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Friday, February 5, 2010

"Conversations with My Kid" - A Little Boy Version

I cried after the ultrasound with my first kid when I learned we were having a girl. Not because I thought I wouldn't love my baby girl, rather simply because I thought I have no idea what to do with a little girl.

I was a tomboy growing up and frilly dresses and bows and princesses were just not my thing. Baseball gloves were much more my scene and I was obsessed with the Chicago White Sox - at like age 6.

I was scared out of my mind to become a mother and I thought having a boy first would ease the transition. In retrospect I realize that was a ridiculous theory.

So I birthed one baby girl and then a second baby girl and by the time we learned a third kid was on its way, I actually thought "At least I know what to do with a girl. What if it's a boy? I'll have no idea what to do!"

Enter boy.

And now 2 1/2 yrs later, I've figured out a thing or two about boys but mainly I've learned that I am totally and utterly whipped. That kid slays my heart. Oh mamas of boys, you. know. it.

So because I'm blinded by the eatable feast of delicious little boyness daily, I have no idea if this little conversation will make you laugh....or repel you from this blog forever.

Recently, Tommy, my lil' dude, has been walking around saying very clearly a rather new phrase for him...butt crack.

But he doesn't just say butt crack in his little sweet voice, he says it more like this:

"Butt craaaaaaaaaaaaacckkkkk."

And his sweet little voice gets a bit lower pitched and he kind of growls out the word....

"Butt craaaaaaaaacccckkkkkkk."

And he cracks up about it (no pun intended) and well, I crack up too.

Our two girls had some fun when they were little talking about poop and farts, but it was pretty short-lived. Even at its height of enjoyment, it didn't compare to the joy that Tommy seems to get when he walks around growling "butt craaaaaaaaacccckkkkkk."

And this week he has taken his understanding and use of the word to a new level.

While I was bending over picking up a few of the zillion toys that occupy our main living space, Tommy walked behind me and said "That's mama's butt craaaaaaaaacccckkkk."

(Now to be clear, I was fully dressed and I think he's saying butt crack to define the whole buttocks region. In my opinion.)

I chuckled and said, "Yep Tommy. It is."

Then he said, "I LOVE mama's butt craaaaaaaaccck."

Oh. My. Gosh. Little boys. Big boys. They're all the same. I have no idea what to do with this little boy of mine. My girls have never ever told me they love my butt crack.


If you have a "Conversation with your Kid" you want to share, link up!! I would love to check it out! Thanks for playing along!

Happy Friday!


  1. That is funny!! And so cute. I would be triple in love with mine if my butt crack got such a compliment.
    Mine are older than yours but this humor exists on a daily basis, Hubs included. You'd think I'd be used to the feeling that my home is an alien spaceship.

  2. i know you know this, but get used to it. mine still run around screaming buttt craaaaaackkkkkk in a weird, lower voice. followed by lots of cackling. this is usually done in their boxers, sans shirt, while heading into the kitchen for a big ol' bowl of lucky charms.

  3. I love this! My son giggles and cracks himself up with his body noises.

  4. Mr Linky scares me. He sounds like a pervert, doesn't he? I mean, would you ever leave your kid with "Mr. Linky"?

    this here is post I wrote...a little car conversation with the kids...

    and yeah, totally get the BOY thing.

  5. You mean, all this time all I had to do was tell my wife she's got a lovely butt craaaaaaaaccck and I could earn brownie points with her?

  6. Okay Lee - love this. 4 yr old Penni has taken to running around the house lately spontaneously erupting with "underwear!" and then giggling out of control. Could this be the influence of the TWELVE boys in her preschool class of seventeen??? :)
    Oh yeah, what is a mom without a blog supposed to do with Mr Linky and URL's?

  7. and so onomotopaeic!

    (well, hopefully only in private)

    So funny. So So So cute.


  8. I think we have the same son. Doodle thinks his nickame is now "buttcrack" because he hears it everytime his pants start falling down (it comes as a funny admonishment to pull up his britches).

  9. Okay. Here goes...I have two boys ages 5 and 3, and it seems that even though I'm the only chick in the house, the chickness sinks in subliminally.

    One day I was looking for my hair brush. I said to my 5 year old, "Have you seen my hair brush?" Without even averting his eyes from his DS he said, "Yeah, it's underneath the sink next to those little sticks you put in your tushie." Ah, boys.

  10. I'm the opposite. I cried when I found out I was having a boy the first time because I grew up with two sisters and had no clue about raising a boy. When I found out the second one was a boy, I felt like I was an expert on boys by then.

    My boys like to say 'buttcrack' too! We let them say it once to get some smiles out of them for pictures. Then they went to the portrait studio and were yelling 'buttcrack' in there! The pictures turned out good though.

  11. Ooh. I love this post. I have said before that kids are colorful throw pillows on the beige couch of life. As a mom, my days are stuffed with laughter, with outrageously wacky and intelligent conversations. Having kids allows us to be silly again.

    I particularly love this post because as I write this, I am at my sister's house in Chicago. She has two daughters and one week ago exactly welcomed a little boy. It is so wonderful to see her surrounded by her little creatures and there is something different - and compelling - about seeing her with a little boy.

    (Oh and my brother-in-law is a rabid Sox fans. But I am a Cubs fan all the way. And? I was a mega tomboy growing up. I wore a Larry Bird jersey to school - in NYC! - every time the Celts had a home game.)

    And, finally before I stop rambling, I have two little girls and reading this post kind of makes me want a boy.

  12. Maybe next he'll be shouting something about cleavage. And I'm not talking gluteal cleavage since that's the same thing as butt crack.

  13. Oh man, that's funny. And this, I love: the eatable feast of delicious little boyness. Yes. Awesome.

    OK, so here's my funny conversation with O. I was tucking him into bed and he said he wanted two stuffed animals, one of which he keeps by his head. "So if I wake up in the night and can't find one, I just reach up and grab that one. It's like...a substitute." (silent thought continuation...) "An assistant."

    yep, buddy. that's right.

  14. I didn't think anyone else would understand, but that eatable feast line tells me you TOTALLY get what I'm thinking here :) My 2 year old? I am in LOVE with him. Completely infatuated. And he's the 4th. I want to eat him up. He does the growling thing too. Can't get enough. I am not looking forward to him getting bigger and full of 'tude...

  15. That is hilarious and adorable all at the same time.

  16. That is SO Fricking Funny! My little Man melts my heart too:0 When Grandma Debbie was visiting and we were both laying on a bed watching TV with him, he hit grandmas Boobies and said "BiG Boobies" and then he came over to mine and said "Little Boobies" , even at 3 they are all about the boobies!

  17. I would have no idea what to do with a little boy. My daughter says some stuff, but I've never heard "butt crack"... yet.

  18. uh huh. I'm doubly whipped over here. And it seems they just keep finding butts and farts and burps funnier and funnier. Oy.

    I promise to never tell you I love your butt crack...but the fact that Tommy did is AWESOME.


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