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Sunday, October 12, 2008


Moms without Blogs is mainly me, Lee, who got this party started back in October 2008 with no clear direction, whatsoever. Since then, it's evolved to include a few of my very best friends in life who are true moms without blogs who like to write from time to time. And we've even had some moms WITH blogs join our team 'cause they dig the vision. Basically, we're a low-pressure group of women who are committed to building this community of average supermoms by sharing our stories as real modern-day mamas. Join us, if you'd like.

Founder / Editor-in-Chief
I'm an on-the-edge mom of three (two girls 7 and 5, and my lil' dude 2) and each and every day I get just a little bit better at perfecting the art of surrendering to motherhood. I created Moms Without Blogs as a challenge to myself to write more and as an experiment to see if other moms out there felt as I did. And wow, I had no idea what I would find out here in the blogosphere. Kindred spirits and new friends. My journey here is ever-changing and while on some days I feel like closing the computer for good, on more days, I feel that this little white space has become a permanent part of me. I write here, some of my dearest friends write here, sometimes friends of friends write here, other bloggers write here, and more people I don't yet know will write here. This is a space for creative expression and if you want the stage, it's yours. Especially if you are a mom without a blog. We are yours. Our common ground is that we are all women who aren't afraid to admit that we struggle, we feel more than comfortable laughing at ourselves, and we all have that inner creative voice yearning to be heard. Thanks for hearing us.

Associate Editor / Writer
I’m a mom that decided to get my act together a little on the late side. At 40, I’m finally going to figure out what I want to be when I grow up. Now, whether or not I will go ahead and be what it is I want to be is another question all together (baby steps, people!). But with two boys (12 and 15) that have big plans to abandon ship as soon as they possibly can, I think I need to create an identity for myself outside of mom, wife, and master late bill payer. Playing tennis and doing lunch won’t cut it… I want some action. And if I happen to help a person or two while I am improving and entertaining myself, well, even better.

If you want to help me figure it all out or just want to watch the train wreck, come visit me over at Dirty Socks & Pizza.

Associate Editor / Writer
Like most moms, I'm an adventurer, wrapped inside a worrywart, within a sometimes-confident womanly form. I once ran art departments and important client meetings. I wowed CEOs, government officials and personal assistants. I currently wipe noses and butts that belong to two of the sweetest cherubs on the planet - Oldest (6) and Youngest (3). I'm in pursuit of balance, a writing gig that pays, the perfect low pro recipe and a moment to just be. I'm not trying to have it all. I'm just desperately trying to enjoy all I have. Even if it takes the occasional glass (bottle) of wine.
Join me, won't you?
Life, Liberty and the Pursuit....

Contributing Writer
I am a mother to two rambunctious little souls who are constantly challenging me and helping me to grow. I’m sunk deep into this thing we all call motherhood. I’m even a newly ordained Brownie Troop Leader (OMG, what did I do?). I’m psyched to be writing for MWOB as it offers me the chance to dust off some of those old brain cells which I used way back when and help me to remember that yes, I can articulately get my point across and my mind is NOT mostly made up of grumbling profanities, demands on my kids (and on myself), self talk of how dirty the house is, or impatient extremes. This is the place where I get to devote a little time to remembering who I used to be and hopefully contributing a little something while at the same time learning a little more about myself. I am awe inspired by those who write for MWOB and am honored to be in their company.

Contributing Writer
I truly am a "mom without a blog" and am honored to write for this wonderful world of MWOB. I have mixed feelings about writing here. It is good for the creative soul inside me that has been trying to push out for years now and bad because its been so long that I'm not sure if my creative soul can re-connect with my writing brain and make any sense at all! As far as who I am...well, in a nutshell I was thrust into the stay-at-home-mom role because of the special needs my 3-year-old daughter has had since birth. It has been GREAT to be with my kids, but a little trying on my vision of what I should be doing by this time in my life. I have two other beautiful girls - 13 and 8. I'm married to someone who devotes his life to taking care of kids in the hospital (yes he truly does!) - I LOVE that my hubby is a nurse! I’ve worked in documentary/reality television since college but have kind of put that part of myself on hold while I concentrate on the family. We moved from Los Angeles, CA to Salt Lake City, UT in 2001. I'm not exactly sure how we did it and I can't remember sometimes why we are still here... oh yeah, the world class skiing and what's great for the kids! I have no idea where I’m going from here, but I know I’m doing the most important job I can conceive right now. I just wish my kids would notice…

Contributing Writer
I’m a 40-something honest-to-goodness “MWOB”. So you’ll have to excuse me, but I’m still learning the ropes in this bloggy universe. I guess you could call me a “mom without a blog who occasionally writes on her friend’s blog” but please don’t ask for the acronym. My brain is already full. I’ve been married for 14 years, and we have 3 awesome kids—an 11 year-old boy, a 7-year-old boy, and a 4 year-old girl. My husband travels for his job, so most weeks I’m riding solo taking care of the kids. I also work part-time as a pediatric nurse. A typical day in my life is really me just trying hard to raise my children the best that I can. Some days I’m stellar…others not so much. This motherhood job is truly the hardest thing I’ve ever done in my life. But watching my three little ones grow and develop into their own person is really cool. Oh, and the hugs and “I love yous” each day are pretty fantastic, too.


  1. Especially that hotel sign - that is a real looker!

  2. Stop the world, I want to get on!

  3. I love your blog.

    you are amazing writer, you should contact the bizymoms Mesa mom community to get your blog featured to their large mom community.

    I think there is a form somewhere on for your to register.

  4. Em - I'm glad to see the whites of your eyes and your beautiful face! Thanks for sharing (even tho the hotel sign was a good conversation starter...)

  5. Thanks Karen :-) Lee caught me in a moment of weakness. It's fun to see who's "found" me.

    I never saw your original comment about my hotel sign - lol! The place totally rocks, I promise.


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