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Friday, February 6, 2009

The Friday Rundown

Is it Friday?  Really?  It's here?  I get to maybe sleep in just a little tomorrow? Two mornings of not rushing around getting lunches packed, breakfasts made, kids dressed and off to school on time?  

Yep, "everybody's working for the weekend" (remember that tune?), and for a SAHM, it's the same deal.  I am loving my weekends.

Moving on...

I have an agenda today.  Let's break it down:

First and foremost, do you know about this?


If you don't know about it yet, you should now.  You see, the entire blogosphere and even beyond the blogosphere is coming together to support the family of darling Tuesday Whitt who went to heaven one week ago today.  

Read all the details about the virtual parade here.  Join in tomorrow by hanging with your loved ones, taking some photos and posting them on your blog.  No blog?  No worries.  Email any photos to me and they will be posted here along with mine on MWOB.  

Mr. Linky will be up as of tomorrow and will stay that way through Monday.  We hope to see Mr. Linky grow as more and more folks post their pictures of their participation in "wagie rides" in memory of Tuesday.

Earlier in the week a commenter wrote about the virtual parade saying she hoped she wasn't too late but she wanted in on the plan. I emailed her saying "No worries, it's all cool, Mr. Linky will be up on Saturday through Monday and you can join in when you want."  

But instead of writing Mr. Linky, I wrote Mr. Kinky.  And I pressed send before proofreading.  

Boy did I laugh about that one after I realized my mistake.  

After I wrote her back saying a big "Oops!" and hoping she wouldn't be offended, she wrote back saying let her know when the Mr. Kinky parade was 'cause that sounded fun too.  

Oh my.  Should I go there?  Nope.  Not today.

A little levity in the middle of a heavy topic.  Nothing wrong there right?

Moving on...

Second, I have me some winners to announce.  I have FOUR lucky "LoYo!" card game winners whose lives will be changed after today, and I have ONE Rock Star Mom who will get this killer necklace.

Because I can't quite embrace the method and because I have so much randomness flying around my home on a daily basis, this was my random method this time:

Every commenter was assigned a number.

All numbers were written on colored circles.  The Love Fairy mixed 'em all up, scrambled them around face down on our yes, bamboo floors.

She then worked her magic fairy powers and chose FOUR lucky numbers.

So the random winners are:

Under the Influence, Em In Pursuit, Tena at My Therapy and one true blue MWOB, Karen.  Email me your addresses people so I can ship this family fun game out to you!!

Now for the Rockstar Mom necklace, the winner is:

And that was The Hotfessional.  I love this hot lady.  Not sure she wants this necklace so Ree let me know so I can either mail it to you or pick another winner. You just never know what floats people's boats so if it's not your thing, lemme know.


I'm done.

Now I'm really ready for the weekend. 

Go hug your kids and I'll see you tomorrow.



  1. Yeah I am first :D okay so can't wait until hit 34 F here today yeah...tomorrow 40 degrees. That will be some awsome weather to support the "waggie ride". Happy Friday ay!

  2. Cool! Thanks. I'll e-mail you my address, but don't give it to any crazies, ok?

  3. Hey!!! I'm a winner - who knew?

    Very cool. Thanks my dear bloggy friend...address on it's way. Or you can do a reverse search on my phone number ;-)


  4. OMG- can I have The Love Fairy- she's good luck for me and I could use it around here- thanks so much AGAIN!

  5. Holy crap Lee - now I have no excuses - this game is going to force me to get the fam together for a Friday Fun Night extravaganza even if it kills me. Wine and sparkling cran-apple is needed for this type of once in a momhood occasion! Thanks, Lee - I'm actually a little excited here!! I'm always looking for a reason to head over to the State Liquor Store and spend my hubby's paycheck. Send my winnings quick!

  6. Hi Lee! Our wagie is go for launch! Our weather...not so's actually supposed to rain here in AZ tomorrow!!! We get 364 days of sunshine and the one day of rain is tomorrow!!! No worries though! We will parade down our own hallways if we have to!!!!

  7. Oh, honey, THAT'S AWESOME. And although I love the necklace (I's so cute), I'm sure there is a mom with young ones out there that would wear it so much better. ;-)

    XXOO Please have that cutie-pie pick another number.

  8. Congrats to all of your winners!!!

  9. Good God, I'd been holding my breath for like a week.

    Congratulations to the winnnnnners!

  10. you had a busy friday, spreading the love!

    congrats to the winners. i can't even be mad that i didn't win, because they're all so awesome.

  11. This is what is so great about the blogosphere. I am hugging my kid so much lately, she's getting annoyed.


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