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Thursday, November 13, 2008

Oh, just you wait.

Don't you just love it when someone comes over and judges you in broad daylight and then pretends they're not really judging you?  Oh yeah, I love that. As if I don't have enough crap rolling around in my head and now I need to add a heap of veiled criticism to the pile.  

We have these friends, you see, who have a kid whose not quite old enough to be destroying their house yet.  You know, the age right before all hell breaks loose?  Our 16-month-old boy whom we refer to either as  "Bam Bam" or even more often "El Destructo" is definitely at the age where all hell is breaking loose at all times.  

So on a recent visit, said friend saw the massive amount of toys I have strewn all over my living room floor and said all self-righteous and sh#t, "Have you ever thought of keeping the toys in your kids' rooms?"  


What a brilliant friggin' idea.

I guess I'm dumber than I look. 

Thank. You. Kind. Friend.


But of course I stood all calm and yet astounded at the same time. 

And I quietly said through clenched teeth and forced smile, "Oh yes, we've tried that."

Oh yeah, I've TRIED that.  Just like I've tried to get in the shower before noon, put make-up on at least twice a week, not let six hundreds pounds of laundry pile up, keep groceries in my fridge, not yell at my kids, expand my dinner menu beyond pb & j's, and have a smile on my face when my man gets home from work!!

I've tried so hard at all of those things and I think the trying will never end.  

So yeah, dear friend, I've tried to keep those toys all organized and tucked into bins in my kids' rooms.  But as they say you gotta pick your battles and with the war that rages daily around this household, this is one battle I will admit I have lost.   

And dear friend, maybe when you have more than one kid who barely walks, maybe when you have three imaginative, lunatic children who move from toy to toy and place to place faster than you can say "I give up", then maybe, just maybe, you'll come over and see my living room that is an ocean of toys and instead of giving me the wisest friggin' idea I've ever heard, you'll simply nod your head in understanding and we'll sit on the deck and have a drink.


  1. I loved this post.

    The older my kids get, the more chaotic life becomes.

    And someone says to me, "Have you thought about making lists?"

    First I'll make a list of people who deserve my shoe in their butt. Next?

    hee hee.

  2. It's my belief, and I am sure the belief of all GOOD mothers(wink, wink), that it's the "toys everywhere" that make a house a home. Or maybe I just tell myself this as an excuse to not clean up.

    No really, I always think when I go to a home that has kids but the toys are nowhere to be seen that it must not be a very fun or lived in house. Really. I really do think that. So what I am saying is that your house must be a house where lots of good fun is happening! That other house? That house that belongs to your "friend"? BORING!

  3. As soon as he can walk, your friend's kid is going to try and make his way over to your house.

  4. OMG...I love you & this blog more every time I check it out. I now know I am not a complete lunatic for feeling exactly like you. Yes we love our dear friends (& siblings for that) who have only one child who smiles and giggles & is just sitting up.

    When I have such wisdom bestowed upon me I smile politely & in the back of my mind think just you wait!!

    REAL motherhood is finally sinking in on my perfect (seriously) sister who has a 3 year old & 6 month old.
    Yes she actually has toys in her living room now & sometimes doesn't get a shower until 10am...that is chaos to her.

    thanks soo much for the smiles

  5. Sass - oh it gets more chaotic as they get older? I wasn't counting on that...

    Kim - Yeah "fun" - that's a good way to describe my scene.. : - )

    Pearatty - agreed!

    Cat - welcome to the MWOB you Utah mama...glad you came...

  6. Oh to live in the perfect Mommy fantasy life that all toys and clothes are put in their place! People would have a conniption at my house...twins...and two and four and five of everything...EVERYWHERE on top of what the five year old has! I couldn't stop laughing at your post! Love it!!

  7. You are one funny MWOB.

    Put the toys in their room? Wow, what a concept.

    I never considered it before. Ah, why start now?

    tee hee

  8. Well, on top of that brilliant friggin idea, how bout another one? Have you ever tried to make them play with one thing at a time and then make them put it away before they get something else.

    Yeah - mine are grown now...but - that's the advice my MIL gave me when I had one 4 and one 1.5 year old. It was a turning point in our relationship. I turned toward the kitchen to grab a knife.
    Not really of course....but you know what I mean.


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