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Monday, May 4, 2009

We Are The Mommies! begins the start of a new week which will end in a lil' ol' holiday that drives me a little bit insane and it's called uh, Mother's Day.  It drives me a little wacky because as a uh, mother, I am the one responsible for making sure all of the mothers/grandmothers/aunts and any other woman resembling a mother in our lives is properly acknowledged.  Sound familiar anyone?  I just kinda wish all of us mothers would let all of the other mothers off the hook for this Hallmark holiday so we mamas can truly just have a day off.  

But in the spirit of this well-intentioned holiday, I asked all of the fabulous women that make up MWOB to write a post in the vicinity of the topic "Defining Moments of Motherhood."  Every day this week including the holiday weekend and maybe even the day after, each of the cool chicks whose words grace this scene will be sharing their creative interpretation of "Defining Moments of Motherhood."  I hope you'll cruise over and enjoy the ride.

To kick off our motherhood celebration here at MWOB, I present to you the one and the only, Quirkyloon.   Rock on all you beautiful mamas!  

Written by Quirkyloon

I'd like to dedicate this song to Mothers.

(please hit play)

Queen - We Are The Champions
Found at bee mp3 search engine

I'm paying my dues -
Year after year -
Watched so many cartoons
Til I've lost my mind
And "Mom" mistakes
I've made a few
I've had my share of verbal smack in my face -
But I still love you!

We are the Mommies - my friends
And we'll keep on laughing - til the end -
We are the Mommies -
We are the Mommies
No time for
Us now
cause we are the Mommies - of the world -

I've taken my kids
To all the malls -
They've brought me pain and shame and embarrassment that goes with it -
You look apalled -

So it's been no bed of roses
No pleasure cruise -
I consider it a challenge before the whole human race -
And I ain't gonna lose -

We are the Mommies - my friends
And we'll keep on caring - til the end -
We are the Mommies -
We are the Mommies
No time for sleeping
cause we are the Mommies - of the world -

We are the Mommies - my friends
And we'll keep on loving - til the end -
We are the Mommies -
We are the Mommies
Never stop trying
cause I am a Mommy.

(Queen, "We Are The Champions" edited by Quirkyloon)


  1. I LOVED this! A very well written tribute to all moms! Good job

  2. Oh, if i needed to love you more. ;)

  3. Thanks Quirk - very great way to start off our mother's day week! I'm feeling a bit uplifted actually, even though its Monday...

  4. Ahhh...Mother's Day. Where I WORK for my mothers so they can enjoy it. Some day,my friend, some day.
    It also happend to be Delaney's birthday- she was born on Mothers Day so I always have a mess of plans MD weekend!

    Well done, Quirky!

  5. Quirky!! Rock on chica! I loved your tribute...I've got my lighter lit and raised high!!!!!


  6. WHEW!!! That was good for the soul Quirky. I actually sat here, played the tune and even sang the words out loud!! Very very cathartic.

    Maybe I need to start each and every day this way.

    Happy Mother's Day week Quirky!!

  7. that was awesome! I so hear ya on the whole Mother's Day thing. It really just sucks.

  8. great song!

    i hate this holiday as much as all the others.

    Happy Effin' Mutha's Day.

  9. You make me laugh and then you go and make me cry. Snarky and touching at the same time. You have a gift, GF. I bet you already knew that.

    Enjoy Mother's Week; milk it for all you can!! That's what us mothers do.

  10. Darn it!! I so should have listened to this first thing this morning!!

    So excellent. Really. Your talent amazes me, Quirky.

    The reason why I haven't been on line all day? Too busy making a brag book to send to my MIL for Mother's Day. Hubs didn't even pick out her card.

    Time to revolt.

  11. You are a Genius, my friend.
    You keep me laughing ... to the end.

    You are a Genius.
    You are a Genius.

  12. Still singing the tune in my head. I am sending this song to all my mommy friends...Rock On Quirkyloon!

  13. OH's better than the original...and it's going to be stuck in my head all night!


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