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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

W.W. - Let's just say he's "in touch" with his feminine side

This is my little dude.

This is my little dudette.

Thank God for big sisters whose pajama drawer is just too enticing for a little stud like El Destructo.  

Boy was he proud.  He wore it all night long and surprised Daddy with it this morning.  Even wore it on his outing to school to drop off CR with Daddy.

Isn't this what all us chicks want?  A man in touch with his feminine side?

My little man is way ahead of the curve on this one.

This has been another edition of Angie's Wordful Wednesday.

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  1. Love the look. My boys don't have any sisters to borrow from. They end up with my clothes all over the house.

  2. No girl clothes to share at this house, but all of my boys have enjoyed playing in my makeup!

  3. was your husband proud or crying?

  4. You have got to see the photos of our son in our daughter's skirt and top, with make-up, and high-heeled shoes. He's precious.

    Of course, DH can't stand to even think about it...Go figure.

  5. Oh jeez.... kids are just so darned cute. My son is an only child but he has put on my heels and walked around the house...

  6. Hee hee .... too cute!

    My daughter runs around in her tutu playing James Bond with her brother...

  7. My brother begged me to buy my nephew (4) a cowboy hat, with the chaps, the whole bit, for Christmas.

    He and his twin sister like to play princesses together. Now he just runs around in the Belle dress with his cowboy hat on - sorry bro!

    Auntie Em thinks it's just plain sweet.

  8. HAHA! He's so sweet!

  9. my youngest mainly just stuck to my double strand of pearls. oh, and pink sunglasses.

  10. HAHAHA! That is funny! What is the deal with boys in dresses today? This is not the first one I have seen!

  11. Oh man does he look cute or what??? El Destructo would be cute in a brown paper bag let alone a frilly princess dress.

    He gets away with it because of that gorgeous smile!

  12. hahahaha! so cute! make sure you show all his friends that picture when he's in high school.

  13. Oh thank goodness I don't have a little girl to provide tempting clothing alternatives to my boys....

    You could read that in a soul-dead monotone and know that I clearly don't mean it. :(

    Too cute!

  14. Gotta love a boy in touch with the feminine side.

  15. Ok, that is just way too cute!!!! Ha, he's adorable! A perfect catch!


  16. I seriously thought for a minute there that he had a wand in his right hand. Trick of the light! Am so digging this.

  17. LOL...that is too cute. My guy (now almost 12) used to like my silky nities...DH didn't approve...but gosh, they were soo silky and soft!!


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