids, read books, cleaned up, tucked kids into beds, kissed foreheads, ate a handful of mini-chocolate chip cookies for dinner, fed the three dogs, and then was about to sit down at the computer but instead?

The dull throb in my that-time-of-the-mouth brain turned me towards the couch where I collapsed in a heap. I flipped through our Tivo list and decided to watch.....



It's hard for me to admit that I watch this crap but I was an avid fan of the original series. I was in my 20's then and it all seemed perfectly acceptable. Now? I'm in my early 40's and well, I just don't think it's acceptable at all.


Unless you consider it "mother research." Which is what I consider it really.

I need to keep up on what "kids" are watching these days because you know....I need to know what teenagers are up to and into so I can be prepared for when my kids are teenagers.

And you'll be happy to know, in case you already don't, that teenagers seem to live alone in lavish homes and always seem to be lounging poolside drinking either non-alcoholic or alcoholic beverages; they dress way better than I do as an adult; they wear high heels to school; they challenge and talk back to most adults; they do drugs; they deal drugs; they gamble; they have lots of sex and talk openly about it; they go from being straight to gay to back to straight again without as much as batting an eye; they drive luxury cars; they drag race; they manipulate constantly; they lie through their teeth; they have romantic first dates in beach side cabanas; they sext; they videotape themselves having sex; they put their sex videos in student films and show them to the entire school; they get expelled and reinstated within hours; they fight; and then they kiss and make-up.


This is essential "mother research."

Or maybe it's just my dirty little secret where I can allow my overtaxed brain to be soothed by trash tv.

What's your dirty little tv secret?

Oh c'mon. You can tell me.


  1. a) so i guess i am out of the job? congrats friend!

    b) love me some 90210 from back in the day - makes me smile thinking about all those college nights watching it :)

    c) totally mama research and thanks for keeping us informed!

  2. I haven't seen the new 90210 (though I, too, was a fan of the origina!) BUT I do watch "The Secret Life of the American Teenager" - it's basically everything you outlined above, except teen pregnancy and teen parenting plays a large role in the show. I often watch it and think "Is THIS really how it is now-a-days?" I spend a lot of time talking to my neighbor - she's a mother of three (two college boys and one HS girl) and an art teacher at our local high school. I need to follow up with her again - she watches this show, too, but we haven't talked about the recent season.

  3. Honestly I really only watch Lost, but if I had more than 3 over the air tv channels I would watch Project Runway. Also I think I could also get hooked in by Oprah but I've worked hard to not get sucked in so I don't have a daily TV addiction.

  4. I was so excited to watch the new 90210, sadly I couldn't keep up with it, I was already watching too much and theres only so much time, but my little secret is, I love Gossip Girl!!!!

    have you seen it?
    Thank you so much for the movie, it arrived on Tuesday and my daughter was jumping for joy!

  5. Is it weird that whenever we are channel surfing lately and we end up on American Pickers or Pawn Stars, we CAN'T turn away - I love these shows. Does this say "old" - "out of touch"?

    We also still love Amazing Race. Even though there hasn't been an original-seeming task in several seasons and the casting is increasingly ho-hum. Its truly still the ONLY show we watch as a family - and USUALLY root for the "nice" teams over the "mean" ones, of course.

    But seriously - we don't know what we are going to do in 4 weeks without Lost. Maybe we'll join you on 90210 or the American Teenager show sounds good too.

    I like the idea of "mother research" because I'm sure that all you listed is really going on in my teenager's life - yikes. I haven't seen a luxury vehicle in the driveway yet, but I'll keep my eye out...


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