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Friday, April 23, 2010

Conversations with my Kid - The Perceptive Male Edition

If you watched Tina Fey's "Brownie Husband" bit that I posted last week (and if you haven't you
should), you may remember one particular moment when the Brownie Husband's hand is stroking her face and Tina says "Why yes honey, I did get my hair lightened. Thanks for noticing."

Okay. Who does not get that?

I can pretty much tell you how many times over the course of almost 20 years together that my husband has actually noticed anything new that was going on with me - like once. Maybe twice. And I think both times were on our wedding day.

What is it with men?

They just don't see things that we see, right?

Short hair, long hair, new hair colors, new clothes, shoes, make-up, no make-up, showered or not, whatever the case may be - my man just does not see it. And in many instances, that CAN be considered a good thing. But sometimes, a woman just wants her man to notice her new whatever. You know?

But recently I have seen that perhaps men do not start out life not noticing.

Case in point:

Tommy, my almost 3-year-old.

The other night as he and I went into his room and closed the door behind us for some quiet reading and rocking together like we do every night, all of a sudden he stopped and looked at me. I was still in my "work clothes" (and I use that term loosely) which included a new black and white printed top I bought on sale within the last month or so but had never worn yet.

He said, "I like your new shirt mama."

I was floored. I said, "You do????"

"Yes," he said.

And as my heart was still fluttering from something new in my life being noticed by a male in my house, he said, "And I like your orange shirt and your red shirt too."


My lil' dude is taking notice of what I wear.

At least I know I'm making an impression on someone.


If you have a "Conversation with your Kid" that you would like to share, please paste the link to your post in Mr. Linky below and I will come check it out!

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Happy Friday!


  1. Those little boys are the best. My almost 10 year old still tells me I'm pretty. Mama's Boys. Heaven!!

  2. There is already a line of ladies forming who want to hang out with Tommy.

  3. LOVE it!!

    The Youngest told me the other night that I'm "a beautiful little girl."

    Why yes, he did get an extra cookie for dessert :-) And I do have sucker stamped on my forehead.

    Love, love it!

  4. P.S. no conversations with kid post this week because seriously, between soccer practice, soccer games and homework, no cute conversations were had this week.

    Sad really.

  5. you are so right. They are literally blind and their memory is often not too hot either.

  6. My boys notice little things, too. And I'm always surprised. But I'm sad, too, because I know it will likely end. It doesn't have to, and shouldn't, but chances are...

    I kind of feel like a shadow in my house as it is anyway. It doesn't matter what I look like or how I appear, just that I am always present and eternally accessible.

  7. that's adorable. Q told me I smelled nice the other day, and I loved it. Don't you just love boys!?

  8. so sweet! My hubby tries, he'll say, is that new? when I have been wearing it for like a year!

  9. You are doing something right with that little guy :)

  10. oh, these boys. mine too. earrings, hair, clothes, scents, whatever. i wonder when they lose that skill.

    funny, my boys also have more preference than my man for how I wear my hair, etc. i hadn't thought about that until reading this.

    ah, boys. <3

  11. Little boys who notice things are the sweetest aren't they! Haven't played along the last couple weeks! However my Henry's been up to his usual tactics, not necessarily in words, just actions! (You'll have to check out my gummy bear story when you have time haha!)

  12. I'm with Lisa - add Penni to that line-up for Tommy's heart. What a cutie! I love that he noticed your new shirt! Now you should coach him to ask - "did you notice mama's cute new shirt, daddy?"

  13. That is so cute.
    My youngest has noticed my muffin top.

  14. Oh ... sweet, sensitive boys are the absolute best and yours is at the top of my list. Way to go Tommy for noticing!!!!

    A black and white printed top?? It doesn't sound like you ... I can't wait to "notice."



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