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Monday, October 26, 2009

Spooky Stockings, Happy Pumpkins and I'm Afraid to Say I'm Starting A Real Job Today

Written by Lee

What a Monday it is over here. Frantic and new. Rushing around like I usually do but with a fresh adventure in my immediate sight.
Immediate as in now. Like I shouldn't even be sitting here typing this post. I have to get ready.

I am starting work again after being home with the kids for almost two years.


I'm not gonna ramble on about all that this means to me and how it's affecting me, mainly my heart, but for now I will say that for those of you who don't know, I work freelance in reality/non-fiction television and I am starting work on a show for the Sundance Channel. It's a 22-week project. 4 days a week. For 22 weeks. And then it will be over. And my kids will have me back full-time. Until the next time.

The tv business is like this. I've worked freelance my entire career and I don't know it any other way. My man is a freelance editor in television so this is our life. Jumping from project to project.
I actually like what I do when I do it so I thought the time was ripe for jumping into a little television gig. Keep my contacts alive and hopefully kick-start my brain again too.

So more on that later....

For now....

Check this out.

It makes me so friggin' happy and peaceful just looking at it. Taken at a farm about 45 minutes from my West LA home. Just one of the many reasons I really do dig LA. I have the ocean 5 minutes from me and these pumpkins 45 minutes from me.

I feel all fall-y when I look at these pumpkins.
And then I start feeling spooky.

And then I start thinking about these.

These are felt Halloween stockings that my crazy, artistic, and crazily-artistic friend Tory designed and sewed on up.
Halloween stockings. For your goodies. Aren't they cool?

You know I am all about digging Etsy stuff and in my spare time, I just love to sit around and play with a needle and thread.

But really. I totally appreciate those who can play with a needle and thread and when a needle and thread churns out something as funky and original and happy as these little stocking guys, it makes me feel as happy as when I look at that pumpkin picture.

My friend Tory and I go way back to our partying 20-something days around the walk streets of Venice Beach. We used to hang out, watch the old "90210" and make Femo stuff together. You know Femo? That clay stuff that you bake? Yeah, we were
that cool. We would also drive down to Manhattan Beach together on Friday nights and dance to my dude's rockin' tunes when he played in his rock band. Tory and I are soul sisters in many ways and I have always completely admired her artistic way of living.

So now she's launching her own company called "Felt Up." Her little button is over there in my sidebar. I'm gonna link to her website once it's up and running as in

For now, I am showcasing some of her hand-sewn stockings and if you WANT one of these spooky stockings, email me at:

leemwob AT gmail DOT com.

For a price (and they're not cheap 'cause they're like all handmade and sewn with care and love), I can secure you one of these original creations before Tory gets big and famous for her wacky Felt-Up masterpieces. If one of these ghoulish guys hits your spooky-bone, I'll make sure he gets to you by Halloween.

So how's that for a Monday morning smorgasboard of thoughts?

Wish me luck today.


  1. Good Luck on your new endeavor-
    Have a great Monday,

    oh yeah, nice pumpkins

  2. Good luck on going back to work! I'm itching for a temporary project myself these days. And? I totally remember Femo. I never made the beads, but in highschool it was all the rage.

  3. the stockings are awesome... so creative. so what? do you hang them on your fireplace? carry them around trick-or-treating? wear them on your feet? i haven't ever heard of halloween stockings. but then again, i have never heard of femo, either.

    oh, and i know why you love pumpkins... they're ORANGE!

    hope you are having a wonderfully productive, awesome day, lil working girl.

  4. I wish you all the best with your new job. And those stockings are just too cute!

  5. Oh I love the "Felt Up" stockings! Tory is so amazing. I still have the way- cool lightswitch cover plate up in our house she made a long, long time ago.

    Good luck at work. Go kick some reality television butt. What is the show about? Did you tell me?

  6. Good luck darlin'! Knock 'em dead!

  7. Love the candy Halloween stockings. Congrats on the new job. Sounds like a cool life you lead. Pumpkins make me insanely happy too. Come on by our crazy little blog today for a fun video cooking show we costume of course. We love making new friends. Holly at

  8. Cute, Lee!

    Good luck with the new gig!

  9. Pumpkins make me seriously giddy.

    Good luck!

  10. Oh so exciting!!!! I hope you found someone nice to eat lunch with today.

    That was always my big worry when I started a new job. I know. I know.

    Love the stockings. LOVE the name of the company. Don't love that the sight of those adorable Halloween decorations reminds me of something else that's looming.

    The Holiday that will go unnamed.

    Seriously. Hives.

    Come back and let us know how fantastic the first day was!!!

  11. I am so happy for you and wee bit envious. I'm ready to have an income again.

    But not ready to give up being the parent at home.


  12. You ROCK! I can't wait to hear about the new gig!

  13. I have no doubt that you rocked it are so very good at what you do, my friend.

    The stockings ARE cute, but like Em, I'm sort of freaking out now about the big December holiday and THOSE stockings. Good luck to Tory on her new business.

    Talk soon....

  14. Hope your first day back to work was great! yeah for you and so exciting...I love when people love what they do...and your friends stockings are awesome! Happy Halloween!

  15. Good luck on Monday! I will keep my fingers crossed that the work is as axciting as you wish for it to be. By the way, at which pumpkin patch was the picture taken?

  16. I am very happy to see that you have started new job. I want to say heartly that best of luck for your new job and your bright future. Your work is too good. Thank you very much for sharing such a nice article with us.

  17. Thanks all for your supportive comments as I jump into this work world once again. My first day kicked my ass. I was so exhausted from the driving, being in an office, dealing with adults and having to use my brain in a new way. My kids seemed to handle their day better than me. They were relaxed and happy when I came home. I was ready to collapse right when I walked through the door. We'll see how it all unfolds.....and hopefully I can keep up with my MWOB duties too!! :-)

  18. 22 weeks??? you crazy lady! :)

  19. Seeing as I am so late on catching up here...your already well into your new schedule. Well, a wee bit anyway. I would love to hear about your exciting new project. Sundance Channel? Like Robert Redford Sundance? Sundance Ski resort is a 30 minute drive from here. Which means nada, right? :)

    I have a happy reaction when I see the purple stocking...I don't really know why. It just makes me smile. And who doesn't want to smile? They are all very cute!

  20. crap, I make the your you're mistake every time. gah..............I hate that.


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