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Sunday, January 25, 2009

It's a "tagamemephotoawardthingalingy" kinda post.

Or the post could also be called "Asking for Blog Redemption Sunday."

Now I don't claim to be all that popular with this statement but...I am way behind, actually buried, under a variety of blog-type obligations of which I knew nothing about before taking on the job of curator of this online lovefest.

Tagging, meme-ing, awarding, gaming, finding numbered photos in numbered folders, snapping in-the-moment photos, revealing what you're wearing, answering wacky questions, picking more cool people to bestow all of the above to....I just can't keep up.  

My brain just don't work that way, peeps, but my heart is in the right place about it all.  Believe me.

So if you never want to name me in any of these esteemed bloggy games again, I will totally utterly understand.  I mean it's all about reciprocation right?  So if I drop my end of the bargain, which I will, why should you honor me?

Well, whatever.  

Tonight I am throwing together a little hodge-podge of thingys that have been sitting in MWOB's inbox and now they are heading on over to the outbox.  

I'm sure I'm forgetting someone but here are some of those cool folks who had faith that I would do something with their thingys.  I know, I know.  

Deb at Dirty Socks and Pizza - maybe

Probably Kim at Under the Influence

And maybe I've named you and I shouldn't have or I should have named you and I didn't.

Sorry.  Sue me.

I'm trying here.

Well the rules have become one big jumbled mess in my mind never to untangle until I spew what I understand of this mess onto this page right here and now.

Then I will be free.  I can start over.

Thank God.

So I'm going to list some honest and random stuff about me while showing some random and honest photos from a variety of folders and each photo and fact will start with a different letter and at the end I may just pass some sort of award on to a blogger or two.

Here we go:

G is for "Glaria" - My dude and I like to puzzle together.  And we came up with a condition you can get while puzzling called "glaria." "Glaria" is when the light over the table you are working at casts a glare on the puzzle pieces making it difficult for you to choose the correct piece.

M is for Mama or "Becoming a mama." - Yep, this is it.  The day it all changed. The day I crossed over and became altogether different.  Same but different.  The point of crossing over to motherhood is fascinating to me.  I was the old me during hours and hours of intense labor but the moment she slipped into the world, I was made new. 

R is for "Rebuild" - We survived a total rebuild of the one and only home we have ever owned.  We moved out of our home while I was 8 months pregnant with El Destructo and we moved back in a year later.  Watching them demolish our home while I was pregnant was one of the hardest things I have ever gone through.  The panic and fear I felt was unlike anything I had ever felt.  Now that we are back in our home, I thank God everyday we were brave enough to go through with it all. 
P.S. My brother and sister-in-law, both architects, designed our home and yes, you can see that tree through that upper window.

C is for "Coffee House" - Amsterdam style.  This is me and my dude in Amsterdam in May 2006.  My parents watched our girls at the time and we got to do one of the things we love most - wander around unknown streets together adventuring and discovering with no specific plans in mind.  And that little green awning behind us across the canal?  The coffee shop that became our little favorite during the trip.

F is for "Fight On!" - I love watching college football.  And specifically USC football.  My dude is so psyched I like football 'cause he lives for September to roll around.  I make some mean buffalo wings (yes, I CAN make them!) and when I really want to butter my baby up, I serve him up my yummy wings during a football game.  That combo can get me anything I want.... :-) 

MFiD is for "Music Festival in the Desert" - This pic was taken from the ferris wheel at the Vegoose Festival in Las Vegas 2005. This was the last great music festival we went to and harkens back to our early days of dating.  My soul is utterly at home on warm desert nights and then mix in groovin' to some good tunes with my man - well, it's pure heaven.  Nothing like it.


I had no idea this would be all about me and my dude.  I must be loving him extra hardcore right now.  And there's plenty of reasons for that.

So....does that satisfy any requirements?  Hell no!! 

But that did it for me.

Last but not least - the award portion to do whatever the hell you want with it.  I have no specific award to give because again it's all jumbled in my brain so I'm making up my own.

It's called the "Simply Rules" award.  Because some blogs out there simply rule.

The "Simply Rules" award is being given to:

Sassy at Well, Okay Sassy Britches because she is someone who genuinely seems like such a cool person and I know she has many great adventures ahead in her life.

Sass at Are you Sassified? because she is one of the first blogs I ever happened across that I could relate to.  She's real and real funny and original and she rules.

Sandy at Momisodes - I know everyone knows how great she is already but I'm totally digging her.  Every time I cruise over there she's got something cool going on especially her new design.  

Catherine at Evolving Mommy - Talk about a nice person.  Her blog and her comments just ooze nice.  She's such a great bloggy presence.  

I think that's it for now because I'm way too exhausted to continue this.  Suffice it to say that you all rule in your own beautiful way especially all you moms without blogs who have no place to even display any awards.  I'll have to do a ceremony just for you.

So some of you astute folks out there may have noticed my "Orange Simply Rules" pic over there in my sidebar - yeah, over there.  --------------- >

So that's it.  Your award.  Take it.  If you want it.  Or just look at it and feel all joyful inside. 

Whew - I feel so better to have all of that off my chest.

Happy Sunday.


  1. I know how you feel about trying to keep up with everything in the bloggy world!! I never dreamed it would be so demanding. But it's fun.

    Those pics that you showed and the descriptions really gave me goosebumps and made me smile that you shared your most favorite moments with us.

    Congrats on beingawardedtaggedmemed

  2. I am glad you have unburdened yourself from all the tags! LOL!

  3. Woo, what a relief for you to have all that out there and completed!

    Thanks for not calling me UTI!

  4. What a great way to catch up!!!! ;-)

  5. Phew! Glad that's over, huh? Thank you so much for the heartfelt compliments--I'm so happy you like coming to visit, and I enjoy every minute of hanging with you over here too!

    And I love the pictures and descriptions! I always think of you in one or two particular ways, and it's fabulous to have that peek into other facets of your personality and life! Thank you so much for sharing that much more of your "real"-ness.

  6. you must feel like a weight has been lifted off of your shoulders... nice job! Love the pics and the stories behind them! Thanks for sharing!

  7. Oh, man the number of memes tags and awards floating around out there in blogland is crazy. Oh, and you know I'll be sporting that lovely tulip pic on my blog...thanks!

  8. "Do something with their thingys."

    Well, thank goodness I'm already on antibiotics.

    My brother is an architect too. He designed my parent's home. I belive he was a broken man after that experience. He now specilizes in hospitality - anyone need a new hotel?

    Excellent job!!

  9. Shhh....I'm not really real.

    I'm a figment of your imagination.

    But I'm totally honored at you thinking of me!!!

    You rock, and I loved those pictures. ;)

  10. LOL - I think you did a great job catching up :)

  11. Your title had me cracking up!!! I just loved these photos and reading about these moments.

    Thank you so much for the award! Congrats to you, and you are so kind to think of me. I'm terrible at keeping up with all of the bloggy stuff. I can barely keep up with posting sometimes. :)

  12. I can't believe you took care of all of us in one fell swoop! Good job!

    And by the way, you're tagged....JUST KIDDING :)

  13. What a delightful predicament to fall into. ;^)

    Thanks for the shout-out!!

  14. this is hysterical and very creative. now, i am pretty sure i didn't tag you because i am still sitting on my collection of thingamajigs, feeling guiltier and guiltier each passing day.

    LOVE the photos and i love you even more than i already did...
    i went to high school in holland, so, of course the "coffee house" caught my eye.

    i love football TOO! i am in the midst of writing a post on how to like sports more. it's all in my head at this point, but i'll get it out someday.

  15. LOL great post...I know how you feel. I love/hate it when I get awards and tags. I love the love...and hate trying to pull my chit together and get the things posted. You did it with style! can I just copy and paste this post???

  16. and "S" for sue! all those awards - you are so loved!!! great post - loved that desert music festival photo. were there any 'brownies' at that cafe in amsterdam!!?!?!

  17. Hey! that Vegoose pic? I WAS THERE TOO! I'm the cray redhead henind the sound booth, three rows back, over two potheads. Yep, the chick in the Cake shirt? That was me.


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