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Saturday, November 22, 2008

ALERT! Supermom spotted in action!

You know what happens when you mix together a Friday afternoon at the Santa Monica Pier with a carousel ride, a couple arcade games, a sunset sky striped with reds and yellows over a glassy ocean, a million bubbles floating through an evening sky and a gaggle of costumed creatures on stilts?  

You get three crazy happy kids and an end-of-the-week tired mom who all of a sudden feels pretty damn good. 

Yes, it actually happened.  Some of you may know that I try to make Friday a little special. But most of the time it ends up well, pretty ordinary.  Or damn right hellish.

But yesterday was one of those stars aligning kind of Fridays. On November 21, 2008,  it all came together.  And holy crap, I felt like a supermom for a few hours.  And it felt good.  Real good.  Now I know what all of you feel like almost all of the time.

So as the weekend begins to soak in, I'll leave you with a few images from our spontaneously fun Friday.

Showing off the fruits of their arcade games' labor

El Destructo actually standing still. In awe of bubbles.

The Love Fairy getting in on the bubble action

      A November sunset to feed the soul

One of the reasons I love living in LA.  
Magical stilt people cruising around for no apparent reason.

Happy weekend you mamas out there!


  1. You rock! I'll see you next Friday, with kids in tow. Can you pick us up at the airport?

  2. You win - you are supermom! I would never in a million years attempt to take 3 children to Santa Monica Pier on a Friday night! I'm way too anal and lazy for that. I am in AWE!

  3. Hey thanks for making back to my blog again! And I must say thank you for the supermom thing...but I cannot accept something that would totally be a lie! While I was putting together the giveaway I was paying no attention to the dishes, clothes and other various things piling up. Including my husband who was dying for attention and my children! But I wish I could pretend to be supermom!!! That would be awesome!

  4. Oh girlies! Love that you're all thinking I'm such a superstar for my pier escapades but please don't miss the point! We are all supermoms when we get in the right frame of mind, right? WHATEVER it is that we are doing.

    Unfortunately for me I have a hard time feeling like I'm being a good mom unless I'm on some sort of adventure - I'm very adventure-driven. What I'm trying desperately to get better at is feeling like I'm a good mom in the middle of a nothing day. You know?

    No bowing or awing (I know that's not a word) necessary - just more bowing and awing to yourselves! : - )


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