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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Pop Quiz!

Written by Deb

Here's a quick quiz for you. No pressure, the grade won't count. So sharpen those pencils, put on your thinking caps, and get to work!

1. Upon hearing that a 16 y.o. hitchhiker put her purse under her coat to appear pregnant on the side of a busy highway, in order to elicit sympathy and perhaps a ride from a stranger to the closest gas station since she had borrowed (without asking) her mother's BMW and promptly ran out of gas, you:

     a) vow to never let your own child near this deviant
     b) alert the authorities
     c) forget she's supposed to be pregnant and offer her a cigarette in front of the nice Dutch man driving you both to the gas station, as requested. Oh, and all the while, you laugh hysterically.

2. Upon seeing that the aforementioned teen must have given birth, because she is wandering the downtown streets holding a baby (which is really a doll wrapped in a blanket), you:

     a) make a mental note to track down this sick girl's parents
     b) run
     c) hand her your fake baby so you can try on prom dresses. I mean, seriously, how are you supposed to find the perfect dress while caring for an infant?! Oh, and of course, you laugh hysterically the entire time, perhaps to the point of needing to find the nearest ladies' room.

3. Upon discovering that your grades may not get you into any college whatsoever, and desperately not wanting to be murdered by your dad, you:

     a) sign up for summer school
     b) enlist 
     c) convince your fellow "teen mom" to help you break into the counselor's office to alter your transcript and steal copies of the not-so-great letters of recommendation. However, petrified that you may have actually gone too far this time, you do not laugh hysterically... until you are safely home. 

If you chose c) for all three answers, you are either insane or have had the pleasure, at some point in your life, of having a very best friend, with whom you share the seemingly inexplicable, yet always hilarious, "inside joke".

The inside joke can be a safety net for long term, long distance relationships. It can be a band-aid to initiate healing in a fractured friendship. It can be an island of retreat when that pesky "real life" starts to bring you down. What's not to love?!

I love how the humor of an inside joke grows exponentially over time.

I love how fewer details of an inside joke need to be repeated as it ages.

I love how an inside joke can cloud the bad, yet magnify the good.

And, how can you love an inside joke without loving the person with whom you share it?


  1. You just gave me a few extra gray hairs. Your boys don't read this, do they?

    Hope you didn't pee on your prom dress! I've "heard" that stuff is murder to get out of taffeta.

  2. Hahaha! Nannette and I have so many of those, all it takes is ONE WORD.

  3. Ha! Well you were bit a wild one, eh? But who better to be wild with than a BFF!!

    That was fun Deb! I liked it!

  4. My daughter will be 20 next month. She has officially reached the age where my friends do not censor their conversation topics around her and I am getting outed left and right for our antics 25 years ago.

    My daughter laughs hysterically...

  5. Good times, huh? Glad you made it out alive.

  6. LOL Oh do I have a lot to look forward to with teenage girls in several years :) Great post!

  7. I thought I was so edgy as a youngster but wow Deb - you girl knew how to provide tons of material for those inside jokes!!! You're showing off, aren't you??

    But yeah, old memories filled with inside jokes with old friends is what it's all about.

    Thanks for the quiz. I think I passed.

  8. i almost hate to ruin my bad girl reputation on here... but sadly, i wasn't the one with the bad grades, nor was i particularly obsessed with babies.

    i guess that makes me the sidekick. the always willing, but more boring, sidekick.

  9. Even as the sidekick, I'd have to say that was a perfect ten on the impressive scale.

    Way to go Deb!

  10. Like Pseudo, my 19 year old son has recently been privy to a few conversations from friends ratting me out on various events.

    In my defense, I never got arrested nor broke any law (if you ask the right person to interpet the law).

  11. What a great post!!!!

    Hilarious...and touching, at the same time.

    Kudos to you!

  12. I now want to call a friend I haven't in awhile...mmmm I might have been that person who say o' borrowed some yellow road cones, or...well I think I will make that call! Great Post Deb! :)

  13. oooooh, so naughty! :)

    What a great post. Hilarious. And touching at the same time--inside jokes really are a strange type of intimacy.

  14. Oh man. Terrible! :)

    Now I want to call my old friend!

  15. That was the! loved it

    Inside jokes are the best. I just finished chatting with my 17 year old and we laughed ourselves silly...much of it only we would understand.

    of course, this is the same girl who drives me nearly insane the rest of the day, but an inside joke will break the tension every time.

    I just loved your post, can you tell? I wanna give you a hug. ;0

  16. You're right, the inside jokes need fewer words with each remembrance, and get more laughs as the years go by. You reminded me of a couple things I had forgotten. Things I don't want my kids to ever know...


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