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Monday, November 10, 2008

Palin Prodigy

One week ago tonight we were a country on edge waiting to cast our votes in the "most important election of our time."   Karen, my dear friend and inadequate mom extraordinaire, can dish some serious political chitter chat.  We at MWOB are simply thrilled to have her back so soon for another guest blog. 

Here's Karen:

I know what you’re thinking… is she seriously going to bring politics into the sacred pages that is Moms Without Blogs? Isn’t this site supposed to be a haven from the divisiveness that discussions of politics and Palin can bring? Aren’t we at MWOB unified in our sometimes warped view of the mommy world? And even worse, from the title, is she going to be so bold as to promote one of her daughters as the next Sarah Palin? Is our MWOB world going awry? Get me off of this blog stat!

Don’t worry ladies, I’m not writing this to blather about the election, political parties, my personal beliefs or the ultimate supermom, Sarah Palin – I just want you to know that the Palin prodigy in question is… ME!

Before I proceed, I should probably clarify one teensy-weensy thing, realizing that it may appear that I am a fan and avid follower of SP. To the contrary, I didn’t vote for her, I didn’t agree with many of her policy ideas or her methods of campaigning.  That said, I do have to admit from my tiny blue speck lost in the reddest state in the country (Utah) that she won TONS of supporters across the nation all while juggling five kids (one with special needs), potential grandkids, a seemingly supportive (& handsome!) husband, and grumpy sometimes emotional naysayers on both sides of the “aisle.” 

Personally I can't hate her or her “supermom” persona. I'll have her over for a cup of joe, glass of wine or to share a six-pack and we'll put armor aside and have an honest throw down on life – then I’ll let you know what I REALLY think.

So then, where DID I get this preposterous idea of ME being the next Palin, you ask? None other than my own mother.  

From what little you have read of me from Lee or heard from me directly, you know that I am NOTHING like the woman who came close to being Vice President of the United States of America. My current ambitions are limited to making it through my 2-year-old’s nap time without wasting the precious “get stuff done” time by taking a nap myself, and to brushing my hair and teeth before I leave the house so as to not be too embarrassing to my 13-yr-old daughter. As for the organization necessary to be the ultimate leader – let Lee’s description of my frustration with the stacks of paper that sit around my house waiting to be sorted be the telling answer there.

Here’s a bit of back story, my mother has lovingly passed on her disdain for household chores and general organization of life to me. The stacks of paper to be sorted in my home is only rivaled by the stacks of paper to be sorted in my mother’s house. We’re more of the live in the moment, why do today what can be put off until tomorrow when we’re not so tired sort of ilk. It’s not so bad that we can’t function, we get by just enough to wow our family with our abilities to find something crucial in the nick of time. You need the title to our Jeep Grand Cherokee? I think I saw that in one of those spider webby boxes under the stairs last year when I was looking for the girl’s missing savings bonds!

Back to me being a heart-beat away from being the leader of the free world… Well just yesterday my mother and I were discussing the election. The moment went by before I could even register it.  The shock set in later - long after we hung up the phone.  My mother actually told me when she was watching and reading about Sarah Palin – she thought, this could be Karen! 


YES,  she said that she could picture me being her

Although the mere thought of it can throw me into fits of laughter,  at the heart of it I am deeply honored that my mom could honestly picture her imperfect, hopelessly overwhelmed daughter challenging for one of the highest offices in our country!  And as crazy as it may seem that a true blue Democrat could even consider being compared to Sarah Palin a compliment - I do. 

Am I someone who can inspire millions and millions of Americans to vote for me and put their trust in me even with all of my faults and baggage??  Well, my mom believes so and that’s good enough for me.

Thanks mom for uplifting my heart and self-esteem yesterday the way only a proud (and maybe slightly delusional) mother can.


  1. I have to agree with you that Sarah Palin is a "SUPERMOM"...I have the utmost respect for her being able to juggle all that she does and still have a career and seemingly happy marriage.

  2. She didn't get my election vote, but I, too, would like to hang with her for an evening.

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Kudos to you for having time to post an entry. I agree Sarah Palin is the supermom (but didn't get my vote) I could never achieve. Having 4 kids myself & one w/ special needs takes all my time, so...looking great is a thing of my past. Sure some days I try, but usually to no avail. But thanks to our mom's because mine always tells me that I'm a great mom & she doesn't know how I do it.(do what I say?) If you see my house it is seemingly familiar to Karen's (w/ the papers etc.). BTW I used to be Karen's neighbor, but am terrible at keeping in touch so hello Karen & family. I am Still in Utah though, again a blue dot in the sea of red.

    love this whole MWOB concept thanks for including me

  5. This is a great post - I'm afraid all the "good" that Palin could have done to inspire, Reps and Dems, was lost amongst all the election bunk.

    Piles and piles around here. Spent an hour last night looking for our newest NetFlix, only to find it in the safe. I filed it away with a checkbook. Sigh.


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