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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

My New Venture - A Labor of Love and then Some

I had an idea not so long ago. Or so it seems.

To create something that would meld the two great loves of my life - being a mom and telling stories through video.

With support from too many people to name here right now, the idea was brought to life.

It's called The State of the Mom.

Will you do me the HUGEST favor and go check it out? Will you click around and truly let me know what you think? I need eyeballs to see it, and I need feedback. Good, honest feedback. Don't be afraid to give it to me straight. I'm all about the straight-talking. I hope you know that by now.

It's in Phase One of its launch. There is more to come and much to do.

But I am happy. And proud.

And it was because of this place that the idea was born. This evolving online creative space. Thank you for being such an integral part of the journey.


  1. Wow. Love it. The Jessica bit with the strollers is hysterical... watched it twice!

  2. I clicked around there last night. I was so impressed that I subscribed right away. I think that this is such a great idea.

  3. You're amazing. I don't know how you do it. I'll be pimpimg SOTM in my Friday post.

  4. I love it :) I think it's a great idea, and can't wait to see more! (thank you for finding me the other day!!)

  5. Lee, you should be happy and proud. It's totally cool. I love the idea and I see it taking off. Seriously. Can't wait to see more stuff up there. (The stroller video was pretty funny.) And love the idea of keeping it as real as possible about "modern moms." (Hmm. Modern. Why on earth do I feel so ancient all the time?)
    Please let us know when you have new stuff going on over there so we can all keep up!


  6. You did it! I know it's only one step among many but you should be really proud. This step is beautifully and masterfully done.

  7. Lee, CONGRATS! Your labor of love is perfect. Really, I love it that much.

  8. Dude, I told you this on the phone today but I love it and I'm so happy for you that you brought it live. I'm excited to see where this goes.

    We'll talk again soon, my friend.

    xo elizabeth

  9. I saw the video and I LOVE it. You are quite an amazing woman, aren't you Lee?


  10. LOVE. IT.

    The site looks great, and I may not know you well but I really get a Lee vibe. I like to vlog occasionally and I love that you are taking the whole online mag/video/vlog/blog idea and kicking it up about 67 notches.


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