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Friday, November 27, 2009

Black Friday Morning Snapshots

Written by Lee

I am not a morning person. My man is. Thank God. What this means is that on weekends, or holidays, or any days when there is no school, he is awake with the kids and I am asleep in my cozy bed upstairs a million miles away from my mama duties.

On some of these particular mornings, I will be awakened by screams of chaos and I will have absolutely not one millisecond to adjust from sleep to wake. And then my day tends to take on a general feeling of chaotic grumpiness. Not. Good.

Other mornings, I will slowly emerge from my slumber to what I will describe as a lovely buzzing sound of warm family activity. Today was one of these mornings. Thank God.

As I glided downstairs into yet another perfect cappuccino brewed by my personal hot sexy barista, I took a sip and surveyed the scene around me.

Morning snapshots filling me with gratitude and peace and love and complete and utter satisfaction in being right here and right now. This is the feeling I strive for so when it arrives, I inhale it letting it seep into my flesh and bones. This is my mama meditation. And I know it will slip away on another day but this morning I have it. So I will live in it.

It was only 7:30 AM on this Black Friday, but much had been lived and learned since 6 AM when the kids awoke. My camera captured moments of the scene that had been both played out and was still going on.

My man and the kids had already sifted through the Black Friday super sales dreaming of which ones they would go to if any of us were actually motivated to leave the house.

Claire had boldly declared her love for a treat made by Grandma (my mom) that had made the trek across the desert into Claire's tummy. Claire had also taught Daddy who Roy G. Biv was. Daddy claims he was never taught about Roy in school. Could it be true?

I told Claire I briefly dated Roy G. Biv and almost married him. Claire responded, "But you didn't. You married Daddy."

Phoebe, our Love Fairy, was busy doodling away making more fairies - all friends of Tinker Bell - she told me.

Tommy told Claire to "Buffer up!" She had no idea what that meant. Tommy explained this bit of Thomas the Train phrasology and Claire decided that sounded like fun...

...and so train buffering up playing commenced.

And now a little after 10 AM, the hum of a family playing together is still being heard.

It's gonna be a good day. From beginning to end. Of that I am certain.


  1. Sounds like you have it pretty good despite making dinners every night. Hope I can help you find something to make sometime. Thanks for visiting my site. Look forward to reading more of yours.

  2. Spending time just being with your family and going with the flow is so nice. Enjoy your day and I hope your holiday was extra yummy!

  3. Aaahhh...fudge.

    I woke this morning to the sound of trash trucks rumbling and dumping all the wine bottles we emptied yesterday!

    your morning sounds much more peaceful.


  4. So you're the hussy Roy left me for!!!

    Glad you got to rise and shine in such a beautiful way. I hope the afternoon is treating you even better.

    Enjoy the weekend dear Lee!!

  5. Sounds like your day was fantastic!

    Gobble, gobble, gobble.

  6. I love those rare mornings when I sleep in, feel sufficiently rested, and wake up to peace.

    Where is a pic of the hot barrista?


  7. this is great, because I SO know what you mean about the mornings you wake to grumpiness with no time to adjust...and that was MY morning. HATE IT.

    my day sucked. glad yours worked out for ya.

  8. sounds like a MUCH better way to spend BF than running around getting mowed down by crazy out of their minds shoppers! :)
    tell claire we are big fudge fans too - we havent had the fortune to sample that particular desert flavor, but would love to some holiday...sigh
    also, im very impressed with her knowledge of roy - i have to admit the picture gave me momentary pause....i know that guy, so familiar...Ha! thats how far my mind has gone to forget that famous rainbow helper.
    thanks claire - and thanks lee for some black friday peace of mind...the world did NOT end because i couldn't get out to shop! :)

  9. MY husband said he had never been taught or heard of Roy G. Biv. What kind of schools don't teach Roy G. Biv?

    Glad you had one of those peaceful mornings! My husband is an early riser, too, and I LOVE it, because I need a minimum of 14 hours of sleep. Ok, maybe only 10 hours.

  10. I miss mornings when I could play with my kids. They grew up way too fast.

  11. Ohhhhh, what a nice morning you had.

    We actually buffered up and got out of the house on BF and went to Kohl's only to find the line was about 100 people deep (I AM NOT EXAGERATING). Is that spelling correct? I don't think so, but am too lazy to find correct spelling. Anyway, needless to say, we left. Oh and by we, I mean me and the kids.

    Glad your morning was full of ROY G BIV bliss.

  12. Sounds like the BEST day, Lee. I'm so glad you had that, you busy lady.

    Miss you.

  13. I love the hum of family playing together:)

  14. What a great day! And nothing beats a man who lets you sleep in! ;)

  15. Love it. Glad you had such a nice day with your family. Sounds like you have an awesome hubby, too.

  16. I am glad to hear that u had a great day. I just love watching those children playing together. Nice to see you all together at home.

    cartucho r4i


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