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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

It's all a part of my master plan.... rule the universe!! And not just the bloggy universe, I mean the whole friggin' universe!

What you ask?


By doing product reviews of course.

Yeah, peeps, you heard it right. I am doing myself some MWOBBY product reviews to get my feet wet in the world of product reviews. Because as I said above, it is all a part of my master plan. I'll let you in on it later. Much, much later.

I figure I'm surely not entertaining enough or interesting enough or talented enough to keep this un-bloggy blog afloat for long enough to make a mere dent in the internets, but throw me a few wacky products and oh hell, I have blog fodder for a few more posts and I'll survive just that. much. longer.

So you see I have this little review tab up on my new fancy-schmancy site and if you are looking for an honest review on some wacky products and experiences, go ahead and click up there and check 'em out. I'm having a few laughs while doing these reviews and even though I've already quit once and have been asked to be fired once from my job as a product reviewer at Mom Fuse, they're so wacked over there, they just keep emailing me. They're cool that way.

I hope this whole review shindig doesn't cloud all of the other pure art going on over here....but what the hell? It's my party and I'll review if I want if I want to....

And I hope you'll keep partying with me.


  1. You can't get rid if me that easily! I think your blog is VERY entertaining.

    I can't wait to read your reviews

  2. You know that I will always be partying with you!!!

  3. I just did my first review on my blog today. I am thinking about doing more, it's kind of fun to play with free stuff.

  4. How does one get this product review gig?

  5. I review for MomFuse and love it! It is like Christmas at my house almost daily. It seems Nicole never runs out of products needing to be reviewed. I actually have gotten 5 products in the last 2 days and still have about 4 on the way... so it looks like I'll be busy for awhile. But it's for a good cause, right?? Who needs coupons when you get it for free?!?


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