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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Wett Giggles - An Honest Review of Soap

Natural glycerin handmade soaps with each bar being made one at a time with essentials oils and shea butter.  Nine happy creatures in all with Shakespearean names like Ophelia the Lemon Scented Duck and Horatio the Watermelon Scented Frog.  In most soaps, a nail brush is revealed as a part of the animal once the soap is gone.

Creator Karen St. Claire, who's totally into good hygiene for kids (and I like that general idea) designed these delightful little soapy animals with her six-year-old son in mind.  She wanted to inspire him to clean his dirty fingernails, and with Wett Giggles, she has not only succeeded with her own family, but she has started a kid fingernail cleaning revolution around the world.  (Okay I admit the company did not say that - I am saying that 'cause it sounds exciting.)

Well, the kid of mine who has been into the Wett Giggles the most doesn't talk yet. He's 18-months-old and he's known to love a good scent.  I often occupy him while changing his diaper by giving him some yummy-smelling Chapstick.  He can NOT get enough of sniffing Ophelia the Lemon Scented Duck.  During his tubby, he will immediately grab for Ophelia, start smelling her, and then will rub her all over his body.  I mean, the kid really likes this soap!  We even got into a little fight when he wanted to take Ophelia with him out of the bath and into his crib -  I was like "No way buddy!"  

We haven't yet uncovered the nail brush that is hidden in seven of the nine creature designs, but when we do - watch out.  Let the nail revolution begin!

First and foremost, the duck is cute.  And the other creatures are cute too.  I have a thing for cute bath toys.  And I like lining them up on our little bath shelf where they all wait for the next time they are pulled down for tubby playtime.  And this Wett Giggles duck fits right in with the other toys.  I mean, check Opheila out hanging with her new friends! 

She looks all at home.  I like that.

Second, the scent is nice. I like that.

Third, the soap doesn't get overly gooey when left in the water for too long. I like that.

Fourth, the soap duck keeps my 18-month-old son happy. I love that.

The bottom line is the soap costs $10 with nail brush and $8 without. It's a little on the pricey side to be honest for a fun bar of soap but the revolutionary nail cleaning aspect makes it closer to being worth it.  

So what are you waiting for?  

Go clean those nails!! 

P.S.  Thanks to Mom Fuse and Wett Giggles for improving my kids' hygiene with this product.   


  1. What a great way of getting the kids to wash. My wife's kids are now out of the house, but the youngest grandchild may like this stuff.

    Thank you for sharing,

  2. How much fun is this?! I love yummy scents. My nails could use some brushing...

    And your tubby is so cute! I love the tile colors.


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