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Saturday, May 9, 2009

My Mother's Day Gift..

It's dangerously close. Our day. The day where us moms get to have everything we ever wanted and more. We're continuing our motherhood moments theme through this weekend simply because we're having so much fun.   Today the fresh and original Annie brings us a topic near and dear to my heart - kids' birthday parties.  And the fact that her daughter's party is on Mother's Day weekend - well, that just really takes the cake.  Enjoy.

Written by Annie

It seems just like yesterday that I was yelling at my husband to shut up and stop being so cheerful while I was in labor. I remember the smell of the McDonald's breakfast my mom brought him & yelling to get in the bathroom or leave the room with that stinky stuff. My nostrils were aflair and my contractions were a-kicking.

She was born on Mother's Day. It was and will be the only peaceful Mother's Day I have. I did not have to tend to my mother-in-law that day. It was bliss. That and the fact I squeezed out an 8-pounder and lessened my bowel issues and my waist line minutely, I would call it a success.

What is not a success? Planning the parties that birthdays require....

As I readied for this years 6-year-old bash, I did it very crankily.

Why, you may ask? 

Well, for starters,if your kid is at all like mine, they have about 117 too many toys, 34 extra books, 21 too many movies, and about 50 extras that they haven't used in a good year. So, when they hand you their list, which they have in their very best kindergarten writing whipped up, you see:

American Girl Doll
Nintendo DS
Junie B Books
Golden Retriever Puppy

Okay, so the books are the only thing under $100. Thanks for the selection, kid.

I've given in and gotten a larger gift, which is crazy for a 6-year-old,but fine. Plus, she is the last in our neighborhood to have one of these. Obviously, some people are more indulgent than I.

Next comes the phone calls from her friends asking what she would like. about a surprise!? Or your presence? Or a donation to someone who really needs it?!? After all, it isn't like I can ask for one of her most cherished wanted items and I've already pimped the Junie B Books out to the max.

I'm cranky. Why all the stuff? Why do I go nuts on parties? I even "toned it down" this year to a home party where we will all be making our own aprons and then decorating cookies and baked goods. I figure if the guests parents are going to load my house up with STUFF, I can load their kid up with ample sugar and send them home.

So, stuff overload, themed to the hilt, and then.........the infamous party favors.I don't remember getting more than a hat and a paper blow horn when I was a kid, but these days you get favors that could rival the giveaways at the MTV awards! Seriously, people. Why don't we just say NO?

But, alas, I don't want to be the trendsetter in the "Less is More" parties just yet. I'm already the social outcast for having a "home party" over an extravaganza at a playland where you shell out $21.99 for each of your 22 guests, plus favors and personalized, non-handwritten invites.

Love to my sweet Delaney, who is worth every penny and even all the extra stuff we will be housing.........

Confidential to my daughter: Quit rolling your eyes at me. You're 6, not 16.


  1. rock on annie! I think birthdays have become overrated, my 4 year old neice has never had a "home" party, where that is all my 2 year old knows!

  2. we always used to do home parties and were told by everyone that they were way better than venue parties but they were TOO MUCH WORK! I guess I tried that much harder because it was at home and I also shelled out A LOT on home parties! Thank God I'm over that! I'm cool with being the outcast now and do family parties (I have 10 nieces and nephews so still not a small task)

    I am dying to know what you got her!

    A neighbor kid once had a party and asked for donations to a sick child (that they located before)... such a sweet idea, but my kids would SO not go for it.

    Happy Birthday to her and good luck to you- Happy Mother's Day!

  3. I so hear you. We don't do home parties only because the thought of that many people in my home freaks me out, so we usually do them at the local park - cheap rental and lots of free entertainment.

    Happy Happy birthday Delaney!!

    And Happy Mother's Day Annie! (sorry about the eye rolling :-)

  4. Enjoy the party but be sure to let her know that 2nd grade will be her last big blowout except for the "big" b-days - 13, 16, 18, 21. My kids took that pretty well and really enjoy the small, sleepover type parties with a small group of friends.

  5. I'm with Under the Influence. We stopped having yearly parties years ago! Now, it's on special ages only.

    I still make it a special day for them, I just lose the hassle of having to make a dozen children happy for that day too!

    But, I am sucker the rest of the year. I can't tell you how many times I've given in to buy something that he doesn't NEED, but just cuz he was being so sweet and looking so cute at the time!

    Nice post Annie!

  6. man, if you are the outcast, i must be like quasimodo or the phantom of the opera. we do a homemade cake (writing optional depending on my mood) and a sleepover. i make t-shirts for favors and load them up on pizza and mountain dew. everyone seems satisfied and i haven't had any pleas for upgrades from the boys. i hope when they are grown, they don't tell their kids (or their therapists) how they were ripped off as children.

    happy birthday, miss delaney! enjoy your special day!

  7. Gosh she is SO CUTE! Happy Birthday Delaney! have a wonderful party!

  8. Amen, Annie!! I agree that the whole birthday party thing is getting way out of control! It's time to bring back pin-the-tail-on-the-donkey and homemade that even possible??

    Happy birthday to your sweet Delaney :-)

  9. Thanks,Ladies! I survived the family party last night- ice cream cake and presents only, but a slew of cousins.
    Today we did a Delaney's Birthday Baking Party and decorated aprons, then cookies and built our own sundaes. Then,we had a "sweet treat walk."My version of a cakewalk.
    I think it was more expensive and more work than renting out the Jonas brothers to come sing now that it is said and done! :)

  10. Annie - I am with ya sister.

    I am hosting my first "drop off" birthday party (at my home) next month for my soon-to-be 7-year-old. There's just no way out on the whole party thing, but if you happen to find one, would you let me know?

    BTW, I am also a VERY CRANKY party host.

    Oh yeah, and regarding "the stuff" ... don't even get me started.

  11. I am all for not doing goodie bags. Why should kids get gifts for going to someone else's birthday party? Home parties or parties at a good old fashioned park are always so much fun. Sweet treat walk!?! Sign me up! Happy Birthday to Delaney!

  12. That is one expensive list, she has some mighty fine taste for a 6 year old.

    What happened to just bubbles and sidewalk chalk...LOL those days are long gone.


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