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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Sassy Water, Flat Belly Diet and Excruciating Heat

Written by Lee

Oh Lord, what would I do without the wisdom bestowed on me from my beloved Today Show?

Once again, I was buzzing around the kitchen doing all the stuff a morning in our home requires and all the while Matt and Meredith and Ann and Al were chattering away in the background about all things grand and small and I was just about to turn off the television (because do I really need to watch the umpteenth hour of the Today Show?) when I glanced up and saw two words that mean more to me than I ever thought they would - "Flat Belly."

And I dropped the dish towel on the counter and stood at full attention.

Flat. Belly.

Now for those who have known me in a previous non-mothering, university student, twenty-something stage of my life, you would know that well, I had a flat stomach. And a rather toned one I might add. Due to a young life mainly centered around sports, more weight-lifting than I care to admit, and well, lots of stomach exercises, I had no problem strutting around in a bikini. And if a picture was happened to be snapped by someone while I was wearing said bikini?  No problem. 

Twenty years and three kids later and well, my stomach is currently in a state reminiscent of some sort of alien creature. I am both intrigued and frightened by it.  On one hand, I can honestly admit that my glory days are so far gone that I feel an odd acceptance of my stomach's condition - a sort of badge of honor, if you will, of all that I have endured to grow and birth three 8+ pound babies. On the other hand, I have moments of complete and utter delusion where I believe that yes, I will return to my glory state and before I know it, I will be confidently cruising the beaches of So Cal with my three kids and bikini in tow.  

So when that one female reporter from the Today Show who reminds me of a young Maria Shriver but whose name escapes me this very moment was interviewing some chick from Prevention magazine about the life-changing Flat-Belly Diet, I was spellbound.

In typical Today Show fashion, there's never enough time allotted to really get all of the information I want and need.  So the reporter was rushing the Prevention lady through all of the secrets on how to achieve this flat belly that I so desire but through the hurried two-minutes I got the one main secret I needed to hear to really kick start the new flat belly me - "Sassy Water."

If I drink this fabulous concoction called Sassy Water (after some woman named Sassy who invented this miracle of a beverage) I could potentially lose 11 pounds and 5 inches off my waist in ONE WEEK!  

Holy shit.  Sign. me. up.

So I received this gift from the Today Show gods on Tuesday morning, drove from LA to Phoenix alone with my three kids on Wednesday, bought the ingredients for this sassy water in Phoenix today (Thursday) and as I write this post, I am sipping my first refreshing glass of flat belly spa water. 

I will return to LA next Thursday so I figure by the time I see my dude again next week, I can arrive in our driveway and jump out of our mini-van in a bikini.  

Who's with me?

To give proper ceremony to the beginning of my new/old life as a flat-bellied chick, I give to you a photo of the sassy water ingredients that I took in my parents' backyard in the middle of excruciating 110 degree desert heat.  I thought the sunshine on the sassy water ingredients would just look divine.

Okay, I'm not sure divine describes the end result but it sure looks .... hot.

For all of you who are interested in jumping on the flat-belly bandwagon experiment, this is what you will need:

2 quarts water
Ginger Root

Slice one lemon into thin slices. Peel and slice one cucumber (or half if it's a big cucumber) into thin slices.  Pinch 12 mint leaves. And grate 1 teaspoon of ginger root with a fine grater.  Dump all prepped ingredients into a pitcher, add two quarts water, gently stir, and let sit in refrigerator overnight.

Start drinking away.  As much as you can stand.  And avoid drinking all of that other stuff that won't help you achieve a flat belly like Diet Coke, alcohol, and cappuccinos.

So it's 10:30 pm here in Phoenix and it's 100 degrees outside.  Right. Now.  So that heat coupled with my sassy water should be all the kick-start my alien stomach needs.

I'll keep you posted. 


  1. natalie morales?

    so, let me get this straight... you dump it all in and then drink it all the next day? you don't strain it or anything? i guess you lose the weight because you are so nauseous, you can't hold anything down!

    nevertheless, i'll jump on this bandwagon and see how far i get. i'm not sure how it will taste with the pizza and birthday cake i am going to eat tonight, but what the hell, right?

  2. Deb, I think the ginger root is to help with the nausea.

    Lee, wth? I refuse to do anything that won't allow a cup of coffee. Sorry.

    And I want some before and after shots :-)

    P.S. love the artistic arraignment of the ingredients, rocks in the background, nice touch.

  3. Lee... look... the whole flat stomach thing, it's overrated. Gives me a place to lean my laptop.

    Wait, as long as you ain't wearing a too short shirt and you got a 3 inch buckle muffin lopped out there while shopping for Ding Dongs, a pregnancy test kit and a National Enquirer at Wal Mart.

    That's all different then.


  4. oh that sassy water sounds nasty...

    I used to look hot in a bikini too, wicked flat tummy, cute butt even.

    I'm so not trading my Pinot Grigio for Sassy Water...

    good luck!

  5. How did I miss this on the Today Show? I must be slacking in my Today Show watching, or more likely, a child of mine got a hold of the remote!

    I'm not sure about this - if you have success, I might give it a try. Otherwise, I'm sticking to my unsweet iced tea!

  6. Ok, lady I'm with you. I have everything I need except the lemons, I'll go to the store and get them today. I'm with Deb though, you don't strain it or anything? Just drink it? Ok...let the belly flattening begin!

  7. I have heard a little of this before. Please share your thoughts after you try this for awhile.

  8. i'll do it if it works for you! then i need the cellulite-buster. let me know if you find a recipe for that!

  9. This has been my problem all along- I don't watch the Today show ....LOL

  10. I love you.

    Seriously. But I'm not doing this. Even though, at this very moment, my t-shirt is riding up over my growing belly.

  11. You had me until the no alcohol part.

    Wait. Maybe I'll try it anyway. I may be able to go a week without my vodka/limeade. For a flat belly.

  12. Your opening question sold me on this post. Every piece of newsworthy information I share begins with, "I saw on the Today Show..."

  13. Before I try it, could you just let us know if it's working?

  14. Lee,
    You can't miss what you have never had. Therefore, I will politely decline.
    Unless, of course, you do lose 11 pounds this week. Then, I'll choke it down!

  15. Oh boy, it would be tough to give up the alcohol ... but a flat belly... hmmm, dilemmas....

  16. Drink "As much as you can stand." is is yucky? I may try...does it come in a bottle I can buy;)

  17. I start following this diet tomorrow. Can't wait to see the results. I've had trouble with my tummy area ever since I had 4 c-sections. Wouldn't give up the kids but would love to get rid of the large stomach.

  18. There is more to this diet then Sassy water. You are very limited with what you can eat for the first 4 days. I'm on day one!

  19. Are we going to see before and after belley photos too? HA HA HA! I will stick with sit ups.

  20. Penis. Am I the only one who thought your ingredients looked like a penis?
    Anyhoo..TOTALLY doing this. And maybe we can meet in our bikinis and be sassy together in a few weeks!

    Now, is there a sassy drink for my ass?????????????

  21. Oh Lee, you write the funniest posts! Thanks for the great laugh. I am glad to hear I'm not alone in the whole belly dilemma. As for the sassy drink, the ingredients sound great but I'm curious about the combination! Thanks for the information :)

  22. Okay everyone. People are bringing up plenty of good points and after a few days of trying to yuck down this water....well, what can I say? I totally understand and you should too that drinking the sassy water ALONE will not do the trick. You are also supposed to limit your diet and avoid all big belly foods like uh, chewing gum. Yep, gum. That one freaked me out but I do chew my share of gum so that might have A LOT to do with my current state of bellydom. So click around that Flat Belly Diet link up there to get MORE than just the sassy water kickstart.....but they DID say on the Today Show that the sassy water was a great KICK START to the whole thing and the Prevention Mag chick an did attribute that 11 pound weight loss and 5 inch waist drop to the sassy water.

    So I have been drinking it, I do feel less bloated but I also have not given up my ONE cappuccino in the morning or me ONE diet coke at lunch. In between I have been drinking sassy water which makes me either feel great or makes me gag.

    As far as reusing the ingredients when you are done with the pitcher, I say no. I think you need fresh ingredients with every pitcher you make. Just my opinion. I have not been able to confirm that.

    Anyone else learn anything? Lemme know.


  23. Your story was enough for me to run out and get sassy water. I could'nt stop laughing especially the part about jumping out of the mini van in a bikini (LOL) im with you all the way!! What do I have to lose? Oh yeah, my belly that seems to keep growing. If it doesnt flatten it at least it might stop it in its tracks..

  24. What a hoot... loved it! Just want to let y'all know I've just finished day 4. Didn't measure before because who really wants to know that?? I just want my clothes to fit and look better. I did weigh and have lost 6 pounds. I will continue for the 28 days.

    I think the Sassy water may have more consistency and better results with ingredient measurements instead of sizes. My first batch was way strong on lemon and cucumber, so reused those ingredients for the second batch, adding more mint and ginger. Third day I started fresh, holding back on the lemon and cucumber; reused those ingredients for the 4th batch and it was actually very good. Also, I like cucumbers and am a lemon water drinker; my husband, who dislikes both, gagged on Sassy water until day 3. Admits he doesn't know if he likes it or just got used to it. Can't wait for my first cup of coffee (brewing now) - the caffeine headaches were a bear! Have promised myself no more 2+ pots a day. Will keep Sassy water around, even though it's not required. Ciao!

  25. This is great Lee. I can't believe you told an audience at Blogher that you don't believe you can write. What?! This post was great and very funny. You have Voice. Ginger Root raw? What are you Rocky or something? LOL. By the way, I put the I support MWOB badge on my site today.

  26. Well, with a name like Sassy, it's gotta be good.

    Or give you diarrhea.

    I'm just sayin'.

  27. Yum?

    I bet if you mixed a smidge of Cool aid in there, it would be delish!

  28. Hmm interesting.Maybe i shud try too.But im lacking of mint leaves ang ginger, can cucumber and lemon will do? Just asking thankz

  29. Dear Anonymous - boy I wish you would leave an email address so I could email you with a response. :-) I do think ALL of the ingredients are necessary - so go get some mint and ginger and you'll be on your way. To a flat belly. Okay kinda.

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  31. I started this diet this week. The thought of the ingredients in the Sassy water turned my stomach. When I tasted it, I was pleasantly surprised. It wasn't bad. In fact, after I finished the first glass, I decided I kind of liked it. It is refreshing. BTW - first day of the diet and my weight went down during the day instead of up. I was not hungry at all. In fact, I did not even want the 4th meal of the day but made myself eat it anyway. Since the 1st 4 days only consist of 1200 calories a day, this really surprised me. After the 4 days, you go to a 1600 calorie diet a day divided into 4 meals. The foods are simple to prepare and are things you can find at most grocers. I got most of my foods at Walmart and then ran across the street to Kroger for a few specialty items. The good part is that I can feed my family the same foods, only in different proportions.

  32. Lee... look... the whole flat stomach thing, it's overrated. Gives me a place to lean my laptop.

  33. I'm new to this blog and I'm staring the 4 day jump start tomorrow. I highly recommend getting the pocket guide since it's only $7 and includes grocery lists and meals for the entire 28 days. I'm not clear on one thing. Do you or don't you strain the Sassy water? There is no mention of this in the guide and I've read various comments regarding this online. Does anyone know? Thanks.

  34. Hello fellow Flat Belly dieters out there! I am just starting the program and i would love all your input and experiences you have had...Question do you drink sassy water all day or just as it states in the book with the meal? what about the rest of the day, bottled water only? About the lunches on the 4-day, with a slice of turkey, 2 cups of grape tomoates and string cheese seems weird and did anyone have any creative ideas on how to eat it all? That is alot of tomatoes for one sitting!!!

    Appreciate your feedback on the diet and if it really worked for you!!!


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