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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Part One of My Whirlwind Trip to Chicago

Remember when I went to Madison, Wisconsin in January for that awesome little blogging gathering called Cupcake?

Do you remember me telling you how friggin' cold it was then?

The memory of that biting January cold on my sensitive Southern California bloodstream still can make me shudder. I am in awe of my strong Midwestern bloggy friends who mother in that weather. I think I would just curl up under a down comforter and hibernate for the winter.

So when an opportunity came up to take a trip to Chicago to connect with the good folks over at Hoover, the first thing I thought was - "Will it be cold?"

But then I got a grip and decided I can do it. Even if it's cold. I can do it.

So I did.

Hoover makes vacuums, did you know that? I did. But to be honest, I kind of forgot that they did. Because I bought myself a Dyson a year ago and I fell head over heels in love with it.

Do you remember what it's like to have a new lover and everyone else is basically invisible? You float through the day only thinking about your new lover and you can't give anyone else the time of day?

That's how I was with my Dyson DC25. But then my lover started letting me down. It started exhibiting some quirky behavior and I guess my eyes started wandering.

So when Hoover called politely asking for a chance, I hopped on a plane to give them a look.

Can you call it cheating? Perhaps. But what an adventure it was.

It was a quick one-nighter at the Affinia Hotel, a boutique hotel near the famous Water Tower, one of the only two downtown buildings that survived the Great Chicago Fire of 1781. Yes, I did my research. (After the fact, that is.)

After a long flight from LA and a bumpy, traffic-jammed shuttle ride on an empty stomach, I arrived at the Affinia to smiling Hoover faces. I immediately and desperately told them I needed something to eat. What a first impression.

After checking into my lovely room...

The Affinia

...with the kind of views one might expect in downtown Chicago such as this.....

Chicago Buildings

....I headed out with some of my new bloggy buddies for some pizza at Gino's East.

As my blood sugar stabilized and my energy returned, I was able to sit, chat and laugh with some cool new people like Lou, Mishi, Julie, Mel, and Sarah. Oh, and Cyn was there too. But she's like an old friend by now.

I wrote on Monday about how blogging, for me, will always shake down to the relationships I build out here in white space land. And there really is something cool about getting a glimpse of the real soul that exists behind the blog. The bloggers brought together in Chicago by Hoover were a great mix of women and it was a blast cruising around with them.

Four Chicks in the City

Mel of A Dramatic Mommy, Mishi of Secret Agent Mama, Julie of Angry Julie Monday, and Holly of June Cleaver Nirvana looking colorful on downtown Chicago streets.


Mel snapping some shots.

Mishi and Julie

Mishi and Julie looking so glamorous.

Blurry Bloggers

What bloggers with cameras do when we're together especially when
photographer extraordinaire Mishi spots something cool to do.

Hanging at the Affinia

Julie and Cyn kicking back at the Affinia.

So remember when I said that Hoover brought us all together and that they make vacuums and other essential floor care machinery that make our mama home lives a little easier? Yeah. Well, Part Two of my Chicago adventure will focus on what I learned about some cleaning gear that is gonna change my life.

Yes. You heard it right. Life-changing.

And I'll also let you know if I plan to take on a new lover.


  1. Glad you had fun. Downtown Chicago is wonderful.


  2. I am so happy that you ate at Gino's. Did you get a cannoli? If you didn't, don't tell me. I can't bare the disappointment.

  3. i seriously can't believe you made that trip so quickly. i can't wait to hear if you were lured into another's arms!!

  4. I loved meeting you - only next time? None of this 'one arm grab around the shoulder' stuff, 'K? Full on HUG. Okay?

  5. Can't wait to hear more. Sounds like a great trip, whirlwind and all!

  6. can't wait to hear about your potential new lover!

    sorry i have been away so long - you have been missed! and so glad to catch up on your world - you look blissfully happy!

  7. Vacuums really CAN have that kind of effect. No kidding. I completely understand :)

    Sounds like Chicago was a great time! Wish I could have been there to see you all.

  8. I love how colorful you all are!!

    I so cannot hang - my trench is traditional beige.

    That speaks volumes.

    Can't wait to hear why Dyson sucks and Hoover doesn't. Or, the other way around. Tricky with vacuums.

  9. Hey, I'm in the market for a vacuum. Can't wait for the life changing details. Hopefully, it involves a vacuum cleaner that cleans the house all by itself! But not that roomba thingy, I mean really CLEAN - scrubbing, dusting and all.

  10. I can't wait to hear too.

    Ever since we talked I've been fantasizing about my future with the steam mop. I really think we may have a future together.

  11. These trips are life changing, because they bring people together. Old friends. And now new. xo


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