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Sunday, December 14, 2008


I'm tired of seeing 'em.   

El Destructo is on such an early morning kick right now.  I think I remember this with the girlies but I'm so bleary I have no idea what I really remember.  

At this moment, the lil' dude is playing with his pop-up Sesame Street thingy and Ernie is singing to me how much he loves his rubber duckie.  Oh, now it's Cookie Monster and his "C is for Cookie" ballad. Gruff voice over and over...."C is for Cookie, that's good enough for me...rghhhh, rghhhh, rghhh."

I've been up since 4:42 AM and after many failed attempts to get him and ME back to "night-night", I am surrendering to another sunrise. 

Yes, the sun is rising in So Cal.


  1. you poor thing! I couldn't imagine waking up that early to "rubber Ducky he's the one....." But Cookie Monster has always been my favorite.. I think though even C is for cookie would drive me insane that early. I hope you are able to catch a nap today! (Yeah RIGHT!)

  2. When you start getting up at 5:20 and your kids are STILL asleep, then you can complain.

    pass the bloody mary.

  3. Oh man...I remember those days too well...

    Today we merely dealt with one whiny walk around the block, and one massive screaming fit before nap.

    Not too shabby.

    Hope you find time for some shuteye...


  4. Teach him a new verse to that Cookie song, 'C is for C-leep!'

    My six month old got us up at 5:15 today with a' waylon and a' hollerin. He was hungry. I suppose they always wake us up early as they get older just for different reasons. Eventually it will even earlier at 2:00am when they get home from partying all night... Whats a parent to do?

  5. I was only up for about an hour from 4-5 w/ the 1 year old...then back to sleep...4 10/12th year old up at 6:30 (we had an accident) I didn't hop to it & clean up I just cleaned her up & put her in bed w/ us. We have a child in our bed at least once a time every night...(that's a whole diff subject)..Music...I find myself singing kids songs all the time, I don't think i know any new "grown up" songs.
    what are we to do....
    hang in there! (as if we have a choice)

  6. Um, I hate to admit this, but I kinda like the C is for Cookie song!

    *nervous giggle*

  7. sorry that sounds funny...I will rephrase... then my 4 almost 5 year old... Oh & last night must have been the night for this because my perfect Sister :) (really she's close)
    was up from midnight till 4:00 am w/ her 7 month old..she is ready to disown him since he won't sleep unless he is on the "boob" (we've all been there)...she swears she is gonna quit nursing cold turkey...her barely turned 4 year old also gets up to see if she can couldn't of course!....thus goes the drama..she says if her 1st did that she would NEVER of had more kids
    YEAH RIGHT....okay enough bye for now!

  8. I am so NOT a morning person. Can you put in some ear plugs and sleep through the music (and maybe a crying child)? Oh, and take a nap.


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