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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Play MWOB'S Word Association Post Experiment

Word association is most commonly used in forms of therapy.  Consider this you participating in my therapy, if you will. 

I will explain more later....maybe.

Below, I will type a few words.  I don't want you to think too much for that would defeat the purpose of my therapy experiment.  After you read the words, I would like you to quickly click the comment section and leave, in five words or less, what came to your mind the moment you read the words.

Are you ready?

Here we go.

The words are...

... "teddy bear tea." 


  1. pink, barbies, chardonnay,girls, mess

  2. that sleepy-time tea collection

  3. that's EXACTLY what we're doing in kindergarten today!! Wait a minute, are you a damn parent in my room?????

    fess up, girl......

  4. frilly girls dressed up having a little party with their teddy bears.

  5. oops, I broke the five word rule because I didn't want to lose my thought. That happens a lot around here and I need to get things "documented" before the thought slips out my ear into the atmosphere. So here, I'll try again:

    frills, girls, tea set, bears

  6. All that came to my mind was sleep!

  7. Is where I wanna be!

    Okay so I cheated a little bit with wanna, sue me!

    That's really what came to mind! I have NO idea why I would want to go to a teddy bear tea.

    I'm hoping you'll interpret this for me quickly.

    I hope I'm not psychotic or anything!

  8. party, little girls, frilly dresses

  9. mom, babies, girls, fun, stress

  10. drinking fake tea with stuffed animals (shoot me now!)

  11. "teddy bear tea."
    lingere, cuddly, sleepy, warm

    Did I pass the test??? hmmm did i did i??? :)

  12. grandma's, Celestial Seasonings "Sleepy Time"


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