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Friday, May 29, 2009

It's the little things you gotta watch out for

Written by Sass

I am sitting here, trembling. Every cell in my body is on high alert. I'm sweating, nauseated, and absolutely full of dread. I woke up this morning unable to move because of a stiff neck. Fitful periods of sleep, tossing and turning, have left every muscle in my body feeling like I've gone 10 rounds with a prize fighter.

But my fight has not yet begun.

It will begin after 3:30 today, when the kids get off the bus for the last time this year. That's right. What's got me all riled up and in a tizzy? Summer break is here.

In the grand scheme of things, I'm a summer break type of mom. I'm fairly laid back when it comes to schedules, and don't really care much for the hustle and bustle of the school year, as compared to the lazy days of summer. During the school year, I let myself get completely overwhelmed with the things I do. And with the things I allow my children to do.

Monday nights are Girl Scout nights, and I'm the troop leader. Tuesday nights, my oldest plays in a competitive softball league, so every Tuesday they play a double header. Wednesday nights, she has gymnastics. Thursday nights, my younger two both have gymnastics. Friday nights, my son plays baseball. Not to mention that I volunteer in kindergarten every Wednesday, third grade every Wednesday, and first grade every Thursday. I'm in the library at school every other Friday, participate in a book group every other Monday, do an Art Outreach program at the school once a month, and help with the two book fairs and numerous class parties throughout the year.

Yeah. I'm busy. And I know you're all sitting there shaking your head saying, "So what, Sass? We're busy, too." Which is why I'm putting this out here. I need help.

You see, when you're running around doing all of these things, even as a stay-at-home-mom, the little things in life start to pile up. For example, if I'm not ever home, the laundry tends to get neglected. It will pile up to the point that I'm completely beside myself and scream at everyone that I'm going to make them go naked. The bills pile up. This is the one that bugs me, because the money's there, but the time isn't. Magazines pile up because I don't get a chance to sit around and read them, so I set them in a pile and think, "I'll look at that later, but I can't throw it away yet."

All the little stuff starts to literally take over my life.

So, I've made a decision. This summer, I'm going to relax. We're going to take it easy. We're not going to over-schedule ourselves. Maybe then, I'll find time to squeeze in a magazine, or sit down and pay the bills before the kids get out of bed. Maybe I'll manage to do a little laundry here and there. I'm going to just...breathe, take it easy, and relax. Yessirree, that's exactly what I'm gonna do.

I'm going to relax.

Of course, I'll have to schedule that between the library program on Monday for the younger two, Thursday for my oldest, gymnastics Monday and Wednesday morning for my 5 year old, Wednesday night for the older two, continuing on with softball on Tuesdays and Sundays, baseball on Tuesdays and Fridays, going to the water park, going to the pool, grocery shopping, cleaning, occasionally watching the neighbor kids, exercising, organizing play dates...

I'm going to relax...once I can move my body again, I'm going to take it easy.

It's going to get better. Right? RIGHT?!?!?


  1. Might I suggest some light summer whites to get you through? And, I don't mean t-shirts or linens...I mean the grape. Vino. Pinot Grigio or Sauvignon Blanc.

    -I truly resent when people say "what are you going to do with all your free time now that the kids are out of school."

  2. I'm exhausted just reading your post! heh heh

    I admire your stamina GF!

    And I so know what you mean about laundry, bills, etc., etc., etc.

    With boys it's hard to be "green" when it comes to laundry. They stink! So I wash. A LOT!!

    Fun post Sass! :)

  3. Once you find the tranquilizer gun you mentioned let me know:)

    Summers are for relaxing! Kick back and relax my friend. If need help doing that let me know and I'll bring my 3 kids down there so we can relax together:) LOL

  4. I am not a "schedule" person either so that is the part of summer I like.

    Another little tidbit I follow - Only two activities at a time per child, and only one can be a sport. It is important to me to be home at least one night a week to have dinner together and if I have three kids doing two or more sports at a time, that doesn't happen and I am going nuts because the only time we see each other is in the car!

  5. I have to schedule them in the summer or they drive me to drink. Of course, how is that different from the school year!??!?

  6. what are you supermom or something. ;]

  7. WOW! What a lot you have on your plate.. no wonder you needed that vacay!
    It will get better if you just remember to ENJOY your life.

    I use Firefox as my browser. They have a pop-up reminder.. I use it to remind me to pay bills, clean cat box.. and other things I don't WANT to do. But that helps me get them done.

    Use your areas Yahoo Freecycle to get rid of magazines.. out of sight out of mind.

    Let your kids be kids, let them enjoy a lazy suimmer too.. as much as your sanity will allow anyway.

    I am happy my kids are adult/almost adult for cases like these. I don't have to worry about driving them here and there.. they are old enough to get out of my hair all on their own.

    You will have fun. We can help each other with the laundary thing. You can email me that you are doing a load.. if I am home I will do one as well. but you hafta MAKE me fold AND put away

    Have fun!

  8. Oh how I hear you, and I only have two rug rats. I'm going to cherish every second of this summer being the last that Youngest doesn't "have" to do something. At three, he has no idea.

    The six-year-old, that's another matter.

    I say go with Swirl's suggestion - white everything.

  9. I fully intend to douse myself in white.

    Wait, that'd be a waste of wine.

    You know what I'm saying, people.

  10. I posted myself about how much more relaxed I feel about this summer...other than two 3 day Day camps for the girl, and a 1 week camp for the boy...We're hoping to take a two week road trip vacation...the rest...well...I'm layin back as well...Although I'm not giving in to all day tv/video games/computer...unless its raining...

    Good luck with your "relaxed" schedual...ugh, why or why do we do this to ourselves...

  11. our summer schedule is pretty busy with swim team at the local pool. it's a fun hectic (usually), but my problem is i end up spending WAY more money in the summer because it's easier to hand the kids a $20 and tell them to have pizza delivered to the pool or we grab dinner out because i don't have time to cook.

  12. I totally hear you Sass!! Today was my kids' last day as well. I feel like I'm finally off the "treadmill", if only for a while.

    I know what you mean about over-scheduling. I don't intend to do just happens with 3 kids.

    I'm gonna make every effort to be as lazy as possible and just enjoy this summer. And yes, it will involve lots of white wine!!


  13. I have a hard time keeping up, and I only have to look after myself. And my plant.

    And after 20 years, the plant knows that it had better fend for itself most of the time.

  14. You just convinced me to never let my kids get involved in any after school activities... thanks... and good luck this summer.


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