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Friday, January 30, 2009

It's a MWOB Friday Family Fun Night GIVEAWAY!

So on Wednesday night I ventured into downtown LA from the Westside to see a little theater with my older brother who is 15-months older than me. You see, I have a little theater thing in me where like at one point, seemingly long ago, I had that actress dream. You know the one?  The one where you're sure you're actually quite a good actress and yes, all of the talent you crafted during your fabulous high school years will surely translate into the big time?  Yeah, that one. Well, it didn't take long to get my naive ass kicked after moving to LA to go to college.

I digress.  Really.

The point is my brother and I share this love for the theater (imagine it with a British accent please - theater) and I love the excuse to have a date with my big bro.   

And this date night with my brother got me thinking about how cool it is that I have siblings (3 in all) that I actually really like.  Two brothers and a sister.  They are all amazing human beings with insane intelligence (I am so the dumbest kid in my family) who have a love for life and travel and adventure and I am truly blessed that we are close.  

And now that I'm a mama with three kids, I think about how they will get along when they get older and how much I hope they will remain close and actually have a tight relationship with one another. Like I do with my sibs.

And then I thought what did my parents do to create this closeness? Well, I don't think it was anything specific. This thing or that. Instead, I think it was the larger vibe of creating an atmosphere of togetherness and family and respect and love. It was created during family dinners, family vacations, family outings, family traditions, family trips to zoos, parks, and sporting events, it was simply that feeling of being a part of something.  And that something was good. It was my family.

So as a mama, I want to foster that same kind of feeling.  Wrap my kids and my man and myself into one big warm blanket o' family and let them feel that coziness their whole life through even when they're away from home.  God forbid they actually leave home one day.  Yikes.  

The point is - I'm in a family mood people.  And I want to get you all into it too. So in honor of family mood Friday, I am giving away the family card game called "LO YO!"  I played this game last weekend and we're hooked over here.  And you might get hooked too. 

"LO YO!" is a perfect excuse to sit around together, play some cards, have some laughs and hang with your main crew.  

Are you feeling it?

If you are and if you're in, this is all you have to do.  All you have to do is comment below and tell me you're in on the plan.  If you want an extra entry into the giveaway, click here or click that review tab up there and read my review on this cool card game.  If you leave a comment over there at the end of the review, I'll give you another entry.  If you got too much blog reading to do and you just trust me that it's a cool game, just leave your comment here.

And if you want another entry, you could always Twitter this little family fun giveaway and then come back and told me you did it. You see, I'm exploring my Twitter potential and although I'm conflicted, I'm giving it a whirl.  Some of you witty Twitter-y experts may be able to tweet this way better than me and God knows you have more followers.

And oh yeah, I got FOUR game sets to give away so your chances are good peeps. Real good.   

So are feeling all warm and fuzzy like you want to climb into that family blanket and just hang out there all day?  I sure am.  That family blanket is where. it's. at.

Happy Friday my friends...

P.S.  This family fun night giveaway will end at end of day Sunday, Feb. 1st at end of day BST. (That is Blogging Standard Time just to be clear.)

P.P.S.  This card game is really fun for adults too - kids not needed. Husband not needed.  Friends or at least some strangers you can convince to play with you are needed.  

Lastly - And if I scared you away with the whole "it might not be the best game to throw back a few drinks while playing?"  You CAN drink while playing.  You just won't win.


  1. I SO want this - and I'm even willing to meet you somewhere to pick up my set (I'm totally expecting to win;) ).

  2. Yay.. a contest!

    I envy your close relationship with your siblings. My brother moved away from here about 15 years ago.

  3. Count us in.

    Twittery tweet? Look at you go girl!

  4. ok, my plan is to do all three. i think i already left a comment on the review post, but i am doing it again. then i am going to go tweet. i will be back to confirm.

    so this is entry #1.

    can you tell i have a little competitive streak in me?

  5. no i didn't steal Em's steroids... i know i am acting manic this a.m.... twittering complete, ma'am!

  6. I'm feeling lucky! This is the first place I won something so now- I'm getting all cocky and entering contests everywhere- look at me go!

    Also- us wanna be actors (also with the British dialect) need to stick together!

  7. Just left a comment on the review and tweeted -TA-DA! I'm on a roll!

  8. Tell Tena she can't win two times in a row!

    I have two brothers - fairly close with one but I think he is still a complete asshole. How's that for a warm family feeling?

  9. I'm in! I read the review and thought maybe this would be a good game for my family (at least the yelling part)

    And I really need to win something for the WHOLE family!

  10. Contests are my favorite. If I win I promise to name my next child Lee.

    You realize this will bump my first choice of names, "Gesundheit" back to second... that's pretty special in my book.


  11. I think you're right on track with the closeness vibe in the household.

    And I think I'M right on track to win LO-YO! I believe I posted a comment on the review, and here's my other one. Unfortunately I haven't gotten on the Twitter bandwagon yet, so this'll have to do. But I am CONFIDENT.

  12. This game sounds like fun, so count me in. (And, by the way, have you thanked your parents for fostering your sibling closeness? It's just the older mom in me speaking, you know!)

  13. Wow. this sounds like a great addition to my monthly game night I have with some friends! Should be exciting! I twittering it all right now!!

  14. So I totally have a twitter account, and tried looking it up, but no luck ( I am so clueless about that whole thing, I can't even find my friends with twitter accts) Anyway, does it count that I am on week three I believe of friday family night. We get a pizza, do taco's, or something quick, watch a movie that peanut picks out, color, and puzzels. after peanut goes to bed, and I make popcorn(b/c peanut is only 2 and all) then we put in the "adult" movie...(usually we enjoy a comedy to remind us to laugh when life gets to crazy, but we started with the lord of the rings series this time so tonight we watch part 3! Yeah! So so I get points or what? lol :) have an ab fab family night. That is why my brother and I are closer than we like to admit :)

  15. I'm in too! LO-YO here I come.

    And as a real life MWOB, I gotta question for y'all ...


  16. I love you Ames for not knowing about Twitter either! Lo-yo sounds fun though...FFFN sounds stressful... Is it possible to play with 3 yr old, 8 yr old, 13 yr old and two old 40 somethings??? Maybe adding wine will be crucial!

  17. Hm. I just can't help but wonder if your mother fostered all that "family closeness" while hiring hit men to kill YOUR goldfish??

    I'm just sayin....


    I'm IN for this contest. Every Friday around here is Family Fun Friday, and we are always looking for a new game to play.

  18. sounds like a fun game. I so want to create that fun family togetherness with my family too.

  19. I LOVE the family cozy blanket togetherness thing...count me in!! Tonight the men in my life (all three) are having a Three Stooges bonding fest!! (And so it begins...)

    You completely lost me at Twitter, but put my name in that drawing for the game. Sounds like fun!

  20. we are card playing family and i've never heard of this one. i read your review. twice. i read it the first time you posted. yay me. ta muchly and hope the postage ain't too steep to nz hehe

  21. Ohh sounds like fun!! I've never heard of that game, but I'd love to try it! My brother and I are best friends! Well, I actually have 3 brothers and we're all close, but my younger brother and I are closer in age, so we've always done more together. It's so wonderful to see that in other's families. I want to foster that in mine as well!!!

    Oh, btw, I hope you found the info you were looking for before on my blog... like the camera I use. It's a canon rebel xt and I love it!!


  22. I'm in....sounds like fun. I'm a new follower, and totally jealous that I didn't think of this "MWOB" idea first! :-)

  23. Woo HOOOOOO!!!!! A contest. ;)

    I'm off to read your review, because I'm utterly curious.

  24. I left a comment on the review post... :-) PICK ME PICK ME

  25. I'm all about contests. And I'm all about family little brother rocks, but my sister, well, lets just say that most often when I'm around her I want to throw her in the river. She drives me nuts. And it sounds like your Saturday is going well. I have been catching up on my sleep and hubby is laying tile. I only wish we could all be half-naked in the backyard.


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