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Friday, February 12, 2010

Conversations with my Kid - The Ryan Seacrest Edition

On Wednesday, I had the too rare opportunity to spend some alone time with my second-born, the light, lovely, sassy, love-fairy of my life, my 5-year-old Phoebe. My lil' dude was home with a babysitter, my oldest, Claire, went home from school with a friend for a special play date, and so I trekked on over to the school to pick up Phoebes for some quality one-on-one time with her mama.

The plan was to go to the Third Street Promenade in Santa Monica so we could run errands together. I know. That sounds like awesome quality one-on-one time. But she was cool with it. And if you know anything about the Promenade, it can be a fun place for kids. There's treats to buy, street performers to watch, and these dinosaur-hedge structures that spit water out of their mouths.

Who can't get behind a water-spewing hedge dinosaur?


And on Wednesday afternoon, Phoebe also had an intense desire to find a clown. This surprised me because her feelings about the clown species are usually not happy ones. Depending on the day, she fluctuates between an intriguing fascination to watch from a safe distance at these painted face masters of balloon-bending to an all-out run-away as fast as she can deep fear of the people with the large red noses.

And on the Promenade, the clown that's usually around is this guy:

So when she said she actually wanted to find a clown, I was all huh?

But whatever. I said we would keep an eye out.

Not long after our Promenade stroll began, we happened upon a group of people who seemed to be gawking at something. We just couldn't see what. Perhaps it was our clown?


It was this guy.

Now, I've defended Ryan Seacrest on Twitter when he was being lumped together with Billy Bush. I mean, really? I like Ryan. He seems like a sincere dude when he deals with all of those American Idol families and well, he's won me over.

Phoebe and Claire have JUST started to get into watching American Idol. They like watching the judges decide whether or not the person will be going to "Hollywood!!!!" And they don't yet grasp that Hollywood is just a grungy place about 20 minutes away from where we live. So when we saw Ryan sitting at a table for lunch, we stopped and stared with the other scattering of onlookers.

I explained to Phoebe who Ryan was and that he was from American Idol and didn't she recognize him? She wasn't sure but before she could think much more about it, this happened:

Yep. We witnessed a flash mob. (If you pause it at 1:32, you will see me holding Phoebes in the background. Not like you care. But it was fun for us to see!)

And after all that, the Ryan Seacrest sighting, the music, the crowd, the dancing, the kissing, the glamour of it all, Phoebe simply turned to me and said,

"Can we go find a clown now?"

Sorry Ryan. But my 5-year-old finds a half-baked street clown a little bit more interesting than you. But if you could learn to make balloon animals? Then you would have a fighting chance.


Like all internet sensations, "Conversations with my Kid" is building slow and steady. (ha) But really, if you want to add a link to a post that YOU'VE written about a conversation with your kid, then add the link below. And I will check it out!

Have a great Valentine's Day weekend....hope you find lots of time for kissing those you love.


  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. What an awesome site to witness! You have a most exciting life I wanna be you when/if I grow up!

    I did pause it at 1:32 and saw you holding the girl child.. too bad she didn't appreciate what she was seeing like the adults do!

  3. even if she didn't appreciate it, that must have still been pretty cool to watch. :D

  4. phoebe has her priorities straight. or maybe she just wants to learn more about her heritage. aren't mimes descendants of clowns?

    i will have to watch again, as i couldn't spot you two.

  5. yes, okay, now i see you... on the right. how funny.

  6. Wow, you mean that stuff really happens in real life? Crazy. Cause that would never happen here. I guess its all about where you live.

    Anyway, glad that you got an afternoon away with one of your girls.

  7. OK - that is the coolest thing ever!!! I thought for sure that YOU TUBE was a fake (edited together to make it look like all that was happening) ... until I saw you and Phoebes. Awesome. Love it.

  8. That's hilarious! I love when those things come together really cool like that.

  9. That was so COOL! You and your daughter are superstars!! And how cute was Ryan and his mom??

  10. What a FUN and exciting thing to see!!!!

  11. 1:32 was my favorite moment, I've got to say. But wait, did Phoebe double high-five you? I can't believe Ryan Seacrest high-fives his mom, but then, I don't really know why that comes as a surprise. My step-daughter got me hooked on Idol when she was a kid. Now she's in college and... um... has a life, but I still watch the darn show. At least I'm staying off Television Without Pity these days. Congrats on your very special guest appearance.

  12. yeah I would have went to get some baloons with your daughter. :)

    Did you hear that Larry King wants Ryan to take his seat when he retires?

  13. You two look so sweet. Yet I feel slightly stalkerish pausing every second to get a glimpse.

    My burning question - really, how tall is Ryan?

    (I'm still laughing over Deb's comment - that mime confession is going to haunt you girl.)

  14. Your Phoebe and mine would likely feel the exact same way. Poor Ryan, outdone by a skanky clown.

  15. Man, I am moving to LA! This is awesome!!! #1 what a great shopping center. #2 do things like this happen awesome??

    I paused at 1:32 but I must be blind, I can't find you!!!
    This is the best Lee!
    I have been wanting/needing to participate in the conversations with my kid but haven't had any good ones, I did post something Henry said a couple weeks ago, today though! :)

    Hope you're well, friend! Happy Heart Day!!

  16. What a memory, even if she won't remember it. Unfortunately my kids would have gone goo-goo over Ryan S. They are obnoxious fans of everything AI.
    1:32... amazing fun that doesn't happen in little Ohio. Pretty durn cool!

  17. Totally saw your cute little self at 1:32. :) Thanks for pointing it out.

    But I don't get it -- what the hell was that? I feel so non-hollywood about this. Did Ryan Seacrest plan that? I honestly don't get it. #idontgetpopculture

  18. love. love. love this!! u were there!! and she totally could care less :) awesome!

  19. I spotted you, so cool - it's like seeing 2 stars in one video ;)

    Hope you had the happiest of Love Days, Lee!

  20. That was so awesome!!! I stared at 1:32 and could not see you, dang.

    These type of videos make me so happy. How lucky you were to happen upon this. (Did you find the clown?)

    Billy Bush or Ryan Seacrest? Is there really any competition? Ryan wins hands down. Not that I watch either one of them. ;)


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