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Friday, May 8, 2009

Ahhh Motherhood - It'll Get Ya When You Least Expect It

The countdown continues to the holidays of all holidays - Mother's Day.  Have you finished all of YOUR Mother's Day shopping yet for all of the women in YOUR life?  I haven't started yet.  So if you have any extra "You're a great Starbucks barista who is like a mother to me" cards, send it my way.  I love this post from Amy because I can totally and utterly relate.  Right in the middle of a moment when I think I know what's up, one of my kids turns the entire experience into a big heart lesson for mama.  Kid wisdom I call it.  Enjoy.
Written by Amy, a mom without a blog

He is a pleaser. He’s lovable. He’s kissable. And he has never had an enemy. 

This describes my youngest. I think I’ll even venture out there enough to say that he’s a good listener, does what he’s told, and overall is a model pre-school citizen.

So the week I had came as a big surprise to me when shortly after turning 5 years old, he started to test the waters. I was not used to this. Boy, was I not used to this. He decided he wanted to see how the other half lives. You know, what life would be like if he did NOT choose to listen and NOT do what he was told.

It was morning and we were just about to leave for pre-school. I sat down on the sofa to put my shoes on and he jumped up on my back unintentionally pulling my hair as he did so. I sternly asked him to get off my back. He continued to jump and continued to pull my hair. I was pissed. Not listening is one thing, but then hurting me at the same time, I lost it. I yelled. I mean, I really, really yelled. “Get your shoes on. Get in the car. You hurt Mommy … blah …blah … blah.”

Neither one of us said a word the entire way to school. I was royally pissed off and I think he was in shock that I got so upset.

The whole way to school, I fumed thinking “calm down. You’re gonna have to make up before you take him into class. Breathe deeply. Breathe deeply.”

We arrived at school. I put the car in park. I sat there, took a deep breath, turned around and saw his sweet, scared, little face in the backseat.

I said, “I am sorry that I yelled. When you were not listening to Mommy and jumping on my back, you hurt me and I got upset. I would like to kiss and make up so that we can leave each other feeling a little bit better about our morning.”

He popped his head up into the front seat and I kissed him on the cheek.

Then it happened.

A conversation I will never forget.

He: Mommy do you know where the kiss goes after you give it to me?

Me: Where?

He: Into my heart.

Me: Oh that’s wonderful. That way it will stay there and be with you forever.

He: No, it only stays there for a short time and then it goes into my SOUL and stays there forever.

I burst into tears.

I went from being stressed, angry, and bothered to a blubbering softened mother who had just been incredibly humbled by her incredibly lovable, incredibly kissable son.

I showered his soul with kisses for the rest of the day.


  1. oh this is the sweetest. i'm trying to think if my boys ever said anything that pure and angelic when they were little. surely, right?

    savor this age, as much as you can.

    if they only knew how easy we are to please!

  2. Oh Amy - is there anything sweeter than a yummy little boy?!!

    Not in my world.

    Sweet sugar!

  3. I just got goosebumps up and down my arms. I think I need to go cry a little. :)

  4. I shared this post with my mommy group online...I just LOVE it! What is it about being a Mom that makes us so sappy?! I swear the watery eyes haven't stopped since I became pregnant!

  5. He can pull my hair anytime he wants!!

  6. Wait until he is a'll have girls swooning around your place!

  7. That was so well written! Even though I have already heard this story it brought tears to my eyes. He is the most loveable little boy. You are so blessed!

  8. that bastard made me cry.

    sniff sniff.

  9. That is the sweetest conversation ever. How is it kids can just nail things like that?

  10. I love it! Love those little boys: they can inspire the most extreme of emotions, but their love for mommy is so true.

  11. I've got teary eyes from your sweet little guy. Leave it to a child to cut through the stress and say something so utterly utterly pure.

    Keep smothering his soul with kisses, Ames!!

  12. Damn, heard that story already and it still brought a tear to my eye. Even my stoic, man of few words got a tear to his eye. Great post!


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