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Friday, January 22, 2010

"Conversations with My Kid" Friday - A New Feature

I know everyone is dying to read Part Two of The Mime Trilogy and believe you me, it's coming. I just want to give those peeps who have been too busy to read this blog some time to catch up. So if you want to get in on the mime frenzy that is currently spreading throughout the blogosphere, click here to read Part One.

For now, I've decided to launch something new over here. The idea came to me this morning and before I get too lazy to implement it, I'm gonna hit publish and get this rolling.

Last Friday, I published a little story that Claire wrote and it really made me smile. And maybe it made like six of you smile. So that's cool. And today I want to share another Claire story that has been making me smile for the last 16 hours or so.

And the story from yesterday was a conversation I had with Claire. Sometimes I stop in my busy tracks and wonder if I really did converse with any of my kids on any given day. You know? When I am having an actual conversation with my kids listening to their words, I realize I am present. And aren't we all always working on being more present? I sure am.

I thought, I want to remember more of these sweet conversations. Where I get real insight into their brains.

So I was thinking that every Friday, I'm gonna share a conversation I had with my kids that made me laugh, cry, think, whatever. I'm thinking these conversation posts will be short and sweet and will simply help me remember these precious interactions that happen every single day but then slip away into the corners of my mind making it tough for me to recall the beauty of each and every one. (or hardly any of them for that matter.)

I'm not sure what I'm gonna call this little Friday event but I'll come up with something by next week. And I'll even have Mr. Linky up next Friday. I mean, is Mr. Linky still the industry standard? Or has something cooler come along? Let me know.

This way, I figure I can click around and get to know a little more about your kids. I mean, your kids are cool, right? And they say awesome things? And we are kinda like uh, mommy bloggers? In a loose sense of the term. And we like to talk about our kids sometimes, right?

So, let's try this thing.

For now, let's call it "Conversations with My Kid" Fridays. Is that lame? Someone help me.

Here we go:


Yesterday, Claire, 7, was doing her Social Studies homework. She had to color this packet of papers stapled together to tell a story about Martin Luther King Jr. I was, once again, in the kitchen doing God knows what and I said -

"Whatcha doing Claire?"

"I have to color this book about Martin Luther King Jr."

"Oh yeah? You've been learning about him, huh?"


"What have you learned about him?"

Still coloring and not looking up, Claire says "I learned that he had a dream."

"What was his dream?"

"His dream was that white people and black people could live together."

And then she paused but before I could say anything she added, "I don't think that's a very good dream."

"It's not?" I asked.


....My dream is to have a horse ranch. And that's a
way better dream than his."


If you have a "Conversations with My Kid" story you are sharing today or have shared recently or something that resembles one, leave the link in the comments and I'll come check it out.

Happy Friday!


  1. That's awesome Lee! And I love this idea. I will definitely join you. Overheard just now in my kitchen, 3 1/2 year old Kate (not my child) asked my son Henry (also 3 1/2); Henry do you love me? And he looked at her and said "I already told you that when we ate lunch do you have to keep asking me?" Ha! Cracked me up!
    Happy Friday, friend!

  2. That is hilarious! I would totally be part of this except my son is now 9 and monitors EVERYTHING I put about him on my blog. This might be a no go for him but I'll see. Otherwise I'll just read all of your conversations!

  3. I have to say that the conversations that I have with my kids are definitely some of the most interesting I have had.

  4. Claire is SO cute. I love the idea about My Kid Friday. I don't have a kid story today, just bragging about my dad!

  5. Hillarious! What is it with little girls and horses?

    I wonder if it would be cool by her to allow the black and white people to live together in the barn?

    Overheard at the Em House recently:

    Oldest: you had brother in your tummy in this picture, right?

    Mama: (amazed since he was three when the shot was taken and I was barely showing with Youngest) Wow! You remember that?

    Oldest: Nope. I can tell because you look, well, the "f" word.


    Happy Friday dear Lee!!

  6. cute idea! and you definitely will not be in short supply as your kidlets are amazing. i may not participate as my most recent went something like this, just a short 30 minutes ago...

    "hey mom, i got a D+ on my math quiz"

    (my jaw hanging open, not sure whether to laugh or cry)

    he continues, "that's like 15 points higher than my last one!"

    and yes, the only thing i could say was, "i'm really proud of you, sweetie"

  7. I have so many conversations with my kids that are print worthy! I just have to 'clean them up' a little ...not the kids, the content!


  8. It's a great idea. I'm going to start writing this stuff down now.

  9. Excellent idea. That is actually why I started my blog. The conversations you have with your kid are priceless, but you forget them over time. Writing them down somewhere ensures that you'll always be able to look back and chuckle. I kinda want a horse ranch too. That's a dream I can get behind.

  10. Great Idea Lee! kids say the cutest things...
    recent convo with peanut:
    Scene:Just went boarding a few days before with some friends..peanut was amazed with my all my equipment..
    Peanut with my ski goggles on:"ma, you gonna take me boarding soon?"
    Me:"first you need to learn with uncle p."
    Peanut: "Well let's go, call him already"
    Peanut has her first ski lesson next week. :)

  11. I think I could do a post every day on conversations with my kids;)

  12. Love it! A kid's perspective is always fresh and new. ;)


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