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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Blogger Intervention

She's back.  Karen, a lifelonger for me, and mama to miracle child Penni, could not help but jot these thoughts down yesterday after checking in at MWOB and seeing Mission Monday up and running.   Welcome back Karen and I'm thanking God for this guest post because my hand is still recovering from typing that epic TBT post.

Is there such thing as a blogger intervention? There seems to be blogger everything else. I know I’ve written a couple ditties for my friend Lee’s brainchild that is MWOB, but I still believe myself to be a complete novice in the blogger world. Missions? Awards? Humorous, slightly off “friends” that live across the country?

Is everyone really who they say they are? Is Vodka Mom for real? I hope so… but I’m not quite sure…

Are these real missions? Like the old adobe buildings scattered up and down California? Or the ones where Tom Cruise wears skin tight black outfits and falls almost to his demise on a tiny incredibly strong wire?

And what about these cyber AWARDS? Do we get to attend a nice award ceremony, eat from a chicken and pasta casserole buffet and partake in strained small talk with people we’ll never see again? At a REAL awards ceremony, at least I know that even if I don’t win, I get to take home some kind of cute little consolation prize like mints wrapped in a bag tied with a bow…wait, or is that from a wedding table…?

I’m confused. Remember, I’m a Mom Without A Blog! I come to Lee’s community for HELP. For the support of other like-brained, non-supermoms. Basically to feel better about my hopelessness. You people are speaking a language I just don’t understand and I think my dear, dear friend has been sucked into this new world where I can’t reach her and am having trouble relating to. Does Lee need help? Is anyone else out there concerned? Or can some of you professional bloggers calm my fears?

What’s a technologically-challenged, anti-hip mom to do? Another thing about blogland that I just can’t wrap my brain around are words like:

Phyle… and calatedi…and tescre… 

Do you know what I’m talking about here? I've been jotting down these security words for an afternoon chuckle.

How about shoil… or extersu… or oheado… OHEADO? What do these mean? Who comes up with these words??

Uljolimm, confal and salligma… HUH?

Please do me a favor, tell me if Lee needs a blogger intervention or if it is ME that needs the intervention, oh yes, and while you’re at it - try to use one of the above log-in security words in a sentence… I’d REALLY love to hear it.

Hell, I'll be the first to give it a try. 

"Have you ever had your epingsts erupt? I did yesterday and it was the most embarrassing, disgusting experience of my life!"


  1. Let me the first to comment.

    Hell yes I need an intervention!! Two short months ago I was living a blog-free life having no idea what I was missing. And life was good. Now, I have hand and wrist pain from all of my typing and blog-surfing, my kids and my dude think my laptop is now a part of my anatomy, and each event in my life big or small is being judged as whether it is blog-post worthy.

    This lil' idea of mine is taking on a life of its own and it's leaving me behind!

    Don't get me wrong you hardcore bloggy peeps - oh you know you're cool and you've stolen a piece of my heart...but...

    I'm teeterin' on the edge here!

    If you're in on the intervention, what would you say to me???

  2. I think we all need a little intervention from time to time. Just be sure to pace yourself or you will run out of steam.

    I like the security words rant. You should try looking up the words to see if they are real and do a post on what you find.

  3. P.S. If you have cared to notice, I turned off my security word log-in thingy 'cause those words are killin' me people and one of the reasons I'm on the edge! :P

  4. Heck yeah we all need an intervention!

  5. lol about the security word !! I hate those things! I have mine turned off too!! (i hope,let me know if it isn't) I too have only been blogging for a short time...and yes it is addicting and yes i need an intervention...let me know if you all hear of one!! lol

  6. I turned off my security word thing a cople of days ago too...what a pain in the arse. As far as interventions go if anyone needs one I think it's me...seriously I think I am addicted!

  7. Memes, awards, yada yada...they are sweet, but I take a pass since I suck at coming up with witty answers on the spot.

    But I have to add, I had the best Captcha word ever the other day, "MOFO."


  8. Every blogger needs an intervention!

    And as for CONFAL, you should give it a try. My husband loves it.

  9. Blogging, to me, is no different than keeping a journal, so far. I keep my camera handy so I can catch my monkey's doing funny/stupid things. I think it keeps me more in touch with the world around me.

    OK - that was way too deep, sorry ;)

  10. Dang! There goes that blog fodder down the drain!

    You know I try to space my "creativity" for my blog posts and this was one I was planning on using soon.

    Not anymore! hee hee

    Yeah, I was wanting to come up with some humdingers for those word verifications...they drive me batty!

    And Lee, I don't want to intervene you. I like you here. Stop hinting that you're leaving us! Me no likey!

    Funny, funny post!

  11. Oh Karen - well done! I am also a foreigner in the world of bloggers. To begin with, I don't even know what you people are talking about with regard to security words. Maybe because Lee turned hers off? I've never seen any of those words before.

    I will say that I have LOVED Lee's blog and hope, hope, hope that she continues although I really don't know how she does it. I would say there is definitely some supermomness going on to be able to keep up the blog and one's life at the same time. Unfortunately, I don't think I'm capable.

    Way to go Karen (and Lee). I can only give encouragement - sorry no intervention here.

    P.S. Lee, do you really have hand and wrist pain?

  12. if you DO decide to intervene, karen, please don't take her away from us quite yet. i am just getting to know her and i think you just don't want to share her with us!

    i'm pretty new, too, and i know there are certain things that are weird, but i'm hooked.

    and yes, mission monday is EXACTLY like the real missions. we try convert you and if you give us trouble, we steal your gold and kill you. so, karen, my advice is don't beat us... JOIN US!

  13. A BLOGGER INTERVENTION! I don't think so. I have found that blogging is like therapy only cheaper and so much easier. Blog on Lee, blog on. and Karen... you should start a blog too, your writting is hilarious, touching and awesome...

  14. I attende a BA meeting in someone elses blog... I can't remember whose it was though

    She had stale snacks and flat drinks on the way out

  15. is vodkamom for real? FOR REAL? I'm sitting here in my bathrobe eating cheesecake and KNOWING I should be at the gym instead of here blogging about my crazy life.

    oh yeah, I'm for real. And now I need an intervention.


  16. and yeah, I tend to not comment if i have to type those damn words in. It's ESPECIALLY hard after a martini.

  17. Yes, a Bloggers Anonymous must be started. But we'd all have to meet on-line, so it just seems doomed to fail! ;)

  18. I think you'll be fine once the novelty wears off. :)

  19. Okay you funny people out there - thank you for these wonderful comments, BUT - where are your SENTENCES? Only one brave soul - thank you KimandCo (i'm thinking about trying CONFAL myself - thanks for the tip) - attempted the sentences with security words. Creatively tapped, are we? Or just impossible to even find FAKE definitions to these ridiculous words!?!? And Lee - I think your efforts are not in vain - you are loved in cyberland - clearly this is a world to continue to explore, albeit cautiously!

  20. i'm still confused about you commenting on your own post, or was that written by someone else?

  21. oh i get it now. i was just a little confal about the salligma, but i'm Phyle now.

  22. I'm so glad you decided to join the anti-word verification club! For some reason I'm the only person in the world who can never get the word verification thingy right. I don't know why it's so hard for me to look at some letters and type them exactly as they look on my screen. I think I'm dyslexic or something.

    And yes, you maybe do need an intervention! Ha. I can guarantee you that A&E will at some point have a blogging intervention episode. Alcoholics, coke-heads, they got nothing on all you blogging addicts.


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