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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Faith Spring - A You Capture Edition


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I had no idea I would feel the way I did.

That I would be standing there looking at my firstborn in her First Holy Communion dress walk down the aisle with her classmates and I would become overwhelmed with emotion.

That I would not be able to stop the tears from streaming down my face when I saw her face framed by the exact same veil I wore so many years ago.

The significance of the occasion struck me like a bolt of lightning and I felt the weight of the moment run through my soul rooting me to the ground. I thought to myself that I would not be able to move right then even if I wanted to. I became paralyzed in the realization that my daughter, my Claire, was truly at the
beginning of one of the most important journeys of her life.

Her journey of faith.

My own faith journey flashed before my eyes right then and there. The stories, the parables, the churches, the schooling, the praying, the retreats, the trust, the tradition, the ritual, the unwavering belief and then....the doubt and the disbelief and the questioning and the wandering and the searching and the praying and the waiting and the wondering and then....the finding once again.

She is starting this, I thought. She is starting her journey. She has faith in her eyes, I thought. She trusts this. She trusts this direction she is heading. She believes. She is at the real beginning of her very own relationship with a God that she will come to know in her own unique way.

And as much as I have had my own doubts about mainly everything that has to do with my faith and my God, in that moment I had no doubt whatsoever about the decision we made to give her this.

To plant her feet on faith's path.

In the homily, the priest said, "There are a lot of things wrong in this church. This is not one of them."

Yes, he is right.
This is not one of them.

I stood behind her when she received Holy Communion for the first time and when we returned to the pew, we knelt side by side in silent prayer. After a few minutes, I whispered to her, "Claire, I pray that this is the
beginning of a long and lasting relationship with God. And I pray that God will always be your side. Just like He's been by mine. He's been there throughout my entire life and I pray you will feel Him and know Him throughout yours."

I know the path she will walk will be all her own. But I am humbled to have been standing by her side at the
beginning of her journey of faith.

Wearing history

Claire is wearing the veil I wore on my First Communion and a cape that my grandmother knitted so many years ago. I know that both my grandma and my aunt were smiling down from heaven watching their Claire Rose.

Claire in prayer

Proud lil' sister

When I woke up Saturday morning, Phoebe was by my side and she said to me,
"Mama, today is Claire's special day."
She was so proud of her sister and treated her with love all day long.

Sweet Claire


My glowing Claire Rose....



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  1. That picture of the two sisters and what Phoebe said about Claire's day.....(Gulp!)
    What a beautiful day.

  2. She looks so happy. I love that in addition to her beautiful dress she wore things that have deep personal meaning to you and your family.

  3. Oh my goodness, such beautiful sentiments and emotions and photos!

  4. I love this. Your words that your pair with your photos are always so moving. You have such a way with words... don't ever quit writing, xo.

  5. Wow - I can't believe you have already lived this. Georgia's is coming up on 6/5.

    What a beautiful moment to capture... forever. And, what a beautiful prayer you prayed together.

    She is truely glowing.

    Congratulations Claire!!!!

  6. WOW...gorgeous photos! Absolutely beautiful.

  7. So very sweet.

    I, too, got a little teary eyed at my sons' First Communions. One more to go, but not for a couple of years.

  8. Wow. Radiant indeed, my sweet Godchild.

    You said everything absolutely beautifully. Phoebe had things SO RIGHT...what a special, special day for Claire. She is truly beginning her journey, and what an important and emotional milestone.

    The journey certainly won't always be easy for her. But the gift you've given her, the gift of a foundation of faith will help her when the road gets rough. So will her Godmother, as long as I am around to do so.

    God bless you precious Claire Rose. You are a gift from God above and a beautiful young lady inside and out! We love you very much!!

    Aunt Kath, Uncle Dave and your AZ cousins

    PS: Without a doubt, your Grandma and Aunt were there smiling down on your glowing daughter :-)

  9. OH, my friend. You brought me to tears. I am with Erin, above. When you write from your heart and soul, it pours out and it's just gorgeous and so authentic. I'm working on this - this firm start on the path of faith but it's harder than I expected. Maybe we can chat about it sometime.

    Love you. Congrats to you and your girl and to beginnings.

    xo elizabeth

  10. You are so lucky to have such a lovely daughter, she look so pretty wearing her dress for her holy day!

  11. Gorgeous - Claire, your words, your faith, your GIFT 0f faith. Pure beauty.

  12. Yes! Always so gorgeous and authentic. You, your whole family. I love your sincerity in your life and your faith and your words and your friendship. Congrats to your Claire!

  13. I remember being so surprised at the wave of emotion I felt when my oldest daughter walked down the aisle in her 1st Communion dress, too. It caught me off guard, but made the moment even more sacred & special for us. Congratulations, Claire Rose, on receiving your First Holy Communion...May God always be First in your heart! ;)


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