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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Mommies Gone Wild in Sin City!

Yes, peeps, I am posting remotely while in the middle of a couple night getaway to Las Vegas with seven girlfriends (including MWOB Amy) SANS kids! Summer is in full swing in my world which generally means I am seriously slacking in the blogging category while seriously groovin' in the vacation/getaway category.

My duties as MWOB's Editor-In-Chief are being buried by a flurry of packing and unpacking as I just got home from a week away at a horse ranch with my in-laws last week and then I turned around for this chick getaway and a couple days after I return from Vegas, my dude and I and our kids are heading off for a week for our own family getaway!

So....this is summer and this is one of the many reasons summer is my season.

So here I sit ALONE in our hotel suite as the rest of the mommies are sitting having coffee downstairs, and I just had to pop on the computer and post some thoughts from Vegas.

Last night we had the most awesome dinner thanks to Nancy over at Fear and Parenting in Las Vegas. While sitting at the pool and hearing my friends had already made dinner reservations at some whatever hotel restaurant, I emailed Nancy, local hip mama extraordinaire, asking. "Where we should go?" She recommended the PERFECT place where we all indulged in Spanish Tapas, drank sangria and other yummy concoctions, and talked and laughed until our sides hurt.

This is a perfect example of why blogging rules. I emailed someone I have never met and barely know save a few email interchanges, and she totally and utterly comes through in basically being responsible for creating a seriously happy memory for me and this crew.

Vegas has been a playground for me for many years starting in elementary school when I would come with my Phoenix soccer team and play tournaments here in the late 70's. In college, it was a perfect getaway from USC where many an all-nighter was pulled. My escape into Vegas oblivion grew in my 20's with many trips here to see either the Grateful Dead or Phish play and I watched many a desert sunset from the stadium stands as the music played. As adults and even parents, my dude and I have planned a few trips here to melt into the anymonity that is cruising down the Strip and to harken back to a time when responsibilities were few.

Vegas has changed a lot from 1979 to 2009 but my need for it remains. A place to lose yourself just a little bit and in the losing, some other kind of finding happens.

After dinner, our group of mommies gone wild buzzed on a variety of alcoholic beverages rambled through endless casinos in search of the perfect cheesy lounge act. Maybe because it's summer, maybe because it was a Monday night, maybe because we were mommies in need of dancing together on a tiny lounge dance floor....we never found the perfect cheesy Vegas lounge act. But we did find tons of deep full laughter from the belly which is all this mama really needs.

I kinda love Vegas. And I need a little Vegas in my soul from time to time. Always have. And I think I always will.


Although MWOB is in serious summer mode, we will have a new post up tomorrow from mom without a blog, Karen. It's an important one, a poignant one as we head into our beloved Independence Day holiday. Try to check it out.

Happy Summer.


  1. I sure wish I was there!!!

    I'll hold out for Chicago, but I demand that you have this much fun with me too, mkay?

  2. Sounds like a blast! I love Vegas too! It has been 3 years since I have been. Lucky for me my friend is getting married next March in Vegas. Yeah!

  3. Right on Lee - it must be ROASTING there - we're sweltering here in SLC! Give my best to all those partying mamas. Love your affinity with Vegas - mostly because of all those cool memories...Wish I was there... sigh.

  4. So now I'm pissed - you went to Vegas without me. I am Vegas , baby.

    Disneyland for grownups.
    Next time - I'm in whether you want me or not!

    and go to my blog for a very adult contest !

  5. I am so jealous!!! I love Vegas - have a great time and win big :)

  6. wow, that sounds more than fun. enjoy!

  7. So excellent!!! Glad you're off having a little me time. Drink something very tall and cold for me. E

  8. I wanna know where you went for the perfect dinner....I have an idea, but could always use a new place to try! ;-)

  9. i've never been to vegas, but it is definitely on my "things to see" list.

    and for me, my bloggy friends have turned out to be more supportive than my irl ones.

    sad, but true.

    plus, they never think my butt looks big in those pants.


  10. Lee, I am so happy and jealous you are on a girls trip! Nothing tops a night of laughing and drinks.
    I am also jealous you have seen Phish! We love them, and even peanut dances to the music now!
    Hope you keep having a blast in Vegas!

  11. It was my pleasure. Next time I'm buying.


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