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Saturday, November 15, 2008

It's my birthday so you better be nice!

All I need today on my birthday is:

1) Some time alone to hang with my man

2) A cruise along the coast together in my Ghia

3) My kids getting along smashingly all day long

4) A birthday party with all kinds of hoopla going on in that comment section below

Can you help me with any of the above?

Happy Birthday to Me....Happy Weekend to You!

Another blissful Ghia adventure while prego with The Love Fairy circa 2004.


  1. Look at you ... you beauty standing by your car. You look like your 18 again in that photo. Happy Birthday my friend! Hap, hap, happy day. I wish for you all of your bday wishes come true. So let me start off the hoopla and begin the party in your honor. I love you and happy, happy day.

  2. Happy Birthday to you...
    Happy Birthday to you...

    You get the idea! Live it up and make sure your dude takes care of 1-3 for you!

  3. Well Happy Birthday to you. If you even get two or three of those wishes I'm sure your day will feel full.
    Love the car!!
    Have a HAPPY HAPPY one!!

  4. Well jeez, you big baby, I am having the time of my life at 41! LOL. Happy Birthday. Hey there, it's Normajean, I've been blogging forever . . . check out mine . . .

  5. Happy Birthday to my oldest and dearest friend!! I've had the absolute pleasure and great fortune to have wished you MANY happy birthdays in your 41 years. Geez, I can actually give some insight into previous birthday parties as kids. For all you followers of MWOBs...Lee had some rockin' parties growing up. My very favorite was the time we all made mini pizzas in her kitchen. We gathered around the counter and loaded up our flat breads with all sorts of goodies. Then we smashed like sardines into the green corner "booth" dining table and ate/giggled/ate/giggled. I think I even have a photo of some very STYLISH girls around that table. (Think late-70s...long straight hair parted down the middle, shirts with LOUD prints..OOOWEEE!!)
    The night was capped off by a "no-sleep" slumber party in the "french room"!! Good times!

    Happy birthday, my friend. I love you and wish you a wonderful day and beautiful 42nd year:)


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