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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

My Very Own Personal Barista

You know what really works for me? Having my very own personal barista. I think every MWOB should have one especially if she needs some espresso-based coffee drink in the morning to get her a** in gear.

I wake up most mornings feeling like I'm utterly hammered.  I have grown to accept this dreaded morning feeling because I've known for most of my life that I am a "night person."   And being a "night person" when you have young kids simply means you're screwed.  

But alas, I have been blessed beyond description with a partner-in-crime who happens to be a "morning person."  Growing up in Southern California close to the water and surfing at a young age has instilled in my dude a desire to wake up before the roosters.  I have often wondered if he missed his calling and should have been delivering newspapers to all the sleepyheads around town.  

Not only is my man a "morning person", he is also my very own personal barista.  For many years now, on most mornings, he stands at our kitchen counter slaving over the espresso machine.   You see, I'm not a coffee drinker.  I actually don't like just coffee.  I'm way too snobby for that.   We don't even have a coffee maker.  (Actually we own one but it sits in a box in the garage until my parents come for a visit.)  I only like one thing - cappuccinos.  At Starbucks, it's actually a double tall dry cappuccino.  (And half the time, it shows up either like a latte or a super duper dry cappuccino)  At home, I don't need to say a thing.  My man knows exactly how I like it.

My barista prepares the perfect cappuccino and delivers it to me either when I stumble down the stairs into the kitchen all glurry (see previous post for definition) or on the really special mornings, it is delivered to my bedside where I take my first desperate sip before my eyes are even open.   

I know it sounds glorious, doesn't it?  Well, we MWOBS need daily divine intervention in order to get through the day and mine arrives in a coffee cup hand-delivered by a hot dude.

1 comment:

  1. Leanne, what a great creative outlet for you! Thank you for doing this blog! I hope to be a mom with out a blog someday. I have one that I haven't posted to for months now. Don't get me wrong, I still think I have the cutest kids, and we do fun things, and I have stuff to say about all that, but really WHO CARES! Yes, I know that Aunts, Grandparents and Cousins will still want to see pictures of birthday parties and vacations, and that stuff is fun, but really who needs to see the everyday, go to the park kind of crap that some of these moms are doing on a regular basis. I am sorry but I am too busy keeping up with my rugrats to possibly have them perfectly coiffed everyday for our daily posting. When you came to visit that one day you set me straight on all that, and I had a momentary lapse of reasoning and continued to be sucked into the blogging nightmare. And that is what it turned into for me a nightmare. I litterally found myself depressed after looking at blogs and comparing myself to the supericiality of all of it. I know that they are only snapshots of a persons day and that they are like that all the time, but the problem is that some of these women really are like that all the time. Their lives revolve around what they and their children look like, and what they are doing. It is sad, and I know firsthand because I used to associate with them, and thankfully they didn't see me as one of them, and I no longer fit their category of BFF! Thank goodness for that! My life is happy and sweeter just enjoying my family and our PRIVATE memories, and not looking at silly blogs before I go to bed, and feeling sorry for myself that I can't braid, and my kids don't have the cute pink tutu for dance class.
    Love you blog, will be a regular!
    Check this one out too sometime-this is another friend of mine who is a great funny writer too.


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