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Friday, April 16, 2010

Conversations with my Kid - The Birthday Bouncer Edition

I took Phoebe, my 5-year-old kindergartener, to a birthday party of one of her classmates on Sunday. The entire class of 35 kids was invited to this family's


That mom must be a saint or on some seriously effective relaxants.

We walked into the backyard, said our hellos, and within two minutes, Phoebe ran to the quintessential modern kid birthday must-have - the Bouncer.

As long as there's a bouncer, I know that I will be able to actually hang out and chat with the other moms. And chat I did. I checked in on Phoebes from time to time and she was having a blast.

During the cake eating portion of the party, I glanced over and saw her and a little boy from her class sitting together eating and chatting. They seemed to be in their own little world. I thought "Awwww, how sweet."

After they ate their cake, I saw them run to the bouncy house together, slip under the netted entrance, and disappear into the gaggle of sweaty, jumpy bodies.

After the party was over and as we walked to our van with goodie bag in hand, I asked Phoebes, "So, it seems you were having a lot of fun with that little boy today."

"Yep," she answered more interested now in the treasures that lie at the bottom of the plastic goodie bag.

"I saw you guys talking and eating cake together and bouncing together. That's nice Phoebes. I didn't know you guys were such good friends."

"Well," she said, "we were having a lot of fun together today playing games in the bouncer."

"Oh yeah? What kind of games?" I asked.

"Well, I made up a game called 'Tickle Me' where he would chase me and try to tickle me, and he made up a game called 'Fall on Top of Me.'"

"Oh," I said laughing to myself. "And what was the point of that game?"

"Well, I would fall down and then he would, uh, fall on top of me."

Ahhhhh, you gotta love the innocent games of 5-year-olds.

Now if these two are still playing this game in 8th grade?

Then we're gonna have some problems.


Do you have a "Conversation with Your Kid" that you would like to share? Link up your post below and I will come check it out!

It's been a slow build to get people involved in this little Friday fun, but it's a blast and a great way to remember all of those conversations that happen each and every week that I, for one, would surely forget without writing them down.

Happy Friday!!


  1. That is sooooooo adorable. But, yeah, not so much if it were 8th grade. Actually, I was kissing in 8th grade. Wait, I kissed a boy in 2nd grade too. No signs of kissing or tickling goings on with my boys yet.

  2. Innocents at play. Wonderful. I'm just thinking, though, 'Fall on top of me' might not be a game for Annie and I - either one - in fact, the thought is just a bit frightening.

  3. The mother who has 35 kids to her house must employ some sort of maid! How adorable that your daughter made such a bouncy friend.

  4. So sweet. For now :-)

    And that mother with the 35 kids - she smokes crack and sells meth. Show off.

  5. was at a park with P. and she was playing with a 5 yr old boy. All I kept thinking was, "oh God, one day he's going be 15 and Lord help me so will she"

  6. Oh no. Well, at least I'm not alone. Let's just say I'm working up to having a conversation about appropriate "self exploration" with the 6YO. Desperately trying not to overreact.

  7. I would love to comment at Jessica's, but I can't find the button. Maybe tomorrow after I get some sleep...

  8. Thanks for sharing your fun conversations with your kid. Although it makes me dread when my 4 month old can really talk.

    More fun quotes from on of my friends:

    My friend told her 3 year old Maggie to wash down her cookie with some milk. She held up her hands and said, "Wash?" (she loves to wash hands) The mom said yes, wash down the cookie. So she poured the milk on her hands.


  9. Thirty FivE!!!! I offer bribes to my boy to get out of having birthday parties and I doubt there'd be 10 kids total.

    ah. My boy told me that he and his friends decided stuffing a burning marshmallow down your pants would not be a good idea. Geniuses. I don't know which kid conducted the experiment. hey, I should've saved that for a post. :)

  10. moms who throw parties for their kids give me a bad name as a parent. I'm more like "invite a friend over for a happy meal" kinda parent. ugh.

  11. Oh, that is so funny! Just wait until she asks for a Bouncer for her 13th birthday...
    Lindsey Petersen

  12. All you need is a bouncy castle for a fabulous day for all!

  13. ps. I think the conversations with your kid is a brilliant regular post. I have to pay closer attention to our conversations.

  14. Jessica's post is the funniest thing I've read in forever. KILLING me Jessica!!! So so funny.

  15. Hhhhmmmmm...maybe it wasn't as innocent as you think. Kids grow up so fast these days.

    HA! Just kidding.

  16. Too cute! Knowing me, I think I would already begin to worry! And 35 kids at her house? That is insane!

  17. heheheh...that's cute. it's so nice that they get this time to bounce around without being boys or girls - just being kids. isn't it? But man oh man, I can't even let myself think too much about those teenage years ahead. ;)

    xo e.

  18. careful...that is exactly the same game I played 9 months before giving birth to my 4th kid.


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