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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Quiet Glimpses During a Busy Week - You Capture

This week just flew.

It rattled around me like the strong winds that have been whipping through Los Angeles.

But it's been a good rattle. A good fly. Because my soul is filled with the joy of opportunity.

I didn't have many chances to capture QUIET this week.

But I tried.

I happened upon this scene as I stood in the kitchen and I realized the house was uh, quiet.I walked back towards the kids' rooms and this is what I found. A big sister just learning to read quietly reading to her adoring brother.


I don't really mind that the photo is blurry. I like trying to capture the real light of the moment. Do blurry photos bother you?

And then a typical school morning but the light was streaming in and I don't know about you but streaming morning light is just simply quiet. It's feels quiet even when it's resting on a noisy 5-year-old.



I'm so hooked on these weekly You Capture projects. Join the fun if you aren't already in on it.



This has been an edition of You Capture over at Beth's I Should Be Folding Laundry.
The theme was "Quiet."

And tune in tomorrow for another edition of "Conversations with My Kid." If you're posting
a conversation you've had with YOUR kid, you can link up and join the fun!!

Wishing you the peace of some quiet moments.


  1. I love it that you're doing this! And I love the photos of course.

    Also, our boys have the same beds! (Miles and Tommy) same cars comforter and even the same blanket that's on the bed. (this proves I AM stalking you) :)

    Talk soon?

  2. Blurry photos don't bother me one bit. Especially ones so precious . . .

    I'm passing this on to my wife. Seems like her sort of experiment . . .

  3. I love all these pictures they really do say quite to me. What a great assignment, it is so easy to forget to notice calm and quiet moments because of all the craziness that happens around them.

  4. Cute kids! I love the color of the room they're reading in.

  5. Sometimes the best moments are captured with a little blur. That's one of them.

  6. some photos are meant to be blurry. Very nice quiet moments in your house!

  7. Love when the older sibling reads to a younger one! Great captures.

  8. Very cool photos, Lee. Of course even if the kids are noisy, the pictures are still "quiet" for us - hee hee! And that "blurry" photo is just adorable. I love the colors of your pics. Hope you have a nice weekend!

    - Margaret

  9. I love your photos - really awesome and certainly quiet.

  10. that girl of yours, lee....what a honey.

    and I love photos in natural light. blur or no blur. (and really, a blurry picture is a little more reflective of our lives, isn't it?)

    xo e.

  11. Oh that second picture of your daughter is way too cute!! She looks angelic!!

  12. Those photos of Phoebe are priceless!!!


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